'The Real Housewives of Atlanta': Ready for the season premiere?

Thanks to Bravo, your Sunday evenings (via Twitter of course) are officially deemed as #IWishIWereAHouswife.

Because clearly anyone can be one. It doesn't really matter that these excessively materialistic characters, who I've grown to love, aren't even housewives or even started out as such. What does matter is the amount of sheer entertainment, laughter and foolery that generally happens each week.


Which is more than enough proof as to why we all should love "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

OK, so here's my disclaimer: I know I really shouldn't love to see women catfight and gossip but I live a seemingly drama free life. I love a good battle of words, and my real friends don't gossip much, therefore I will always love to watch "RHOA."


I don't know about you, but watching someone else's bad decision making, coupled with lavish trips to South Africa and Italy and having the daunting task of deciding which pair of Louboutins to wear to what exclusive party sounds like a great 60 minutes to me.

In case you are totally unfamiliar with "RHOA" (and please let me kick that rock you've been under), it follows the lives of six sassy black women maneuvering through Atlanta's elite social scene. They're back for Season 4 and while we were waiting they've been keeping extremely busy.

A few of the divas actually got married and had babies, and not necessarily in that order. They're also busy starting new business ventures, like funeral homes and adult toy collections.

I'm sure there's a need for toy bullets and fancy caskets. I guess we gave up on the clothing line, huh!? I am sure you can all probably guess which diva is writing country music, which diva still cannot sing and which diva is on the verge of planning a divorce party.

So let the shouting, drink throwing, finger pointing fun begin. I'll be tweeting the extra ratchet moments on my feed, and be sure to check back here on Sunday right after the show for my recap.