'Survivor' recap, 'Make Some Magic Happen'

Josh Canfield, Reed Kelly and Alec Christy
Josh Canfield, Reed Kelly and Alec Christy (Monty Brinton/CBS)

It's a story night after the Tribal Council where Kelley was sent home. Dale, obviously, is upset, but I think he's taking it a little far when he says that she was "slaughtered" in front of him.  He says he's not going to give up until he can't talk anymore, which means he's probably going to get really annoying.

And yup, he is. He shows Jon his fake Immunity Idol -- to threaten him into keeping him, I guess? It looks like Jon believes him, so we'll see what happens.


Over at Hunahpu, Alec and Jeremy are talking about what they're going to have to give up in order to get more food. They don't want to give up their roof or flint. Jeremy thinks they should all just suck it up until they win a reward challenge. I bet Jeremy has seen the first season of Survivor.

And up walks Jeff with a giant bag of rice. But what is it going to cost them? First Jeff needs to point out how much help they've needed so far, and it's only Day 14. Jeff lays it out for them: in order to get the rice, they need to give up everything they got in the comfort challenge (hammock, pillows, tarp) plus the hatchet, hammer, one of the pots and the extra flint. that would leave them with a machete, one pot, and one flint. I'd actually say that's more than fair.

Everyone seems resigned to giving up their stuff, but Jeremy's pissed. Well, that does seem to be his default. Jeff's parting words to Hunahpu is "Hope it doesn't rain." That seems prophetic.

Reward challenge time! It's a blindfolded challenge; one person has to crawl through an obstacle course, study a completed puzzle by only touch, then take the three sets of pieces back through the obstacle course one by one and recreate the puzzle while still blindfolded.

Wow. That actually seems like a really hard challenge.

But they are playing for a Survivor BBQ, which includes the grill (do they get to keep that?) and a bunch of meaty shish kabobs. Reed is playing for Hunahpu, Baylor for Coyopa.

Reed is super fast through the obstacle course, but takes more time to study the puzzle, so they are running about even. They both start on the puzzles around the same time. There are also wrong pieces included in the mix, and they are colored red so we can see if they are wrong (though the players obviously can't).

Reed is kicking butt at this challenge. He has all pieces fitted, but one of them is wrong. He finds it on his own and switches it out, while Baylor only has about two pieces in and one of them is wrong. Reed easily wins the challenge and Hunahpu gets the reward.

I bet Jeremy wants his tarp back right now.

So Baylor is going to Exile Island. Reed chooses Julie to go with her, but Natalie volunteers to go, so Reed lets her. What's up with that?

Back at Coyopa, Keith is trying to catch some fish, but not having much luck. Jon tells Jaclyn and Misty about Dale's "Immunity Idol" (which is fake), so they talk about using him to get Keith out. Not Keith! I like Keith.

At Exile Island, Baylor and Natalie get the same old Immunity Idol clue.

Hunahpu is super happy with their food, and Josh is super-proud of Reed, as he should be. Jeremy is annoyed because Reed and Josh are too affectionate. Whatever, Grumpy. And I was right, Jeremy does want the tarp back.

Cue the rain, so Jeremy can be right some more. Hunahpu is getting miserably wet. And then it's night, and it's still raining. Julie is to the point of crying and talking about quitting. Jeremy is annoyed again, but I'm with him this time.


Dawn of Day 15 is a whole lot drier, but Julie is still crying. Well, then maybe you shouldn't have given your tarp away. Now I sound like Jeremy. Speaking of whom, he gives Julie a pep talk to keep her going because he needs her.

Immunity Challenge time! It's a good ol' run-obstacle-course, get-puzzle-pieces, solve-puzzle challenge. The main part of the obstacle course is rolling a giant cube, then climbing on top of the cube to get the puzzle pieces. Jeremy sucks at that last part, and Hunahpu falls behind.

As always, it all comes down to the puzzle. Jon has three pieces up for Coyopa before Josh and Reed have one up. But Josh and Reed are awesome, while Missy, who is helping Jon, is not. Hunahpu catches up and wins Immunity, again.

So will it be Keith or Dale going home? Because really, who else would it be? Now remember, Keith has a real Idol, and Dale has a fake one. Dale offers to give his "Idol" to Jon if Dale makes it through the vote. Hmm. That's an interesting idea. Especially since his idea is to get rid of Missy.

Jon says he needs to "think through all the pieces," which means he needs to talk to Jaclyn.

Missy wants to split the vote between Keith and Dale, so they can flush out Dale's Idol and maybe get rid of him if he's bluffing. But once again, it all comes down to what Jon and Jaclyn decide to do.

Tribal Council time! There's a whole lot of back and forth about who should vote with who; Keith is starting to look worried, as he should be. Dale and Baylor get into it again about who is more trustworthy. I don't think it's Baylor, based on past actions. And the person who raised her.

Votes are tallied, and Jeff calls for an Immunity Idol, but no one plays one (let's hope that was the right choice, Keith). First vote is for Dale, then one for Keith, then one for Missy. Then Dale and Keith are 2-2, but it's Dale who is going home. I'm relieved, but only because I like Keith more.

Next week: It's merge time, and now the claws are really going to come out.