The 5 best moments from Hillary Clinton's 'Daily Show' visit [Video]

Hillary Clinton's quasi-presidential-campaign-but-actually-book-tour hit "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart Tuesday night and, as always with the scathing, satirical talk-show heavyweight, the interview did not disappoint.

Jon spent a fair amount of time attempting to weasel his way into landing the much-coveted Clinton presidential announcement, and while the former secretary of state remained painstakingly coy on the matter, the host got pretty creative in his interrogative methods. Here's a rundown of the best moments:


Jon to Hillary: 'No One Cares'

While Clinton has been unrelenting in her publicity tour for her new book, "Hard Choices," few interviewers have been blunt regarding what pretty much everyone is thinking: We're not interested in the memoir. Stewart, though, made no secret of it. "I think I speak for everybody when I say, no one cares. They just want to know if you're going to run for president." Clinton's response: a few seconds of laughter.


The Elephant in the Room

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Hillary has publicly stated she'll announce whether or not she plans to run by the end of this year, but Jon attempted to expedite the process with an occupational aptitude test. First up, does the former senator prefer a commute or a home office? She went with home. Next, does she like corners in said office or, perhaps, an ovular shape? Clinton responded, "The world is so complicated, the fewer corners the better." Good one, Hillary.

A blunt Clinton on Congress

Political and governmental pundits have employed a deluge of terms to describe Congress lately, such as "stalemate", "gridlock" or "heavily partisan." We appreciated Clinton's candor when asked about its state of operation: "A congress that is no longer functioning," she said. We'd have to agree.

Some foreign policy storytelling

On the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Hillary veered far from making any truly controversial remarks, plainly stating that Hamas' "identity comes from being the violent resistance." She did, though, allude heavily to the cease-fire she helped negotiate in 2012. She painted Stewart an interesting picture from one of her last "leader to leader" meetings. "It was just four of us in the room. It was [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, [Palestinian] President [Mahmoud] Abbas, me and [former U.S. Sen./diplomat] George Mitchell." To be a fly on that wall.

An epic (and presidential) pivot

Public figures who must constantly walk on egg shells so as to avoid sticking their foot in their mouths are masters of the pivot. Clinton proved it with Stewart, in what he called the "greatest segue in history," when she explained, "all leadership has to have enough support to make … the hard choices." And just like that, it's a book tour again.