'Survivor Cagayan' recap, 'Chaos is My Friend'

Latasha "Tasha" Fox competes for Immunity.

It’s night 28, and things are a little subdued after Tribal Council. Jefra tries to explain why she didn’t make her big move. Kass talks a bunch of smack about Spencer that isn’t really warranted. Spencer laments the fact that he wasted his Idol, but that’s still better than being sent home without playing it.

Treemail time. They get wallets of money, because it's time for the "Survivor" auction. Tony is already planning ahead to use his money not for food, but for whatever advantage that might be up for bid. Spencer is also totally all over that, and, frankly, he needs it more.


Auction time, and here are the rules: everyone has $500, you can’t pool money, and you can’t share what you win. Trish wins the first item, popcorn, pop and candy, for $80. I think the rest of them are holding out for protein. The second item stays covered, but Jefra buys it for $100 anyway; she lucks out and gets a quesadilla with salsa and guacamole, as well as a margarita. The next item also remains covered, and Kass wins it for $20 because everybody is suspicious of a second covered item.

But wait -- it doesn't stop there! Jeff gives her the chance to switch to another covered dish. She sticks with what she bought, and she's rewarded with a steak sandwich and an iced tea. Trish pays $60 for what Kass passed up, and it's rice and a glass of water.


We (and they) get to see what’s next: ribs and a beer. Woo gets it for $40. This is super low bidding for a "Survivor" auction. Woo is thoroughly enjoying the ribs, and it’s just about killing Spencer. But he, Tony and Tasha are all waiting for the advantage.

The next item is what they're waiting for; but in typical "Survivor" fashion, there's a catch. If the bidding goes to the maximum, then anyone else can opt in for $500, but they're not playing for the advantage, they're playing for the chance to draw rocks to get the advantage. Tony and Spencer are immediately in, while Tasha opts out. Tony wins the advantage

The aftermath of the auction means some very tired people. Tony is feeling like a martyr because he gave up food for the clue. But’s it’s a pretty explicit clue to another Idol, so he can just shut up about it.

Unfortunately, Tony is having trouble finding a big white tree, under which the Idol is hidden. He's marching up under the guise of collecting firewood, while all the girls watch from the water. Tony is annoyed that the girls don't do any work, and Spencer tries to take advantage of that with Tony. He tries to plant the seed of an all-girl alliance to get Tony's paranoia going (it doesn't take much.)

Kass thinks that her alliance is solid and that, for once she’s got nothing to worry about. That’s as dangerous as me saying that I like a certain player -- it never ends well. Tony is getting more and more annoyed about the girls not pulling their weight, so he goes off in search of the big white tree. This time he finds it, and the Immunity Idol. Gah. I can’t stand him, but he is playing really well.

Tony decides to show his alliance the new Idol he found, while keeping the super-cool one (the one that he can play after the votes are announced) hidden. I begrudgingly admit that is a good move.

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Immunity Challenge time! Today’s challenge involves digging up bags of balls in the sand,  then running them through a table maze. First person to get all five through the maze wins. Tony, Woo and Tasha are the first to get all the bags uncovered and start untying them, but Tasha is the first to get to the maze, and has two through before Tony, Spencer and Woo even get to the maze.

Woo catches up to Tasha at one point. It comes down to the last ball, but Tasha pulls it off again, winning her third-straight Immunity.


As soon as Tasha and Spencer go to get water, the five start talking about voting Spencer off. Tony doesn’t want to vote off Spencer, in case the girls do decide to band together. Tony decides that it should be Jefra, since she was willing to consider getting rid of him last week. Woo agrees with him, and they decide to try and get Spencer and Tasha on board.

Spencer and Tasha are on board, but Spencer doesn't trust Tony, so he decides to look for the special Idol that he doesn't know that Tony already has. This sets off Tony's paranoia alarm (Whoop! Whoop!) and he starts to doubt Spencer.

Tribal Council time! Spencer admits that he is completely helpless. Tony tells the whole room that Spencer brought up the idea of the girls teaming up, so he’s using his Immunity Idol so that he doesn’t get blindsided. Not sure why he’s playing it now, but whatever. It’s time to vote. We see Kass vote for Spencer, and Spencer vote for Jefra.

So has Spencer eked out another week against all odds? Or is he finally going home? Well, he did it again, because it's Jefra going home. She takes is as pleasantly as, well, she does everything.

Next week: Tony loses his mind. Again. Some more.