'The Amazing Race' recap, 'Bull Down'

The 10th leg of the All-Star season took the five teams from Zurich, Switzerland to Seville, Spain.

Here's what we saw in Spain.


In this week's very entertaining Detour, we saw bulls running through the streets of Seville. Well, not actually bulls. The teams, along with a phalanx of bullies that were hired to knock them off their feet, were outfitted in big plastic "bumberz."

The other detour choice, leanring a flamenco routine, looked like it was a cinch. Only the Country Singers chose it, though. It could be we weren't shown whatever struggles they had with this task.


And in a nod to the "Barber of Seville," we saw one member of each team using a straight razor to shave a balloon. Cute.

This episode's drama was built entirely around the Double U-Turn -- who would use it on whom?

The conventional wisdom was that if of the three teams in the newly formed Accidental Alliance arrived at the U-Turn board first, the would choose to U-Turn Brendon and Rachel, who enraged everyone on the eighth leg when they used the U-Turn on Dave and Connor.

Apartment 81 has mixed feelings. We can't bear Dave's misplaced sense of entitlement -- "I'm old!" --  but some of us find Rachel as grating as the other contestants do.

There was lots of discussion about U-Turn strategy, and comments from the Country Singers and Dave and Connor about how obvious it was that Brendon and Rachel would be U-Turned. There was so much that you could kind of figure out that Brendon and Rachel weren't going to be U-Turned.

We'll see next week how well the Afghanimals' decision to U-Turn the Cowboys plays out.

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Will the Country Singers and Dave and Connor hold it against them? Maybe, but neither of those two teams is conniving enough to make their connivance a threat.

In any case, the Afghanimals' strategy worked in the short term. They wanted the Cowboys gone, and now they're gone. It was hard to tell what would have happened if the Cowboys had a run a cleaner leg -- or if the Country Singers had had a more challenging Speed Bump.


Next week, four teams will be reduced to the final three.

Dave and Connor continue to impress, with their fourth first-place finish. Their one possible liability: of the remaining four teams, only Dave and Connor are out of balance when it comes to performing Roadblock tasks. Connor has done 6, Dave has done 4. (All of the other teams have split Roadblock tasks 5 to 5.)

The Afghanimals Is Jamal's knee OK? We'll find out next week. We'll also find out if their bold U-Turn move backfires.

Brendon and Rachel benefited hugely by not being U-Turned. They made it clear that they didn't feel in debt to the Afghanimals.

The Country Singers survived another Speed Bump. If viewers are amazed that this team is still around, so is the team. They'd be easier to root against if they weren't so honest about their amazing luck.