L-R: Erin Willet, Jermaine Paul, Carson Daly on "The Voice."
L-R: Erin Willet, Jermaine Paul, Carson Daly on "The Voice." (Justin Lubin/NBC)

If "The Voice" was the NCAA Final Four, my bracket would be looking pretty clutch right about now.

If we didn't have enough numbers, during the season finale of "The Biggest Loser," what with pounds lost, body weight percentage lost, etc., etc., NBC producers must have thought their audience simply wasn't getting enough math in their lives, because, oh Lordy, there was math Tuesday night.


After Monday's show, coaches were asked to split 100 points between their two semi-finalists. Audience votes were then split into percentage points and added to the coaches' scores, determining who would move on … and on every team, I'm proud to say, I successfully called the winner.

Team Christina

Christina split her points 50/50 between her semi-finalists Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao, a move she made last year, too, in order to place her contestants on an even playing field and let the choice be truly made by the audience. After audience votes, the score was 104/96, tipped oh-so-slightly in favor of operatic genius Chris Mann.

Team Adam

Adam's points were split 60/40 between Tony Lucca and Katrina Parker, and with audience votes, those scores ebbed up to 108/92, with former Mouseketteer Tony Lucca — once more wearing a hat — moving onto the final rounds.

Team Blake

Blake, like Christina, split his score 50/50 between Jermaine Paul and Gaithersburg native Erin Willett, and with a combined score from the audience of 123/77, Jermaine Paul blew Erin — and everyone else — out of the water with the highest score of the night.

Team Cee Lo

Cee Lo split his points 60/40 between Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers, and America edged Juliet's advantage even further, making the final tally 121/79. Juliet Simms is the only woman in the final four, adding extra oompf to the subtext of her Monday performance of "It's a Man's World."

Now that we have all that math squared away, let's talk about what was happening in between the numbers. It was a homecoming of sorts Tuesday night, as last season's finalists — Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez, Dia Frampton, and winner Javier Colon — took to the stage for performances interspersed throughout the voting results. They brought some famous friends along with them, too.

Dia Frampton and Kid Cudi: "Don't Kick the Chair"

I was kind of un-phased by Dia's new song; my reactions were along the lines of "ok, she's still twee, nothing different or special about this." Then, helloooo Kid Cudi. Less twee, more awesome.

Vicci Martinez and Cee Lo: "Come Along"

Vicci always was a dynamo, and she and Cee Lo share a stage so well; the rapping was weird, mostly because I was surprised that I was surprised by it.


Beverly McClellan and Cyndi Lauper: "Money Changes Everything"

Have there ever been two stronger women sharing a stage and song? Cyndi performed with the energy of someone years younger, and Beverly sang with the strength and chops of someone with years more experience.

Javier Colon: "A Drop in the Ocean"

This sweet little sentimental song felt like we were hearing Javier for the first time, back in blind auditions last season. He's still tender, smooth and soulful, and the song was fresh and subdued at the same time.

And so we say goodbye to Jamar, Lindsey, Katrina and Erin.

Truthfully, the only one I'm genuinely sad to see leave is Erin — she was such a champ this season, exhibiting a lot of strength as she went through the competition while mourning the loss of her father. "Erin's been through personal hell and back," Blake said. "She has such a strength and I admire her." Every coach, and Carson Daly, told Erin how fun it was to have her on the show, and that's saying a lot.

It's one thing to be strong; it's one thing to be talented — it's something else entirely to have an amiable personality and infectious energy. Point: Tuesday was Erin's birthday, and when she was cut, Carson told her to go out and celebrate. Erin simply turned to Blake for a hug and said, "You wanna get drunk? Let's get drunk!"