'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X' recap: 'I Will Destroy You'

Remember last week on "Survivor," when Figgy went home? Yeah, that was awesome. Taylor doesn't agree with me, and is missing Figgy something fierce. I think he's also getting his first taste of being on the bottom of the tribe. What Taylor seems to have the hardest time grasping is that Adam did what was best for Adam, and not for Taylor and Figgy. Taylor's literally incredulous; it's called perspective, kid, you should get some.

Morning of Day 19 finds us at the Vanua beach, and David thinks they should get rid of Michelle next, but wouldn't put it past Chris to try and pull something. David decides to take Zeke into his confidence and tells him about his new Immunity Idol.


Reward Challenge time! The other two tribes are shocked that Figgy went home. Michaela can't hide a grin and flat=out says that it was time for Figgy to go home. She's not wrong.

The challenge today involves three balls wound around a pole, but up really high. The tribes have to work together to unwind them and then shoot the balls into a large basket. First tribe to win gets a chef to come to their camp and prepare a feast, which includes cheesecake. Second place gets an assortment of kabobs, but no chef and no cheesecake.


The teams start out pretty even, but Jay helps Ikabula take an early lead, while both Zeke and David contribute to Vanua falling behind. Oh, and once they get the balls in the basket, they have to work the ball through a really long net before they can shoot another one.

Vanua is much better at the second half of the challenge, with Chris getting all his baskets, and Zeke and Michelle making short work of the net. They move on to the last part of the challenge, where they have to balance the balls on top of a beam. Takali begins to catch up, but Vanua wins reward.

Ken is having problems with balancing the balls, Ikabula catches up, and Michaela manages to sneak past Ken for the win. Takali goes home with nothing.

Vanua arrives back at their camp and are greeted by their chef. Zeke is appreciating not having to watch what he eats, and his "inner fat kid," as he calls it, is also very happy. They all overeat (with perhaps the exception of Michelle) and the bodily noises coming from the guys afterwards is a little off-putting.

Over at Takali, Ken is talking about politics and Taylor really doesn't care. Jessica asks Taylor if Adam promised him and Figgy that he wouldn't vote for him, and Taylor claims Adam made that promise. Jessica is thinking that Taylor might be the better choice to keep, since Adam is a much more strategic player.

The next morning at Ikabula, they celebrate making it halfway through the game. And while they're all pretending everything is hunky dory, they all know that it only lasts as long as they keep winning. Hannah thinks Bret is lying about being a funeral director. Which he totally is, because he's really a police sergeant. She's not buying it, and she totally calls that he's a cop.

The Millennials talk about it, and they all agree that he's probably a cop. Jay doesn't appreciate the lying, so pretending to not be a cop might be a bigger problem for Bret than actually being a cop.

Immunity Challenge time! This week they have to throw coconuts into a net to reveal a combination, which then unlocks a slingshot, and then they have to knock down targets. I feel like they've been playing Mad Libs with the challenges again.


Takali is the first to get the combination, but the numbers are not necessarily in the right order. Adam is the first to unlock the slingshot, but Michaela is close behind. Vanua is still at the basket.

Takali and Ikabula are taking shots at the target, but Vanua can't get the slingshot unlocked. Takali gets three targets knocked down before Ikabula gets one. In fact, Michelle finally gets the target and Chris gets one before Ikabula.

Taylor does an awesome job with the targets, and Takali wins immunity. Ikabula and Vanua are fighting it out, and despite falling really far behind, Vanua gets the second immunity.

So Ikabula is finally going to Tribal Council. Can Michaela and Jay keep the Millennials together and vote out either Sunday or Bret? Or will the paranoia win? (I'm looking at you, Hannah.)

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Back at the Ikabula camp, everyone is literally sitting in a line in silence. It's nice that they all like each other, but this isn't how the game is played, which Sunday totally realizes. Bret and Sunday talk about whether they have any other options, but with a 4-2 split, the chances aren't looking good.

Michaela is literally doing a demonstration with shells to show how it doesn't matter who they keep if they play their numbers right. They decide to split the vote, and the girls will vote for Sunday and the boys will vote for Bret.


Her strategy is sound, but Jay is realizing how smart she is. Combine that with how good she is at challenges, and now she's got a big ol' target on her back. Jay talks to Will, and they both agree that she's a huge threat. They decide to get Bret and Sunday to vote for Michaela, and both agree that they shouldn't let Hannah in on the plan because she'll freak out. She would.

Tribal Council time! Michaela starts out talking about how great everybody on Ikabula is and how happy she is to be on this tribe. That might be horrible foreshadowing for her going home. I don't want her to go home. If she gets through tonight, she could win this whole thing.

There's a lot of talk of trust being thrown around, mostly by Jeff but also by Will, Michaela and Bret. Jay is giving some really strange facial expressions, which makes me worry for Michaela. Voting time! We see Hannah vote for Bret, but I thought she was supposed to vote for Sunday?

First vote is for Bret, as is the second. The next two are for Michaela, as is the third. She stops and asks Jay if he did that, and he full-out admits it. Hannah is as shocked as Michaela. Jeff reads out the last vote, and it's Michaela going home. She is super pissed at Jay, and there's a lot of bleeping going on. Jay looks like he feels horrible, but given her reaction I'm sure he's glad he did it before people start going on the jury.

Next week: It's time for the merge, and now Hannah has no idea who to trust. And oops, now Gen X is outnumbered. I guess you shouldn't have gotten rid of Michaela (which is exactly what Michaela says in her video goodbye).