'The Vampire Diaries' recap: 'Before Sunset'

Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert on "The Vampire Diaries."
Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert on "The Vampire Diaries." (Annette Brown, THE CW)

Klaus is finally out of the picture.
And I'm not mad about it. Not because he was the bad guy, but because his character was so annoying. Klaus really was one of the reasons this show started to bother me. Everything became centered on killing him.
Now, Klaus is essentially dead. Bonnie uses a spell to desecrate Klaus, which is the same thing her mother Abby did to Kalus' father (well not really, so we previously learned, because Klaus' father was a werewolf) Michael.  As the show ended, Damon and Stefan were on their way to the Atlantic Ocean, where they plan to dump Klaus' body so it can never be found.
The move to desecrate Klaus, though originally the fate they had planned for evil vampire-hating vampire Alaric, was genius because they essentially killed Klaus without really killing him and without killing his bloodline, which included Tyler and possibly the rest of the gang.
In the early part of the show, when the group is still trying to executive their plan against Alaric, Elena realizes Alaric won't kill her because Esther, in making him a vampire, spell bound him to Elena so that if she dies, he dies. (Remember Esther wanted to eliminate the entire vampire species, so it makes sense she would try to find a way to ensure Alaric to would not live forever.)
Klaus, whose original plan was to save Elena and leave town with her so he can have her blood handy for creating his hybrids, learns about this and decides to drain Elena of her blood, killing both her and Alaric. (He knows Alaric is a threat to him since he posses the white oak stake and is charged with killing the originals and thus their bloodlines.)
But Tyler, who forced himself to turn into a werewolf 100 some times so he wouldn't be sired to Klaus anymore, stood up to Klaus and saved Elena. That's what Damon and Stefan came in and the desecration occurred.
So the outstanding evil character they gang will likely be going after in the season finale is Alaric. Rebekah, who said she was going to leave town, may also play a role, or so it appears form the scenes for next week.
At the end of the episode, Alaric calls a founder's council meeting to tell everyone about the vampires in town, which the mayor (Tyler's mother) and the sheriff (Caroline's mother) kept hidden for obvious reasons. (Their children are a hybrid and a vampire!)
The cliffhanger was lame. Elena just collapses on the floor with a nosebleed. We all know she's going to be OK because she's the main character and next episode's scenes show her alive and well.
Other highlights from the episode:
Best Damon Quote(s): Bonnie tells Damon Abby (her mom) is coming to help and he says: "I'm sorry, I forgot about her stellar track record in the dependability department."
Best Words Used to Stick it to Someone: Evil vampire hating vampire Alaric says to Elena: "Your parents led the (founder's) council. It was their life's mission to keep this town safe. They weren't dead six months before you undid it all. … Do you actually think that they'd be proud of you?"
Best Moment of Insight: Klaus tells Elena: "You know Stefan blames me for trying to tear him from his brother. But I think we both know who really came between them: You. That's why you won't choose. You know once you pick a Salvatore, you'll destroy that bond."

Most Romantic Moment (Gone Wrong): Elena tells Stefan and Damon: I know that I'm selfish. I know that it seems like I'm stringing you both along. But I don't know what to do. If I choose one of you, I lose the other and I've lost so many people I can't bear the thought of losing one of you."

Best Quote to Summarize the Series: Alaric tells Stefan and Damon: "You two better get doing what you do best, saving Elena's life."

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