Abi and Mike during the final days of camp.
Abi and Mike during the final days of camp.

The Final Five are back from Tribal Council (minus Carter) and Abi thanks the rest for keeping her. She can’t believe it, and frankly, I can’t either. I’ve been waiting about four episodes for her to go home. Of course, that means she’ll probably make it to the end. Abi thinks that she might have fooled the rest of the tribe with her fake Immunity Idol; um no, when you didn’t play it, that made it pretty obvious you don’t have one.

Malcolm no longer trusts Lisa because of her comments at the last Tribal Council about preferring to take someone to the final three that she can beat. And, as we all know, that is not Malcolm. Or Denise, probably. The problem is, with only five people left, there isn't a lot of room to maneuver.


The next day, Abi none-too-subtly announces that she's going into the woods; ostensibly to get water, but it would also be the perfect opportunity to hide the Immunity Idol that she doesn't have. No one at camp believes her.

Oh! I forgot Malcolm still has his Immunity Idol, and this is the last week to play it. Yay! He won't be blindsided this week.

And Abi is stirring up trouble again, trying to tell Lisa that Mike, Malcolm, and Denise are in an alliance together, and that Lisa is the odd man out. Given how close Lisa and Mike are, I wouldn't even try that tack, but Abi is not the most observant person. Lisa is humoring her, because she wants her vote in the final, and maybe to compete against (and win) in the final.

Reward Challenge time! This week it's a slide, untying rings, and then ring toss for a helicopter ride and some whale watching, and of course food. Although it would be awesome to see the Survivors sent on a reward challenge and not get any food. Mike takes an early lead, but gets hung up of the last ring, giving Malcolm a chance to catch up, but Mike manages to pull out the win.

Now Mike has to choose who to take. I don't think it's any coincidence that he gets to take two other people - that way he will only be leaving one person in his alliance back at the beach. He makes a smart decision, taking Malcolm because he picked Mike's son to stay, and Lisa because she's his closest ally, and alse because she would go insane if he didn't pick her. Denise takes the news gracefully, as she does, and Abi does not, as she does.

So Abi and Denise are back at camp by themselves, which is probably the most awkward pairing ever. Abi is put out at this evidence that she's at the bottom of the alliance, which, duh, Abi. Everyone has been pretty open that she's only around because they got rid of the bigger threats (Jonathan, Carter) that they liked better.  Poor Denise is just trying to get through the afternoon, despite wanting to gouge her eyes out and stab her eardrums rather than listen to Abi's constant litany of woes.

On the reward, we get to see what happens when Mike gets sugar. Apparently it's the same as someone else drinking. After pizza and soda, they get to go swimming with whales, and they get up close and personal with a whale shark (which I recognized right away, thank you Diego).

Malcolm takes the time to work on strategy while on reward. And ooh, he's considering cutting Denise out. A cold move, but he has a better chance in the final three with Lisa and Mike. I'd wait until Abi was gone, and take my chances that Denise won't win Immunity in the final four, and then let Lisa and Mike take the blame for her ousting. But that might be because I really, really, want Abi to go home tonight.

It looks like the next day, and Denise is not feeling well. She woke up with severe pain in her neck. What did Abi do to her while they were alone? Ooh, something nasty bit her on the neck. And then we get a list of all the things that could have bitten her. Yuck. Lisa and Mike and, it looks like Abi, pray over her while Denise cries. Oh, Abi is just pretending to pray, and instead thinking about how this increases her chances of winning at the Immunity Challenge. That's more like Abi.

Immunity Challenge time! Today's challenge is running along a rope bridge, collecting puzzle pieces along the way. First person to compete the puzzle wins. You only get two planks, which makes the challenge much harder than I first thought, and makes much more sense. It's a bit of a challenge to maneuver both the puzzle pieces and the planks. Malcolm falls off right before he's across the bridge, but he's got Immunity anyways.

Denise and Mike are the first to start with the puzzles, and I'd give Denise the edge there. The puzzle looks like a long maze that a ball will run through when put together properly. Denise almost has it, but then Malcolm makes a stellar comeback and wins it. Denise is set on voting off Abi, but what about everybody else?

So what will Malcolm do? I don't think he's giving himself enough credit. I think he's got a great chance of winning against Denise. Mike almost gets burned again when a pot rolls off the fire, and you'd think he'd be more careful after what happened last time he was on Survivor.

Abi is super whiny about going home, and is trying to berate Mike into keeping her, but he looks like he's gone to his happy place instead of listening to her barrage. But that doesn't mean he's not considering (and it's also what him, Malcolm, and Lisa talked about during the reward).

Mike goes to talk to Lisa about a final three of the two of them with Abi; she's totally for it. Malcolm and Denise are talking about what could happen, but they both seems pretty confident that Mike and Lisa will also vote for Abi. Malcolm states that he's not going to give his hidden Immunity Idol to Denise so his mom can have a cool souvenir. Dumb move. I wonder if he's hoping that Mike and Lisa will betray him and Denise, so that he gets rid of Denise without looking bad to the jury. I wouldn't put it past him to consider that.


Tribal Council time! Jeff starts right in about how people would be tempted to take Abi because no one likes her. Yikes; I detest Abi, but it's got to be a little harsh to hear all. the. time. I guess that it's lucky that she's got an enormous ego to protect her. Abi flat out states that Malcolm or Denise are going to win; when Jeff asks Mike his opinion, Abi interrupts and calls Mike both an idiot and a moron. I hope to Jeebus that he's not still planning on keeping her.

Lisa then fully admits, again, that keeping Abi would be in her best interests. I hope Malcolm is listening and gives Denise the Immunity Idol. Sigh. But he doesn't. But yay! It doesn't  matter, because Abi is going home. It's like an early Christmas present. I predict an angry, crazy speech from Abi during the final Tribal Council.

They also show Lisa, Mike, Malcolm, and Denise laughing as they walk out of Tribal Council. It's going to be so much more enjoyable around camp for the last three days.

This Sunday on Survivor (note the day change): It's finale time, and anything can happen.


Credits: Abi think she was targeted as the 'crazy latina'. No, you are crazy, and it's got nothing to do with being Brazilian.