Cynthia and Sheree, on one of the ladies' many safaris.
Cynthia and Sheree, on one of the ladies' many safaris. (Bravo)

After two weeks of helping the needy, it looks as though these peaches are starting to have a change of heart. They've been spending their free time delivering goods to orphanages and schools. To bond more, the ladies host a pajama party that reveals things may be the same after all.

Phaedra is still playing tour guide, and after their dinner (in which Marlo forgets how fortunate she is, complaining about how her food is cooked), a trip to the museum is under way. Phaedra wants to "raise the cultural awareness" of the ladies. I feel like the producers are still fishing for stories. They end up sniffing medicine and oils from a witch doctor as an old ritual. He ends up being some sort of fortune teller with bones (or should we say shells) and conveniently tells them everything we know already. Kandi's ex-boyfriend who was shot will always be with her (AWWH!), Sheree is old (HA!), and NeNe has a good man (the verdict is still out on this one!).


At the pajama party, Marlo sets out her shoes and handbags for the girls to gawk at. We count 23 pairs of shoes. In Marlo language, that's like $150,000 on display. I think she's determined to make the girls jealous of what God has blessed her with -- to quote her words. But they move on to a more important topic: sex. Kandi breaks out and shows the girls what she's working with by doing a split. Marlo joins in to top that one and has everyone practice-squeezing their "Hello Kitty." Kandi's only comeback is to bring up Kim's name. She sure knows how to end a party, huh?

The next morning, Marlo wakes up sick. Maybe she opened her mouth in the shower, the way that Charlotte from "SATC" did in Mexico. Oh, wait, this is South Africa. Anyways. Her bestie NeNe is there to help. She thinks that the witch doctor poisoned her. I think maybe it was that raw shrimp she ate for dinner. While NeNe is nursing Marlo back to health, the rest of the girls go on yet another safari. This is making me not want to visit Africa. I mean: How much of the jungle can you see? The girls spend most of the trip talking about Kim. If Kim is watching, she should feel really special that she's always a topic for these ladies.

After the safari trip, the girls head to lunch, where NeNe shows back up -- without Marlo. Of course, this is perfect. They can now bash Marlo. Perhaps they thought NeNe would join in, but she's really Marlo's bff and is totally upset that they'd say such things about her. Really, NeNe, you've known her for, like, two episodes. Or perhaps dating the same man is a powerful bond. Or maybe NeNe is really the witch doctor, since she's got Cynthia singing the same song and dance, loving Marlo too.

Dinner is over, and Sheree, Kandi and Phaedra are missing home, so they call Kim. Nice way to add her into the episode. Kim is happy to hear from them, and they began to tell all the foolery they have gotten into since they've been in Africa. Sheree snitches on Kandi and tells her that she said that Kim would never hold a black baby. Wow, even typing that sentence sounded super high school. Well, it was. I'm not sure what Sheree was hoping to get out of it, but she totally misspoke. That was Cynthia who said that, but who's really paying attention?

This is the end of their South Africa trip, so the girls dress up in African outfits and paint their faces. I got excited and was hoping for a themed cat fight, but instead NeNe just joked them for call home to the boss aka Kim.

I'm getting bored, and it's getting more scripted than ever. What's your thoughts on their latest Africa trip? I figured at least they went to hold the babies, right?