'Survivor: Kaoh Rong' recap: 'Kindergarten Camp'

We start out after Tribal Council on Night 3, and Alecia is glad to be there, but a little surprised that she is because everyone kind of smacked-talked her during Tribal. And according to Jason, it was really close. And the rest of the Brawn tribe might be regretting that decision, as she's already pissing them off.

Over at Beauty, Tai has no idea of where he stands in the tribe, but he knows that he did himself no favors looking for the idol last week. Doesn't stop him from doing it again. He just thinks he's being sneakier about. It totally works for him this time, though, as he finds the clue to the idol. He has to climb up really high to get a key, and he's scraping the heck out of himself and has to give up before he can reach it.


Brains has fire and is feeling good about winning the first challenge. Liz suggests they boil more water, which makes sense in the heat, but Debbie thinks she's being silly. Debbie thinks Liz wants to boil it because of the "organic chemicals," but Liz says it's more about the possible parasites. I'm with you, Liz.

Man, Debbie is full out Crazy. Like, she's making every other person I've called Crazy (with the capital "C") on this show look like reasonable people. And the rest of the tribe has noticed.

Over at Beauty, Tai is trying to bond with the rest of the tribe, and apparently his way of bonding is to flirt with Caleb. He's also been trying to cuddle with him at night, for "warmth." Caleb, bless his heart, doesn't see a problem with it. Caleb hunts and Tai love all living things. They are the "Survivor" Odd Couple. And then Tai kisses Caleb and Caleb laughs but turns bright red.

Back at the Brains tribe, they've managed to lose most of their kerosene because they didn't store it upright. They also got their matches wet. This is the Brain tribe, right?

Joe thinks he and Debbie are the only ones with any common sense, and I think he's alienating himself from the majority of the tribe. Liz doesn't win any points by being brought to tears that she can't boil water. I understand that dehydration is a real thing on "Survivor," but you shouldn't have a panic attack about it.

Brawn can't manage to start their fire, even with a flint. Unlike Debbie, they're not drinking unboiled water, so they're getting dehydrated and weak. Jason's sunburn has blistered, so that can't feel good. Alecia is the only one trying to make fire, literally for hours while the rest of the tribe sits around. At least they acknowledge her effort once it finally works.

Immunity Challenge time! We get a nice aerial shot of a large challenge set out over open water and also down a little river that runs on to the beach. It's a super long challenge. The tribes have to run down the river to retrieve giant logs, carry them through a series of obstacles, and then use a slingshot to knock down two targets. First tribe to finish gets immunity and fishing gear (including a boat), second place gets immunity and a smaller fishing kit (without a boat).

They start running through the water, and Caleb is off like a flash. He figured out the key to running in water is to get your up and out of it. Brawn and Beauty are the first to reach the Beach, and Debbie (who is sitting out for Brains) won't stop cheering.

Brawn and Brains get hung up getting the log through the obstacle. Beauty is the first to get to the slingshot, but their rope is too knotted up to go further and they get delayed, so Brawn is the first to shoot. Beauty is the first to make a hit, though, and Brains catches up and gets a hit before Brawn.

Beauty gets the big prize and Brains manages to come in second, which means Brawn is going to Tribal Council for the second week in a row.

And all that goodwill Alecia garnered herself by building the fire is gone, gone, gone the minute Brawn is back at camp. She's definitely on the chopping block and she knows it, so she's going to look for the immunity idol. Jason can't stop calling Alecia names, still won't refer to her as anything other than "Blondie," and jokes about feeding her spoiled food.

Jason thinks he's got a solid alliance, but it's amazing what being a royal jerk will do to that. Jen goes to talk to Alecia about getting rid of Jason. After, however, Jen wonders whether it's the right time. I think it would be nice to get rid of Jason, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Tribal Council time! Jeff tries to stir the pot, and Jen doesn't help her case any by totally admitting that things were up in the air. Cydney actually throws her hands up in frustration. Jen tries to backpedal, but Scott and Jason freak out on her. Maybe she'll go home.

Jen tries to pin the all-girl alliance on Alecia, but Alecia points out (rightly, I think) that it was Jen's idea, not hers. Jen flat-out says that Alecia is lying. Jason then finds out he was the one on the block, and that might just be the end of Jen. She tries to spin it the best she can, but you can hear the desperation in her voice. And then she actually stands up on her stool to plead with her alliance.


Voting time! First vote is for Jen, the next two are for Alecia — but it's Jen who is going home. Wow. That was the fastest crash and burn I have ever seen on "Survivor."

Next week: Debbie is Crazy some more and Brawn goes nuts looking for an idol.