Is this the world's happiest or most miserable dolphin?
Is this the world's happiest or most miserable dolphin? (MTV)

I thought that this episode should have been named something like "Crocodiles, Monkeys and Deer, Oh My!" Take that down, MTV!

Because honestly, that was the only entertaining part of the episode for me.


Imagine spring break in Cancun: the blue water, the beach, the drinking, the partying, your friends and you having a great time. Now, add a pregnant Snooki, and it cancels out all of that, except the beach maybe, and the friends.

Now, I love Snooki. I do!  I actually had a friend JUST like her and loved her, but damn, is she the most miserable pregnant woman EVER? She doesn't want to lie out in a bikini because she thinks people will think she is just fat. She doesn't go in the water and she can't drink so she doesn't want to go out at all.  She pouts and throws fits the entire time and made JWOWW, her friend, and Ryder miserable.

Granted, I am not sure if Cancun was a great idea for a pregnant chick, especially during spring break, but plenty of pregnant chicks still find a way to live their lives and have fun during those nine months. It's like JWOWW said – "Pregnancy is not a handicap."

{End Rant}  So to the fun parts, which I really did enjoy!

On "Snooki's Day" the girl's went to the zoo, where she insisted on taking Crocadilly (her stuffed crocodile) to meet its parents. Jenni, trying to get into the experience, bought all the girls crocodile visors, despite the fact that you find out she is deathly afraid of the things!

After all these years of Snooki having Crocadilly at the Jersey Shore, I guess it took being around a live one for JWOWW to expose her fear to the world.

The girls also had fun with wild monkeys, promiscuous iguanas and a stampede of deer. "Reindeer?" Snooks asked? No, just regular, wild deer.

They went out to a nice, Italian dinner — yes, in Mexico — and saw an awesome fire show which Jenni called "dope."

Then they went to a nightclub and were doing shots and dancing while Snooki sat there looking miserable. Everyone's favorite slutty friend, Ryder, even offered to give her a lap dance to cheer her up, and she turned it down.  Now I KNOW that means she is over it.

The girls all got up for a bathroom break and left Snooki who didn't want to fight the crowd (understandable) and a fight broke out! Jenni got an elbow to her eye and Snooki almost started crying at their table because she knew she shouldn't be there pregnant, and how horrible it would be if she got hit and something happened to the baby. After that, Snooki wanted to go so the girls left.

The next day they swam with dolphins which was totally cool and exactly what Snooks wanted to be doing.  Jenni was amazed at how well they were trained considering she can't even get her two dogs to go to the bathroom all over her apartment.

Another beautiful dinner out and Snooki was ... I bet you will never guess!  Yep.  Miserable.  Then the girls make drinks and are getting ready to go and Snooki says she is not going out and calls her Dad.  The episode ends with her crying to her dad saying, "I don't think I want to live with Jenni anymore"

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN.  My guess?  The hormonal guidette will get some sense talked in to her by Papa Polizzi, will have a good cry into Jenni's boobs, make up and have a BLAST after all. We shall see…

Things I Learned on this week's episode of "Snooki and JWOWW":


Cancun is NOT an island (I did not learn from them but from Google) … (yes, I googled it!) [face palm]

You do NOT get a tan from fire, you need the sun and UV rays and stuff ... duh.

There is a moon in every country because there is only one moon.

Like the theme song says over and over, and over again … I don't care, I love it!

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