'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Episode 8

This episode leaves tons of questions. Will Cynthia and Peter's marriage last past this season? Will Kandi ever have a hit album? Could NeNe really be rich? (She did appear on "Glee" this week.) How long do I have to look at Kim with that wig on? I kid on the last question, kinda. This week's possibly exciting and scandalous episode turns out to be a false alarm. No hair-pulling or curse words witnessed. 

Sheree and Phaedra sit down to chat about what happened in court. Sheree feels as though Phaedra didn't do her job, as Bob seems to know a bit about law. Phaedra is understandably frustrated with Sheree (and her attitude), as Sheree didn't pay her until the day before the court date. I think Sheree thought she would be able to hustle Phaedra, like she may have done her husband. But Phaedra is no fool -- she decides to drop Sheree as a client, using their friendship as the excuse. I think she wants to be paid on time like everyone else. But in good faith, Phaedra gives Sheree her check back. I think now Sheree can pay the contractors to finish that house of hers.

Kim moves into a 17,000-square foot house and plans to make the baby's room a big surprise for Kroy. Just what men love to be surprised with. Baby wall decor, diaper baskets, cribs and blankets. I know Kroy will be so happy that baby KJ has such a fancy place to sleep in, with a chandelier and his very own bathroom in his room. She's even hired an interior designer, Kendra, to decorate the rest of the mini mansion. 

While Kim decides what color her vanity should be, the rest of the girls join Cynthia at Chic Art Gallery to check out new pieces. Cynthia wants to do more NYC-ish things since the ATL isn't exactly the social city she imagined. Marlo shows up to hang with the ladies, and as of now we still know very little about her -- besides the fact that Cynthia thinks she's really important to their social circle, and she sleeps with men for money. Kandi manages to get that part out of Marlo, but who are any of these ladies to judge? Looks as though Marlo is fitting right in.

Now for the best scene of the evening: Cynthia and Peter were selected as a Power Couple for a promotional shoot. Your guess is as good as mine as to what power they might have. But I will say I love photographer Drexina Nelson. She's amazing, and that five minutes will go great with her talent. After their shoot, Cynthia is excited to show Peter her invitations to the grand opening for The Bailey Agency. Until Peter reminds her that she's a slacker and those will never get to people in time for the event. Must he ruin her happiness? I mean, she didn't tell him that his second bar would be a complete flopping failure like the first, sheesh. Peter explains to Cynthia later that he just wants her to learn from her mistake -- that's why he doesn't help her with her ventures. Or maybe he's just a selfish, jealous leech. 

NeNe chats with her son Bryson about safe sex, and I'm not even sure where on earth this came from. *deletes scene from memory*

Kandi's manager, Don Juan, demands she stop gifting friends with her musical talent. It makes her look bad, and she's not going to be able to work with other real artists. People are beginning to think she's a joke, just like Kim and Lawrence. She agrees and says she wants to venture into country music, and appear on the cover of "Maxim."

The episode ends with the grand opening of The Bailey Agency. Everyone at the party is waiting for the big confrontation between Kim and NeNe, who were both invited. They both arrive, and guess what happens. They ignore each other. Way to be grown up, ladies, but where's the fun in that? Luckily, Kandi and Marlo fill the void with a spat about Marlo's recent interview on Kandi's Internet show. After Kandi got Marlo to admit that she's a mattress back to a few wealthy guys, Marlo is a bit PO'd to say the least. She reminds Kandi that shed use to front money for a few broke fellas herself, but who is judging? NeNe laughs! Kim's had enough and decides to leave. I see she's playing really nice this season, as she and Kroy will get the show that Kim K and Kris Humphries were supposed to have. Congrats! 

Cynthia's event is a success for her, and all she wants to do is thank the folks involved: her sister, her mother and her husband. But wait ... Peter's nowhere to be found when the announcement being made. Phaedra thinks he's jealous of all Cynthia's success. I think she may be right.

Next week Marlo has cocktails with NeNe. Maybe we'll finally figure out who she is. I predict she's the new housewife taking Kim's spot. What do you think?