Alison is working in the kitchen when we hear that Hurricane Alice is on the way.


Meanwhile, at a restaurant, Helen is being stood up by a date from a "hookup app for millennials," as her waitress describes it. The helpful server suggests that Helen try a different Internet site for online dating, "where the divorcees hang out."


Helen, thoroughly disgusted, asks for the check. While she waits to settle up, a man at the bar asks her if he knows her. He does. He's Dr. Ullah, the doctor that operated on Martin earlier in the season.

Helen says that she's been meaning to follow up with the doctor to thank him, and he suggests that she buy him some alcohol. He offers his home address so that she can send him some whiskey and mentions that he's on call.

Helen, noting that he's already drinking and asking for another, asks how much he's had to drink. "This? Don't worry. This just loosens my joints," he says. The server alerts the pair that they need to leave, as the place is closing early due to the impending hurricane.

The good doctor takes this as an opportunity to ask for Helen's number, after she tells him that she isn't married any more. "Bad idea," she says. She tells him not to ask her out on a date, and muses, "What's a date anyway? It's just an interview for sex."

"OK. Would you like to have sex with me?" Ullah asks.

"Sure," Helen says.

I don't know, man. Does stuff like this happen in your life? Nothing remotely close to this has ever happened to me. I mean, I'm happy for Helen. I'm just curious.

Helen takes the doctor back to the brownstone, and after making sure that her children are occupied, she informs them that she's "going to the basement to check for leaks." "Is it raining yet?" Trevor asks. No son, it isn't. Helen and the doctor do the deed in the basement, after she sneaks him in.

After, they make awkward small talk in the kitchen. Dr. Ullah takes a phone call form the hospital from a patient concerned about the storm. "Needy bitch," he says, after hanging up. As Helen tries to usher the man out, Martin pops in. He's surprised to see the doctor, who says that he was in the area and dropped by to check on him.

Ullah suggests a different way to administer Martin's injections. Martin balks at first, but agrees to allow the doctor to give him the needle once the medicine warms to room temperature.

"I don't get it," Helen says. "Are you a nice guy that acts like a dick, or a dick that acts like a nice guy?" she asks.

He rambles on about the good he does and whether or not it outweighs the bad and says that it's up to Helen to decide what to make of him, and that he doesn't feel anything in his heart. "It doesn't feel anything," he says. "It works."

Helen retires to her bedroom and cries a bit. Dr. Ullah checks in on her and asks if something he said upset her. "It's just really depressing," she says. She says she doesn't want him to go, she wants him to stay and give Martin his shot, because she hurts him when she does it. She says she's put her kids through hell fro the last year.

"How did this happen? How did this happen?" she asks rhetorically.


As Helen pours out her heart and talks about how she hates being a mother sometimes, the doctor's phone buzzes. It's a message from that hookup app. Helen asks him to leave her alone.

Dr. Ullah stays to give Martin his shot, which goes well. Helen gets her kids a snack, and tells the doctor that he's welcome to stay to wait out the storm, if he isn't going to run off to answer the message from the app. "I'd rather drown," he says. He reaches to kiss Helen, but Helen pulls away, as they are in plain view of her children. They step further into the hallway and Ullah kisses her wrist before leaving.

Who is this guy?

Helen steps back into the living room and tells the kids that Dr. Ullah left, so they run to the window to wave goodbye.

In her apartment, Alison is experiencing stomach pains -- or maybe contractions? She calls Noah, but he doesn't answer. "Where are you?" she says.

She heads to the hospital to see her doctor, but the doctor couldn't make it in due to the storm. Another doctor tends to Alison, who comments on how young the doctor seems. She assures her that she's a real doctor and Alison lays down to be examined.

Alison says that she can't possibly be in labor, as she isn't due for another five weeks. After examining her,and determining that she is five centimeters dilated, the doctor tells her differently.

"Allison, you are having a baby tonight," she says.

"No, I don't know where he is," Alison says when asked if she has a partner there with her. "It's OK, we will find him," the doctor assures her.

7 p.m.

Noah and Eden are waiting in a car outside a party, talking about his book, "Descent" being made into a movie. Eden tells him that he needs to hit it off with Rodney Callahan, the potential director, at the event they're about to step into. George Clooney is going to be there, Eden tells him.

As Noah takes a big swig of ego, his phone buzzes. He reaches for it, but can't find it in the dark car. Eden tells him to forget the phone, and that it will be there when they come out of the event. "Solloway, let's go," she says. And he does.

Inside, music blares and celebrities and revelers mill around. Noah spots Keith Richards, and Eden says she can introduce Noah to him if he likes. She takes Noah directly to Callahan, who seems thrilled to meet Noah, and wants to talk business.

"Do you know how long it has been since someone dared to mix high art and good old fashioned f---ing?" Callahan says of "Descent."

He continues to heap praise on Noah, name-drops Norman Mailer and boasts of the movies he did based on his work. Callahan casually pulls out a cocaine platter, and offers some to Noah. "Here, try this. I heard it's very good," Callahan says.

Noah snorts some cocaine, and Callahan suggests a different ending to "Descent" for the movie, something more along the lines of what Noah had originally planned. Amped on drugs and wanting to make a good impression, Noah enthusiastically agrees with him.

Callahan has another note for Noah, but he is interrupted by Max, who just happens to be there, too. Max makes a snide remark about the host of the party being a snob, and Noah awkwardly introduces him to Callahan.

While Max starts man-splaining something or other about Wall Street, he sees the cocaine and decides to help himself. Callahan is put off by Max and even more put off that Noah would be associated with someone like him.

Noah pulls Max away, telling him that he's ruining his business deal. Max brings up the money that he loaned Noah and things get testy. A server at the party interrupts and announces that anyone not staying the night should leave now, as the police are going to close the roads.

"How do you know that unpleasant human being?" Callahan asks Noah, as he returns to his table.


"He was a friend of my ex-wife," Noah says.

With Callahan appeased for the moment, Noah and Eden hit the bar, drinking shot after shot, and then they hit the dance floor. While there, an attendant approaches Eden and tells her that George Clooney isn't going to make it after all because of the weather. Noah says that if Cloon-Dogg isn't going to be there, that he should get home.

He asks Eden if she could call him a cab. "I could," she says. "Or you can stay and see what happens," she says, and grabs Noah below the belt.

Noah asks her about her business and pleasure policy. "Tour's over, Noah," she says. Then the attendant announces to the party that the roads have been closed, and that everyone there is in for the night. "See? It's a sleepover," Eden says. She tells Noah to meet her in a guest bedroom in 15 minutes.


Trying to kill some time, Noah sits down and casually takes a pull off a vape pen that someone offers him.

At least I think that's what it was. I'm not cool, so I don't know for sure.

He sees a copy of a Mailer book on the table and smiles. He still has some time to kill, so Noah wanders to the pool area of the building, drink in hand. Some naked swimmers make the pool seem like a pretty cool place to be, so Noah takes his clothes off and hops in.

It's about to get awful.

Noah looks over to a nearby hot tub and sees two women kissing. Noah decides to head over there and see what might happen. As he climbs into the tub, and settles in, one of the young ladies turns around to see what was up.

The young lady was Whitney.

She screams at her father to get out, and he does.

9:27 p.m.

Noah runs and grabs his keys, intent on leaving despite the valet's protests. Noah gets to his car and grabs his phone. He has a series of missed calls and messages, of course. Distraught, he drives off into the night. He narrowly misses a fallen tree, then sees a roadblock.

He tries to drive around, only to get is car stuck in mud. He screams and cries, knowing that he won't be there for Alison.

10 p.m.

"Please keep trying him. I can't do this alone. I can't do this alone," Alison says to the doctor as her contractions intensify. "You are not alone right now," the doctor assures her.

11 p.m.

Luisa tries to distract Cole with a story from her childhood, as he simmers in the beach house. "Everything that was her responsibility, you did," he tells Luisa. Alison was supposed to come by to pack her things so that the house can be sold. Clearly she's busy, but Cole doesn't know that.

Luisa asks for a thank you, which is television trope for "sex." Cole mentions that he didn't bring any condoms, but Luisa tells him that's OK, which is television trope for "Luisa will be pregnant in an upcoming episode."

"Where are you going to live? In a tree?" Luisa asks, after. Cole is officially homeless as of the next day, and says that he has no plans to take any money that Alison might offer from the sale of the house.

"I'll figure something out," he says. Luisa says that she won't be able to come to Montauk as often when she has her new job and asks if Cole had considered moving to the city. No, he tells her, but assures her that he loves her and that they'll work things out.

As they ready to leave the house for the last time, Cole shows Luisa some notches on a frame where he used to mark Gabriel's height. "He would have loved you," he says. "Who knows, maybe someday we can cut in some notches for our own kids."

Luisa pulls away. Cole goes after her, confused as to why the mood changed. "I should have told you sooner. I can't get pregnant. I'm infertile," she says. Cole's eyes glaze over as Luisa explains a medical procedure that she underwent years earlier. "It's true," he says. "We're cursed. My family is cursed."

Luisa tells Cole that she's sorry that he lost Gabriel, but that the idea that he is cursed because of something his grandfather did is absurd.

"The world does not revolve around your pain," she says.

"I know that," he says.

"Do you? Because you don't seem like you know," she counters.

Cole says that Scotty looks after his family now, and that he doesn't have to take care of them any more. "Scotty's an addict. He needs to go to rehab. But at least he's trying, which is more than I can say for you," she says.

"I love you, Cole. But I can't get rid of your curse. You have to do that for yourself," Luisa says. She says that Cole always blames everyone else for the bad in his life, and that it has become clear to her that he will blame her if things go wrong between them.

2 a.m.

"I don't want this baby," Alison says as her labor continues. "You have to stop fighting," the doctor says, telling her that the baby's heart rate is slowing. "This baby is coming," she says.

Alone in the house, Cole pulls out some of the family moonshine and chokes it down. Drunk, he kneels in front of the notches on the door frame and cries. He looks outside and sees a vision of Gabriel. "Daddy, come into the water with me," he hears.

Alison bears down and pushes at the doctor's urging.

Cole pours moonshine all over the house and sets it on fire.

"She's here, Alison. She's here," the doctor says.

Cole stands in the middle of the burning house.

The next morning

"Good morning, Alison. She's perfect," the doctor says as she checks in on Alison, who is holding her child.

"Alison, your husband is finally here. Should I show him in?" the doctor asks.

"Not yet," she says.

Final thoughts

I applaud the show for playing with the format and changing up the story structure. It made for a more manic episode than usual, but I like that the writers and producers aren't afraid to try things.

I can be pretty harsh when it comes to my feelings on the Noah character and Dominic West at times. I find his American accent rather suspect, I find it completely unbelievable that he would know or care about baseball, which Noah seems to know a lot about, and I don't think it helps that I have come to think of Noah as a completely irredeemable character.

All that said, he was great in this episode. I don't know of too many actors that would have nailed the desperation in the crying scene in the car the way that Mr. West did here. Bravo.