Sarah (right) faces another physical challenge that causes her to have emotional breakdown, but Sean proves to be supportive and helps her to try and overcome her fears.
Sarah (right) faces another physical challenge that causes her to have emotional breakdown, but Sean proves to be supportive and helps her to try and overcome her fears. (Rick Rowell/ABC)

What's the deal with Tierra? Is she good at playing the game? Crazy? Or just crazy about our Sean?

This week started with an immediate Date Card, a one-on-one date for Selma.  The card read "Let's turn up the heat!" Where would he take her and what would they do?


A limo ride to a private jet, with a very sensual private flight. Lots of interlocking finger hand holding, with snuggles and hugs. These tow are super comfortable together and you could feel the heat being turned up on the plane. But not as much heat as Selma would feel on the dessert where their one-on-one date would take place. Rock climbing.

Selma faired well and surprised Sean, making it to the top of the climb in what looked like very little effort. Score for Selma, showing Sean that she was more than just a pretty face and could hold her own with the heat turned up.

Dinner for two, on a blinged out country-glam RV and a perfect ending to a perfect day.

More alone time, head on chest, embraced and eye-gazing but no kiss? No kiss, because Selma revealed to Sean lots of information regarding her very strict Muslim upbringing and her mom's dislike of Selma's participation in the show. There will be no kissing until Selma is declared "the one" for Sean.

Sean respects Selma's culture and upbringing and claims that he'll stick around. We'll see, with none of the other ladies holding back, Selma may just have a tough road ahead of her – I think we'll see a kiss. It was definitely in her eyes tonight.  No kiss, but Selma snagged the first rose of the night, securing her place in the house.

Tonight's crazy … Tierra. She makes her first of many looney appearances of the night, tired of group dates and wanted her own alone time with Sean. "I want a one-on-one date without a chaperone!"

Date Card: Group Date. Lyndsay, Robin, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah and Tierra, the card reads " Looking for a woman that can roll with the punches." Hmmmmm.

It was clear from the revealing of the Roller Derby group date that Amanda and Tierra would be the aggressors.

Amanda told the other ladies that she was actually an avid roller derby chick, placing fear in the hearts and minds of all of the other ladies that struggled desperately to stay on their feet in the roller skates.

Lots of falls and falls and more falls, it wasn't a very pretty scene for any of the ladies who all shared the grace of baby giraffes!

Sarah, our one armed beauty who wants to be treated "normal" had a most difficult time. Balance really requires tow arms, which made this date and Sarah's experience quite disheartening to watch. It felt kind of cruel to me to watch her struggle and cry all while battling with herself over should she stay and appear a good sport that can handle it or quit because it was just too hard for her to stay up on the skates. Just as she's about to throw in the towel, Sean comes and gives her the "good sport, you're a trooper speech" and Sarah, the apparent good sport put her gear back on to continue. Hats off to you Sarah – I would have quit!

Amanda falls and almost breaks her jaw, only then does Sean decide maybe a group date of novice roller skaters, one of which only has one arm may not have been the best date to plan and calls for a free skate – making it disco night in the rink instead. Someone would have probably killed themselves tonight.

Amanda leaves in an ambulance and the ladies go off to continue the group date with Sean, relieved to not have to continue with the whole roller derby thing. Whew!

Sarah, gets the first one-on-one time on the group date and this time a sympathy rose for sure. Sean still appears to like Sarah and kept her around for another week. But time will tell.


Amanda returns in one piece, no broken jaw but she too milks the slightly bruised chin for what she had hoped would get her a rose but instead got her a kiss on the chin, not even a lip lock, good try Amanda, but no rose right now, maybe later. Keep your chin up!

Date Card. One-on-One Date, with Leslie H. Card ironically reads "could this be forever?" The date card is accompanied by a pair of diamond earrings!

Having a " Pretty Woman" moment, Leslie our "tan" Julia Roberts of the evening sets out for a date made for the movies. Picked up in a convertible sports car, taken on a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive, given a 120-carat necklace to top the beautiful gown, shoes and handbag purchased. Back in the convertible and off to a romantic dinner, the conversation felt so strained for me.

Tell me about your family. What are you looking for? Tell me about your past relationships. What do you like? Felt like an really bad job interview and just as I began to question this union, Sean calls off the date! What? The date is over? Why? Sean wasn't feeling any romantic chemistry and decided right there at dinner on the spot that this relationship was over and Ummmm, could you leave the diamond necklace, please? Whoa. Next thing we see is an arm reaching in to retrieve Leslie's bags from the house, she couldn't even return to say goodbye and we missed an opportunity to hear Ben Taylor sing, aww man, that would have been an awesome way to end a date, serenaded by Ben Taylor! See ya later Leslie H. Sorry there was no love here for you. Sheesh Sean sure know how to get rid of a chick!

Ashley gets a little one-on-one time on the stairs with Sean and a kiss. Sean like Ashley.

Robyn tells a corny chocolate joke, but gets the kiss. Go Robyn!

Tierra apologizes to the girls for being a certified nut case, but they ain't buying it, this one is a loose cannon and will do anything to get the man.

Sean's off alone with Catherine. Kiss. Confirmations that he likes her. Catherine asks if Sean has his trunks for some time in the hot tub, forgetting that they are actually still on a group date but Tierra reminds them just as Sean opens the door to head to the hot tub with Catherine, there's a crazy little Tierra sitting sobbing in the dark on the floor waiting for Sean, after throwing a tantrum and threatening to leave because she just can't take all of the phony women in the house vying for Sean's love and attention when they aren't really there for love and blah, blah, crazy lady blah. But it works!

Tierra, steals Sean away from Catherine and gets him. Gets him in such a way, that Sean actually returns to the group of ladies waiting for him to retrieve a rose to give to Tierra, this is TIERRA-BLE! Or is it? Sean is convinced the Tierra is the real deal, but the ladies and myself can't figure out if she's just not a master manipulator that's just really good at playing the game? Only time will tell – looks like next week may tell us a little more.

Catherine, Des, Lindsay, Leslie, Robin, Ashley, Sarah, Jackie and the chick in the green dress all get roses. We said goodbye to Amanda the fit model and our pretty woman Leslie H.

Next week two full days, a two-episode bachelor event! Two nights of double the romance and double the drama. Can't wait.