'The Good Wife' recap: Fall finale 'KSR' highlights show's demise

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The weak Season 7 fall finale of "The Good Wife" highlights the show's faults.

There are rumors that "The Good Wife" will not return to television next season. Even the gossip magazines are sounding reasonable as they lay out the fact that the show hit a creative peak in the fifth season only to deliver a dishearteningly weak seasons 6 and 7.

I completely agree, and after watching "The Good Wife's" Season 7 fall finale, "KSR," I am up in arms, angry and insulted by the writing of this show.  

"KSR" not only glorifies rape, kidnapping and torture, but this episode goes to great lengths to sympathize with white-collar violent crimes. Alicia takes on a white male client who is a surgeon and was accused by the police of planning an elaborate scheme to rape and kidnap a woman whose young child he was giving medical care to.

We don't find out why or how Alicia got this case, which deviates from the show's structure of Alicia's damsel-in-distress clients coming to her office with valid explanations as to why they need her help. No, we just end up in the courtroom with Alicia pleading that this wonderful doctor was in surgery helping a baby and couldn't be to court on time to defend charges of rape and kidnapping. The fact that Alicia is defending this guy is sickening and completely reveals the show's sexist agenda that has been quietly ascending throughout this season. 

Let's get back to that in a minute. The show actually starts with Cary finding out that all the spoiled associates he recently hired walked out in a rebellion. He and Diane find themselves with no one to do a huge filling job for an upcoming deadline and everyone is running around like little babies. The fact that Cary stages a fake negotiation and outsmarts and fires the young associates doesn't matter.

It is also very uninteresting that they fire off 10 white men just to bring back the bright, black female lawyer they should have hired in the first place (as if a black female and white male lawyers can't work together). The karma bit is not lost on me, but it was too much work — very cheesy and imbalanced. There is no real justice in this decision made by Cary and Diane, as they are just so desperate they have to bring on a "second-rate" black female lawyer to help them. Diane even lies to the woman's face and tells her they needed her simply because they liked her — vomit. 

To make matters more annoying, Crouse takes a two-month job that was concocted by Ruth. Ruth asked Eli's lover and billionaire business woman, Courtney Paige (whose original name on the show was Courtney Boalt — did anyone catch that?), to offer Crouse an insane amount of money so he can work in California and not try to fornicate with Alicia. So now that the eye candy is gone, all we have left is Eli, who in this episode gets dumped and left by Paige. So Eli is sad and mopey, the sex appeal is gone and we have to continue on to the cringe-worthy case of a white-collar rapist. 

I am going to say this: "The Good Wife" has crossed this line with its sexist man-splaining garbage. The show has defeminized and stripped Alicia's character of connective emotions. She's been a robot this entire season, and it's clearly because she's being written with an agenda. The lack of diversity on this show's writing staff is sickeningly blatant and I am not going to dignify the storyline of female characters like Alicia and Lucca defending and even sympathizing with a wealthy white man who plans to kidnap and rape a woman with a child. I don't buy it — it is insulting, disgusting and inappropriate. By the way, the client gets his guilty verdict overturned because Alicia asked the judge to lighten up on her. 

To hell with "The Good Wife." Even the gossip columns are completely on point with the downward spiral of this show and "KSR," which stands for "kidnap, sedate, rape," just shows how out of touch this show has gotten. 

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