'Real Housewives of New York City' recap, episode 5, a TV series and a case of wine

Ramona Singer gets real on "Real Housewives of New York City."
Ramona Singer gets real on "Real Housewives of New York City." (Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Ah yes, we return this week to the "Real Housewives of New York City" with another fight about London, a single storyline with LuAnn's pregnancy problems, and a few jabs by Ramona.

Honestly, there was nothing new with the NYC ladies this week. It felt like this episode was just a repeat of the last but this time with slightly different dialogue and different scenery. Here are some of the highlights.

Heather and Aviva meet in the park to chat about the London issue with Ramona. Aviva insists that Heather should reconsider inviting her since no one likes to be left out. She even refers to her younger days when she was always picked last in gym class.

Really, Aviva? I think it's a little different inviting someone on a business trip to London versus being picked last for kickball. Insensitive?

Aviva also insists that she doesn't want to be left out of the "cool girl" group since she is staying back in NYC. Although she doesn't outright say it, it's obvious that she doesn't want the other ladies to think she's any less "hip" because she will probably hang out with Ramona while they are gone.

It really feels like Aviva has turned the situation into a clique problem at school. She has labeled Heather the "mean girl" and Ramona the "outcast." (If this were an actual clique, Carole would be the "hippie chick" and I would totally want to be her friend).

Next we see the one and only scene with LuAnn for the entire episode. And yes, you guessed it, she is at a fertility clinic ... well not the normal a fertility clinic; rather it's an acupuncture fertility clinic.

As she consults with the doctor, LuAnn reveals that she has been taking pre-natal vitamins for two years now and that her and Jacque have been trying to get pregnant for a year.

Hold up -- what?!? Where did all of this come from and how did we not know that she was actually serious about having baby?

The only entertaining thing about the scene was that when the doctor put the needles by her ovaries, LuAnn remarks, "something started brewing." Okay, LuAnn, whatever you say.

Later, Sonja and Aviva have a similar encounter in which they discuss the situation and Aviva once again says her spiel about the "cool girls."

But in an enlightening moment, Sonja gives her sound thoughts on the Ramona-London-situation. She explains to Aviva that she accepts Ramona for who she is and how she acts and Ramona does the same for her (more power to ya!). She also acknowledges the fact that she "can't make people want [Ramona] around if they don't want her around." She then continues by simply saying, "Ramona needs to let it go."

Later, we switch to Sonja at home where we learn that she has not one, not two, but THREE interns. And by interns, she means students who work for her for free (but get college credit, of course) to maintain her five-story home and make sure she takes the right pills ... oh, and answer all of her emails.

I truly wonder what these students are majoring in. the only logical thing I can think of is Psychology to analyze the state of a middle-aged, horny, financially unstable woman. I'm assuming that their transcripts will say 3 credits from "the Sonja Morgan School of Hard Knocks."

Next order of business: We are reminded that Carole is the coolest chick to ever grace any cast of "The Real Housewives." Not only is she extremely accomplished and funny, but she is a Princess.

Finally, we have reached the pinnacle of the episode -- the moment that basically reiterates everything we learned from the lesson on the ladies last week.

Heather invites the newbies plus Ramona shopping. Heather acts oddly friendly with Ramona and I honestly couldn't tell if she genuinely wanted to move past everything and not make things awkward of if she was being extremely and convincingly fake. No matter which the case was, Ramona certainly believed that it was the latter.

The two try to have another conversation about the London issue but in the process of explaining how she felt, she throws Aviva under the bus for telling her that Heather was offended by the talking comment.

Welcome to the wrath of Ramona, Aviva.

Such a web Ramona has woven. The conversation goes nowhere and Ramona ends up complaining about Heather saying that she is her own "Heather world" and doesn't listen to anything anyone else has to say.

Reality check, Ramona -- you are describing yourself.

Then, to put the cherry on top of Ramona's actions during the shopping trip, she upstages Carole's announcement that there is going to be a TV show based on her book about widows and sex by announcing that Target is going to carry her Ramona Pinot Grigio.

Oh, Ramona, you just keep digging your hole deeper and deeper.

Top Carole quote of the night:

When people ask her if she is a princess, she replies, "Yes, and don't f--- with Cinderella."