Well, this is scary.
Well, this is scary. (Bravo)

Watch out, NeNe: In this episode, Kim takes a visit to the gun range. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Phaedra try to get their hubbies to kiss and make up, and Kandi's mom is plotting to mend a broken friendship.
It's date night for Kim and Kroy, and what's more romantic than the gun range? Kroy wants his woman to be able to protect herself from those jealous Atlanta peaches. But Kim just wants to be sure she can get a pink gun -- that I am sure she will bedazzle. Kim also confirmed on Twitter tonight that her show will start in the spring. I guess she's busy taping for that, which would explain her lack of presence on "RHOA."

It's double the trouble when Cynthia and Phaedra go out with their husbands. It's an awkward and forced scene. I'm thinking they hoped for more, but we find out Phaedra is planning a trip to South Africa and, of course, Cynthia still isn't happy in her marriage. We know!
NeNe meets up with her Big Poppa, John, for a business meeting (aka date). In between gazing into her eyes, he's coaching her on how to open her first lounge that caters to executives who make over $200,000. So do they have to bring their pay stub to the lounge? I'm curious to know how they are gonna enforce this requirement.
The two sex kittens of the show, Phaedra and Kandi, head out to an African dance class. As much as Phaedra claims to be a lady, she sure does jump on the opportunity to shake her booty. And I'm not sure who Kandi thinks she is fooling with this reserved act. I mean, c'mon, you have a sex toy line coming out.
Oh, and that psychic Rose makes a cameo. You might remember her from a few season ago. She told Kim she would have a boy in two years. Now she tells Kim there's a wedding and a baby girl in her future. Welp, she's a little late on the wedding. Perhaps Kroy and Kim are working on baby #2.
To prepare for their trip to Africa, Phaedra and Sheree visit a museum to learn about their African ancestry. Phaedra says she loves to "immerse herself in culture" just as she molests the male statue and his package. Can we say ... desperate? Maybe Apollo isn't the man we think he is, because Phaedra sure is on the prowl.
This episode ends with all the girls at dinner with Mama Joyce (Kandi's mother). What could possibly happen, right? Mama Joyce preaches about how silly the girls are acting. Kim and NeNe are sitting at the same table not saying a word. Mama Joyce demands they speak. Kim says, "Hello." Kim does a classic exit stage left move and says, "I gotta get outta here. I gotta pump my boobies." I'm using that the next time. LOL


I personally vote for a confrontation between Kim and NeNe. I mean, isn't that why we watch in the first place? This isn't Oprah.

So, I'm dying to know: Do you really want Kim and NeNe to be friends again? Sound off below.