'The Voice' finale, Cassadee Pope inevitably wins

Meet the first female winner of "The Voice."
Meet the first female winner of "The Voice." (NBC)

There's something to be said about predictability, which means there's certainly something to be said about the season finale of "The Voice" Tuesday night.

Cassadee Pope, the Florida pop-rocker and former front woman of the band Hey Monday, won the title of "the voice," and the accolades that entails -- and no one was surprised.


Cassadee has been at the top of the game since voters started having a say in who stays and who goes on the reality show; her songs consistently ranked at the top of the iTunes charts (basically multiplying her votes by a bazillion every week), and it was clear: fans and coaches loved her.

I didn't, so much. But over the last few shows, I've been convincing myself to have a change of heart. Cassadee is talented. She is emotive. She is a lady, and a lady winner is what I have been asking for since the get-go. She already has a solid fan base and a small taste of commercial success, which more than likely contributed to her win, but HEY, I'm not here to judge. And I was doing good with convincing myself to like Cassadee, minus a setback or two involving Avril Lavigne (getting to that in a minute).


I did pretty good with my predictions, by the way: I wanted Terry McDermott to win, while Nicholas David should have won, and Cassadee was basically guaranteed a win. I was close: Nicholas, however, came in third.

Anyways, you already know that, don't you? So let's get to all the other goodness the finale threw at us.

Each of the contestants got to sing with a celebrity guest and with their favorite co-contestants (bringing back some favorites from this season).

Comeback Kids


Terry McDermott brought back Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith, Michaela Paige and Rudy Parris to sing KISS' "Rock and Roll All Nite," which was pretty fun, except Bryan Keith tried to croon his way through it, and frankly, it did not work.

Nicholas David brought back Amanda Brown, Dez Duron and Trevin Hunte (Amanda and Dez got a lot of love tonight, considering they weren't finalists) to seeing Boyz II Men's "End of the Road," and really I just wanted to write that because I like the "Z" in "Boyz." The performance was good, too, it's just that I've run out of things to say about people with nice voices.

Cassadee Pope brought back Melanie Martinez, De'Borah and Liz Davis to sing "It's Time," by Imagine Dragons because alt-pop is sooo coool. But still, this was the girl power I had wanted to see all along.

Comeback Kids, Part Two

Dez Duron, Diego Val, Julio Castillo and MacKenzie Bourg sang "Stacy's Mom," in the midst of the '50s-themed diner set, and dressed in stereotypical, nostalgic '50s garb. And this, America, is what I was waiting for: the "Heartbreakers" of "The Voice." We got to see MacKenzie dressed up as a sweet nerd, Cody pivot his hips a la Elvis, and what more could we possibly want as a nation?

Devyn DeLoera, Joselyn Rivera, Loren Allred and Sylvia Yacoub came back to sing "Best of My Love," which was fun and awesome and all kinds of pleasant adjectives, but the fact is: I'd forgotten about half of these women. This is likely a symptom of the absurd length of this season.

Celebrity Sing-Alongs

Nicholas David paired up with living legend Smokey Robinson for "Cruisin,'" the kind of relaxing slow-jam your parents love.

Terry McDermott was joined by (another) living legend Peter Frampton (who heavens, has aged quite well!) to sing "Baby, I Love Your Way," and were there ever two men more perfect? Other than Adam Levine, of course?

Cassadee Pope sang "I'm With You," (AGAIN, GOOD LORD THIS STUPID SONG) with her hero, Avril Lavigne. Sigh. You're making it really hard for me to like you, Cassadee.


The Killers showed up to sing "Here With Me" with Cassadee, and frankly, you could just put Brandon Flowers on stage singing the phone book and I'd be happy.

Kelly Clarkson -- Team Blake guest mentor and living proof of reality-show-success --sang her new song "Catch My Breath" with Cassadee and Terry, and this may be an odd thing to say, but I was just really caught up in the joy that was on stage in those moments. Hard to explain, but no less real.

Oh, also:

Rihanna sang "Diamonds" (without any contestants) and while I dislike her on principle, darn this song is pretty.

Bruno Mars showed up to sing "When I Was Your Man," (also without any contestants) and I'm sorry, the appeal of this man is still lost on me.

The final leftover thoughts of the season:

As if we hadn't gotten over the glory of Adam Levine in a suit, the man just upped the game with the bowtie. Rejoice.

Cee Lo Santa gave all the finalists new cars. Because one "The Price Is Right" is just clearly not enough for television.

Coach Montages:

Each coach got their special b-roll of what the other coaches think of them.


For Adam: Both Christina and Blake likened him to Dick Van Dyke's character in "Mary Poppins," who can play 17 instruments at once, all strapped to his body.

For Blake, of "The Flirt of the Decade": "He's even got a crush on Michael Buble."

For Cee Lo: According to Blake, "When God made Cee Lo, he broke the mold."

For Birthday Girl Christina: "She laughs with her whole being," Adam said, followed by a montage of Christina laughing. Man has a point.

Preview of next season, without Christina and Cee Lo, but with Shakira and Usher:

In a pick-em-up truck, "Voice" chair in the bed, Adam and Blake give a ride to Usher and Shakira, arguing about what radio station to play. Until "Total Eclipse of the Heart" comes on, and they all hem and haw about maybe changing the channel. Shortly, they're all singing along shamelessly. This is good, because: who hasn't experienced this exact moment in a car with friends? (The next season premieres March 25, BTW.)

When asked what winning "The Voice" would mean to them:

Nicholas: "I could get out of witness protection and get rid of this beard."

Terry: "I could signal the Scottish Force for the invasion. Phase 1 is complete."

Cee Lo: "I could quit my second career as a male exotic dancer."


The last performance of the night, complete with photo montage (of COURSE) was the four coaches singing "(Good Riddance) Time of Your Life," and good Lord, it's perfection how four completely different voices could come together in such beauty. It was a fitting end to the best season yet, and with all the nostalgia of everyone's high school Homecoming/Prom/Graduation song, a fitting send-off.