'Survivor: Kaoh Rong' recap: 'The Devils We Know'

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"Survivor: Kaoh Rong" recap: The tribes are combined into two -- sort of.

At the start of this week's episode of "Survivor: Kaoh Rong," it’s morning over at the Brain tribe, and Joe hurt his finger at some point — it’s super swollen. Peter takes a look at it, but not because he’s a decent human being, but because he thinks it will help his case with his tribe.

I’m not super impressed, and neither is Neil. He decides to try and find the immunity idol to keep it out of Peter’s hands.

Neil does find the locked immunity idol box, but now he has to go find the key. He manages to find the tree the key is in, get it out and unlock the box without anyone seeing. He also finds out about the super idol — that you can combine two idols together and use it as a single idol after the votes are read.

Reward challenge time! Let’s see if anyone drops during this challenge. Or is it actually a challenge? Nope, we’re mixing the tribes up.

Everyone drops their buffs, and there are now going to be two tribes — sort of. There are six each of the yellow and blue buffs, and only one red. The person who draws the red buff has to go back to the Brawn beach and stay there by themselves, but they also won’t be up for elimination.

Julia gets the red buff. Blue (Chan Lo) is Jason, Debbie, Neil, Cydney, Nick and Michele. Yellow (Gondol) is Tai, Peter, Joe, Scot, Aubry and Anna.

Peter thinks he’s got an easy ride now because there are three former Brain members on his tribe, but I think he’s forgetting that no one from his tribe likes or trusts him. He makes the argument to Aubrey that they need to take out a Beauty member since Julia, a Beauty member, could be rejoining their tribe.

Over at the new Blue tribe (Chan Lo), Debbie is acting super welcoming, but she’s really just looking for an opening to make alliances. And her first choice is Cydney. Cydney is amenable to that, so Debbie moves on to Jason and tries to bring him into the fold, as well. Seems to work out — but the proof will be in the voting.

Over at the Yellow tribe (Gondol), Scot and Tai are bonding as Scot throws Tai up a tree and Tai runs around picking mangoes. Anna is trying to convince Aubrey and Peter that they should keep her instead of Tai if it comes down to it, like anyone would keep anyone else over Tai. He’s a treasure.

At Chan Lo, Nick is trying to align himself with Jason, and this is the most I’ve seen him talk all season. Jason sees himself and Cydney as the swing votes and is enjoying their position of power.

Then we check in with Julia over at the Brawn beach. And she’s not in good shape. She can’t stop shaking, and thinks she’s dehydrated. Since she’s alone, shouldn’t making sure she had water be the first thing she did? Instead of sleep? And she’s getting paranoid about what’s been going on while she’s been gone. Umm, it’s literally been a day. Relax.

Immunity challenge time — this time for real. Two people have to swim out and retrieve fish puzzle pieces, two more have to untie them once they are back on the beach, and the final two get to solve the puzzle. Scot pretty much does the first part by himself for Gondol (Aubry does nothing but swim there and back) and gets a good lead going. Cydney and Michele catch up untying the pieces and running them to the final stage, so both tribes are even going into the puzzle part.

But Neil and Debbie are crazy good at puzzles, and finish way faster than Anna and Peter. So now Gondol is going to Tribal Council, and Anna thinks it will either be her or Tai going home. I don’t think it’s going to be Tai.

Back at Gondol, Tai realizes people might be planning to vote for him, and wonders if he should be using his idol — he doesn’t want to go home with it in his pocket. Peter, Aubrey and Joe are discussing who to get rid of, and Peter argues to keep Tai because he’s a better provider and not as good of a player as Anna.

But Tai, Anna, and Scot are making their own plans. Tai shows his idol to Scot, and they plan to blindside Peter. Aubry tells Scot that they’re voting for Anna, so Scot tells Tai not to use his idol and save it to use later. Scot is hoping that Tai will combine it with Jason’s idol as a super idol, but Tai needs to get through tonight’s Tribal Council first.

Tribal Council time! Everyone flat out admits that it’s either going to be Anna or Tai. Peter says he can do what he wants because the former Brains members are in the power position. Oh, it would be great if he was going home tonight. That would make him 0-2 for bold statements at Tribal Council.

Voting happens, but then Tai does not use his immunity idol when asked and Anna looks very confused. There’s a reason for that, because Anna is the one voted out.

Next week: Debbie’s getting flirty, and Joe’s getting paranoid.

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