L-R: Josh Logan, Kat Robichaud and Jonny Gray on "The Voice."
L-R: Josh Logan, Kat Robichaud and Jonny Gray on "The Voice." (Tyler Golden / NBC)

After a night filled with awesome performances, it was time to say goodbye to two contestants. For the first time this season, it wasn't up to the coaches to decide, but rather the people at home. In an interesting turn of events at the very end of the show, the night's final decision came down to Twitter users using the #VoiceSave.

Is it just Blake or do Tuesdays make everyone drink a little too much?


Sara Bareilles and the female contestants kicked off the episode by performing Bareilles' hit "Brave." The night started on a high note.

In the first round of saves, America chose to keep Team CeeLo's Caroline Pennell and Team Christina's Matthew Schuler. America agreed with both Matthew and Caroline's coaches and felt they were worthy of performing for one more week.

Making light of what is one of the most stressful nights of the competition, "The Voice" confessional made a comeback. We learned that Caroline Pennell can't (or really can) whistle. Jonny Gray often gets mistaken for a woman. James Wolpert is not only great at being techy; he can juggle and do a mean Kermit the Frog impression. We were also introduced to Adam's new furry friend Charlie, who wasn't to be outdone by CeeLo and his Ark load of animals. (We love O'Llama). Speaking of creatures, we learned that Cole Vosbury doesn't keep any in his beard … just a pen in case he has to take notes.

After Team CeeLo, featuring its coach, wowed the audience with a performance of the rock classic "Rome," it was again time to get back to business. Next up in the saves were Team Blake's Austin Jenckes and Team Adam's Tessanne Chin.

Allowing us to take a moment to get off the edge of our seats, thank you for saving Tessanne.

The boys kept the rock 'n' roll going. With a few leading on the guitar and some doing vocals, the men of "The Voice" performed "We're an American Band." While they outweigh the ladies in numbers, their performance wasn't as strong.

For the next round, America chose to keep Team Christina's Jacquie Lee, Team Blake's Cole Vosbury and Team Adam's Will Champlin, which left Ray Boudreaux, Kat Robichaud, James Wolpert, Jonny Gray and Josh Logan anticipating their fate on the show.

Coach Adam joined his team (behind the drum kit) for a performance of "A Hard Day's Night." Everyone's vocals gelled together making the performance fun and giving the contestants a moment to shine. Team Adam appears to be one of the stronger teams in the competition.

When the performances were over, it was time to find out which two contestants were safe, and which three were facing elimination. America saved Team Blake's Ray Boudreaux and Team Adam's James Wolpert.

Team CeeLo's Jonny Gray and Kat Robichaud, and Team Christina's Josh Logan were announced as the three contestants with the lowest number of votes. For the first time in the history of "The Voice," the audience and viewers at home had one final chance to vote for someone to grab the final spot in the Top 10 via Twitter. The contestant with the most mentions under the hashtag Voice Save would move on to next week's competition. Coach CeeLo was upset (and it showed behind his deep X-Men sunglasses) and Coach Christina was hopeful that her contestant would make it to the next round.

Jonny Gray was the third runner-up, and had to give his final salute to "The Voice" stage. Josh Logan was next, meaning Kat Robichaud robi-shuffled her way to the Top 10 thanks to twitter.

Now, the Top 10 has been set. Coaches Adam and Blake are going into the competition with all three contestants, while CeeLo and Christina each had to say goodbye to one, and move onto next week with only three. Which coaches' team will come out on top next week? Did your favorite advance to the next round? Ours did.