'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Episode 12

We're all waiting for the big fight of the season. I mean, that's why we are watching -- right? I kinda wish they would just get to it, but the producers are clearly dragging this one out and setting up for a big finale. At least that's my prediction.

On this episode the ladies jet-set to Africa. I'm wondering who picked this location. Is it symbolic since they fight like animals? I mean, Africa is beautiful and all, but not really the place for six uppity gals from Atlanta who stuffed tons of shoes and bags into their Louis Vuitton luggage.

We start off with the girls filming themselves on the plane and, unexpectedly, Marlo arrives -- she was invited by NeNe. Marlo really can't be this stupid and annoying. I blame editing. Although she's obsessed with etiquette quizzes, she's even beating down Phaedra's patience. Marlo has a criminal record, so she doesn't have much room to grill anyone on etiquette. Sheree is full of jokes this episodes: "I doubt Emily Post has a chapter on aggravated assault." According to many media reports, Marlo has been arrested seven times, including once for alleged assault. Those peaches may want to play nice, but I have a feeling Marlo doesn't fight fair.

We learn that Phaedra has taken on the task of trip leader. She gives all the ladies, except Marlo, a hand mirror as a thank-you for coming. This scene is terribly awkward. You can feel that Marlo is caught off guard and has no idea how to respond.

Marlo then confronts Kandi about why she was being phony to her. Kandi denies it. Marlo says she's being really middle school about it. And then Kandi responds with, "I ain't like that." Ladies, aren't you all paid to be a little middle school just so we can be entertained? They slay me sometimes.

NeNe goes after, Phaedra questioning why they aren't bff's. They've been in the same social circle since before Phaedra appeared on the show in season 3. Phaedra just kinda brushes her off and dismisses NeNe's bait for a confrontation.

Apparently, Sheree has a friend in South Africa, and she's invited to a dinner party. She then invites only Phaedra and Kandi. Cynthia stops by the room and Sheree then invites her. But still she has no desire to invite NeNe or Marlo. What do you guys think happens next? .... Yeppers, Cynthia runs back and tells NeNe and Marlo that she was invited and they weren't. Sounds a little middle school, right?

Although NeNe says she doesn't care and would rather NOT party with people connected to Sheree, Marlo is heated and storms off for what you can feel to be a cat fight coming. A screaming match starts between Marlo and Sheree, and you can barely understand anything anyone is saying. I managed to hear Marlo say, "That's why you don't have a man. Go hang with the f----ts, you ugly stupid ass." OUCH! Kandi makes a great point on Marlo's etiquette: "I don't know etiquette but I know you're not supposed to say that!"

No punches or slaps are thrown, and it started to sound like pure gibberish. So much so that the editors didn't even caption any words. NeNe wonders if this is how she sounds and acts when in a confrontation. YES, NeNe, you sound just as stupid. Cynthia confesses that she never meant for this to happen and if she had known she would have never said anything. Sure!

As NeNe tries to break them up we get the "TO BE CONTINUED" text on the screen.

In case you are wondering where Kim is: She didn't go to Africa. She's stuck home with baby KJ. Her parents come to visit while Kroy is away at football camp. The end. She got one itty-bitty scene this episode. Whomp Whomp! I can tell you that she confirmed her new reality show with Kroy, so her scenes will be less and less. This is also why we're seeing more of Marlo. Kim is going for the happily married type so she has no time to play with the middle-school chicks.

Next week, Phaedra is touched after hanging out with the poor African kids and gets emotional, the Marlo/Sheree fight continues, and they all hit the safari!