'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Episode 7

Wasn't it just a few days ago we were partying with these peaches? For some reason, Bravo aired another episode today. Divorce, baby poo and sex were the topics tonight. Read on for the deets!

Last episode, Sheree was served with some pretty shocking news. Bob wants a decrease in his child support order, claiming he doesn't make enough to foot that bill (and that's the reason he isn't paying). Phaedra takes on the challenge to represent Sheree, for a small fee of course. They spend the next few minutes looking for something fly for Sheree to wear. This comes after she pulled up in a Porsche. Guess Sheree is really the rich one? 

When they finally get to court, Bob has a plan of his own that makes Phaedra look a bit incompetent. He claims that he was to get the furniture after the split, and since he didn't he is filing for contempt of court. Looks as if Phaedra isn't the only one who googled their law degree. I kid! 

Kandi was hard at work setting up the new scenery for her late-night web show, Kandi Koated. Have you watched? I am almost afraid -- she can be a bit reckless. After setup, she chats about landing a baller and how to keep him. Her guests are Charles, a football player who supposedly got busy with NeNe, and his girlfriend Marlo. NeNe and Charles have denied that, but blogs say otherwise. And we all know blogs speak the truth.

Kim and Kroy get to take baby KJ home. And what's the first thing he does? Poops all over Kim's fancy sheet. Poor Chanel, the dog, is quite uneasy about the family new arrival. She pees on the floor! The grandparents stop by, and Brielle becomes a perfect nanny. I really hope they filmed her doing some of her gossipy, drama queen antics because Mommy Kim is boring!

OK, enough motherhood. Back to how we get there in the first place: sex. Kandi has a business meeting to discuss her new product, a vibrator that syncs with your iPod. Hmmm, great idea or no? Let's hope we can program our playlists.

Kandi, Phaedra and Sheree meet for lunch, and the divorce hearing comes up. Sheree is appalled that Phaedra let Bob play her -- especially as he represented himself. I bet she's thinking she should have saved her money and done the same. Phaedra is standing by her knowledge of the law and assures Sheree that she's just seeing a stall tactic on Bob's part. 

Totally missed NeNe and Cynthia, but I think Bravo is setting us up for a good cat fight. It won't be long before the truth about NeNe and Charles surface. And I can almost bet Cynthia is busy training those models -- she's got a bar to fund.

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