Yung "Woo" Hwang (left) and Trish Hegarty on "Survivor."
Yung "Woo" Hwang (left) and Trish Hegarty on "Survivor." (CBS)

It's a wet night after last week's Tribal Council, and Spencer is pissed that no one told him that they weren't going to vote Tony out. Tony thinks it's because they were toying with him, but the truth is that Kass (and possibly Woo) have figured out that no one likes Tony and they might stand a good chance to win against him in the final three.

Tony talks to Woo about the final three, and Tony is thinking about bringing him and Kass (although he's lying about taking Woo because Woo is so darn likeable) and Woo spills the beans about Kass totally agreeing with Spencer about getting rid of Tony. Bye Kass! Tony's crazy will be directed at you this week. I'm sure it will be full of vitriol and pointed comments about honor and integrity, even though Tony just admitted that he's planning on doing the same thing to Woo.


Reward Challenge time! It's the transport as much mud with only your body challenge (what? that's totally a thing on "Survivor.") Reward is pizza delivered to camp. Well, that will be awkward for everybody else. There's a whole lot of rolling in mud; the kicker to this challenge is that you can't carry any - it has be only be the mud that sticks to your body. Jeff is trying to call this, but it's impossible to tell who is winning - everybody is absolutely covered in mud.

When you look at the buckets, though, the winner is obvious; Tony's bucket is overflowing. He gets to choose one person to share with, and Tony picks Trish. Possibly so that they can talk strategy now that he's pissed at Kass, but possibly also because she's about three more days away from being a walking skeleton. Girl does not look healthy.

Back at camp, everyone is still covered in mud. Kass' hair has dried into a spiky mowhawk-type thing. Kass complains (because that's how she talks all the time - everything is a complaint) that it's obvious that Tony picked Trish because she's his right-hand man. Well, she is the only person left who hasn't considered voting him out.

As they scarf down pizza, Tony and Trish talk a little bit of strategy. Tony still has two Idols, but they have to be used now, before they get down to the final four. Tony's strategy is to try and convince everyone else that the 'special powers' the one Idol has is that he can use it for the final four.

Tony then goes to Kass and tells her that he knows about the almost-ousting last week. Kass thinks that Woo was stupid to tell Tony, but that Tony was also stupid to tell her. So then she goes and tells Woo that Tony told her what Woo told him (this is getting exhausting to recap.) Woo immediately denies it, but Woo is a terrible liar.

Tony is pissed off that Kass is talking to Woo about what they talked about, so Kass (or Kaos Kass as she likes to refer to herself) also admits that Tony promised her and Trish the final three. Tony loses his mind, just like Kass expected him to. It would be nice if Woo, Kass and Spencer could get together and get rid of Tony, but with the two Idols it's not going to be easy.

Kass tries to talk to Tony after the big blowup, but Tony is totally hurt and offended, and he won't talk to her. Kass tell Woo that Tony promised her on his wife and baby, and Woo looks really, really hurt that Tony lied to him. Woo can't understand why Tony wouldn't take him to the final, and Spencer and Kass have to explain to Woo that he's just too darn likeable.

The three of them agree that if they can't get rid of Tony, then they need to get rid of Trish. Kass refers to her as a 'goat' (sacrificial, I assume). Unfortunately, Trish overhears them and is pissed. Based on last week's previews, this is not the last we will hear of this.

Immunity Challenge time! Braided rope gets untangled to release a key, which give you ladder rungs, which leads to a staircase that needs to be built, and of course, a puzzle at the end, this time a slide puzzle (I hate those). There are so many parts to this challenge that it's really anybody's game.

Tony is the first to finish the braided rope part, but it's a long challenge. But then Tony is the first one done the ladder part, as well, but Spencer is racing to catch up while the rest fall behind. Tony gets to the puzzle way before anyone else, but by the looks of things, he sucks at slide puzzles (I am also horrible at them, so I can't blame him for that.)

Tony is still struggling, moving pieces around like mad while Spencer actually thinks about what moves he needs to make (which you totally have to do with slide puzzles, which is why I suck at them; see also: Rubik's Cube). And you know what? Spencer manages to win Immunity even though Tony had a huge lead going into the end. Yay Spencer.

Back at camp, Tony admits that he sucks at puzzles. Spencer is waiting for the alliance of four to turn on each other, and he doesn't have to wait long. Trish almost immediately turns on Kass, asking her if Kass thinks that Trish is stupid. See, Trish realizes that Kass likes to get people pissed off and fighting with each other, but she doesn't see that Kass has managed to do it to her.

Trish is getting really personal, and even Tony realizes that it's getting out of hand and takes Trish away so she can calm down. Woo goes with them to talk about strategy. Tony is mad scrambling to get Woo back on his side, but I don't know if Woo can see through it or not. He promises on everything that he can think of that he will take Woo and Trish to the final three, and I believe him - only because he's out of other options.

Woo thinks it's time for a big move, but he's been saying that for three weeks now, and he's done nothing. Kass agrees with me, and doesn't know if she can trust Woo when he says that he wants to get rid of Trish. Woo flat out says that he will vote out Trish, but it looks like Tony is spying on them, but I don't think he can hear them. I can see their plan - they can't get rid of Tony now, because of the Idols, but they can get rid of his ally, and then get rid of him in the final four when there aren't any Idols.


Tribal Council time! Kass tries to call out Trish for being mean, and Trish essentially calls her a professional victim, which is completely accurate. Nothing is ever Kass' fault. Woo tries his hand at strategy, and lumps Kass together with Spencer, while the three Brawn are also together. Then there's a bunch of back and forth with Tony and Kass, but I've already recapped that, so I'm not recapping their recap of it.

But I will recap Woo's assessment of their dysfunctional tribe, with Tony as the father, Trish as the mother, Kass as the sister, and Spencer as the brother, Woo as the foreign exchange student stuck in their crazy house.

Tony beings out both his Idol's, and tries to alude that he will be able to use the second one later, but he's using the regular one now.  Time to vote, and when voting is done, doesn't use the regular Immunity Idol, but just gives it to Jeff. Why didn't he give it to Trish if he wasn't going to use it?

And then Trish totally gets voted out, and Tony loses what looks like his closest ally. Or did he just gain a guaranteed jury vote?


Next week: It's the season finale, and everybody is losing their minds. Some more.