'Survivor: Caramoan' recap, Blindside time

Erik Reichenbach and Brenda Lowe hang up their new tribe flag during "Blindside Time."
Erik Reichenbach and Brenda Lowe hang up their new tribe flag during "Blindside Time." (Monty Brinton / CBS)

At Bikal, after last week's Tribal Council, Michael is glad that he survived. Corinne gloats about getting to keep "her gay" which is gone beyond annoying and getting downright offensive. Phillip takes Corinne and Dawn aside and tells them about how he 'threw' the challenge so they had to go to Tribal Council. They believe it as much as Cochran did last week, which is to say, not at all.
Dawn is anxious about the upcoming merge, since this is when her game fell apart last time. I think that she's played a much better game this season, she's much less naïve than she was last time.
Over at Gota, there's a boat coming ashore. Which means, what? Merge? Yup, it's the merge. It's time to see how all of the alliances, old and new, are going to shake out. It's also the start of the individual game. But first they must eat and drink to excess. They decide that the single tribe should be Enil Edam, which some say means new beginning, but Malcolm admits is just his mom's name backwards.
Phillip and Andrea catch up, and Phillip is stressing out about the first vote, but Andrea isn't as worried, since the Favorites are up 8-4 over the Fans. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Corrine are also catching up, mainly Corinne talking about how much Phillip drove her nuts the whole time. But they agree that one of the Fans, namely Sherry should go first to solidify their numbers, and then Phillip will go because, well, no one can stand him.
Treemail time!

It's all about chewing, swallowing, and eating. They all think it's about eating disgusting stuff and, based on the preview from last week, they're right.
Immunity Challenge time!


I guess we're not having a reward this week because they got all the food when they merged? It's individual immunity from here on out, and this challenge is a series of elimination rounds until only two remain. They draw for positions, probably because some items are grosser than others.
The first item is live beetle larvae. And I would be done. I can't do bugs. Especially not moving ones. Andrea is the first one done, followed by Malcolm and Eddie. Erik keeps chewing after the challenge is over — I would have spit those suckers out the minute I lost. Second round is the same thing, and moving on is Cochran, Phillip, and Michael. The six winners have to eat shipworms, which are part of the clam family, and look like a bunch of slimy worms. Cochran is proving to be a champ at this, and he, along with Eddie and Malcolm move on to the second-last round.
Next round is balut, which are duck embryos. Eddie just keeps asking "Why, why?" I have heard of this being a delicacy, perhaps on another reality show. Cochran is the first done, by a long shot, and Eddie can't keep the balut down, so Malcolm finishes first and also moves onto the final round. The final round is brain, and Cochran barely edges Malcolm out to win the first individual immunity.
So now we're done the Immunity Challenge, and there is still half of the show left. Sigh. That means there's going to be a lot of strategerizing and shenanigans. Sigh. I have a low tolerance for that.
As soon as they get back to camp, Cochran has to crow about the fact that he beat golden boy Malcolm. And, as Malcolm points out, and I concur, Cochran had better enjoy it because it's probably not going to happen again. And while he's right, I'm not enjoying the more arrogant Malcolm we've been seeing this season.
Phillip and Corrine talk about who to vote out, and Phillip wants either Reynold or Eddie to go, which makes sense. But since Corrine needs them to help her get rid of Phillip next week, she'd rather get rid of Sherry this week. The rest of the Favorites don't seem to care which of the Fans go this week, but they also don't seem to realize how much hangs on how the vote turns out this week.
After talking to Corinne about her plans with the boys, Dawn decides to not make the mistake she made last season, and goes to Cochran to tell him what Corinne has planned. This was the best thing she could have done, because you can literally see the wheels in Cochran's head turning as he tries to figure out how to turn this around.
Now Cochran and Andrea are trying to figure out how to get the numbers they need to get rid of Corinne. Phillip is on board; he talks to Sherry about it, and she's willing to listen, even though she can't stand Phillip (don't worry, Sherry, no one can.)

Erik seems like he's the swing vote (and it seems like he is); he's been told by different people to vote for both Sherry and Corinne, and he claims that he has no idea what he's going to do. I didn't watch his season, but it seems like he either doesn't like the strategy part of "Survivor," or he's not very good at it.
Tribal Council time!

Jeff immediately points out that only Fans have gone home since they mixed up the tribes, which could be foreshadowing for a Favorite (Corinne) going home. But, as always, it's a lot of talking around in circles, because they aren't going to give anything away right before the vote. Although Corinne has a great quote from Mike Tyson "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face." Sherry admits that she doesn't think any of the fans have a chance. We'll see who is going home, because it's time to vote!
We see Phillip vote for Corinne, and Corinne vote for Sherry, which we knew was going to happen (and they're both obnoxious about it.) Andrea votes for Corinne, and Michael votes for Sherry (and both are much more gracious about it than the previous two.) The first five votes read are for Sherry, and both Malcolm and Corinne start looking smug, but the look gets wiped of their faces when the next six votes are for Corinne. 
And, indeed, Corinne is the person voted out. I think Cochran and Dawn (who I just realized that I'm rooting for) just dodged a bullet. If Corrine et al had managed to get rid of Sherry, it would have been the beginning of the end of Dawn and Cochran.
Next week: Malcolm is scrambling for his next move with Corinne gone, and Eddie flirts with Andrea.
Credits: Corinne didn't like anyone except for Michael and Malcolm, and realizes that she got blindsided before she got the chance to blindside them.

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