'Scandal' recap, Edison's shocking accusation

President Fitz is back.
President Fitz is back.(Richard Cartwright/ABC)

President Fitz is back. Well at least he's awake. At the end of last week's episode he finally opened his eyes after being in a coma from the assassination attempt during his birthday soiree. What a horrible birthday present.

Olivia Pope heads to her apartment to find her current man friend Senator Edison Davis sitting on her couch. He begins to question her about the status of their relationship and what is going on with them. Olivia attempts to assure him that everything is fine.


Edition infers that Olivia and President Fitz had a relationship together because that is the only reason she would be stupid enough to defile the United States and participate in covering up Mellie forging of the document to reinstate the him.

Outraged Olivia tells Edison that he is basically calling her, "a criminal, a whore an idiot and a liar."


Edison tells Olivia that she forgets how well he knows her and knows when she is lying. He informs her that the current President Sallie Langston is holding a meeting to call into question the authenticity of President Fitz's reinstatement letter.

The show then cuts to one of its infamous flashbacks.

Fitz is on the campaign trail during the Presidential debates. He's not doing well against his opponent and is pegged to lose the election if he can't rally more support behind him.

Oil tycoon Hollis Doyle brings up the idea of rigging the election to Olivia, Cyrus Beene and Verna Thornton, who is vying for the Supreme Court justice position.

Mellie then suggests that they bring Fitz's father, a former governor and senator, onto the campaign to help with the election.

Fitz is opposed to the idea and Mellie tells Olivia that it is her job to convince Fitz to let his father help. During a sexual rendezvous between Olivia and Fitz, she manages to convince him that his father's experience is his best asset and to bring him onto the campaign.

Back in the present, Fitz gets a diagnoses from his physician that they are not sure the extent of the damage he suffered from his injuries and could face dizziness, irritability and an inability to make decisions.

Acting President Sally Langston is sitting in the White House amongst senators explaining that Fitz's letter of reinstatement was premature and prepared a document to deny Fitz the right to re-assume the presidency pending his injuries.

Midway through her sentence in walks Fitz, all of the senators applaud his recovery and are glad to have him back.

While Fitz is on his feet and moving, inside he is tired, weak and disoriented. He pushes for Mellie and Cyrus to let him hold a press conference to assure the American people that he is ready to reassume his role as their president.

Flashing back to the election trail, Fitz's father emerges during Fitz's debate pep. He pushes for Fitz to add some charm to his persona, give a good anecdote and win over the American people. Charm and wit is how you win an election Fitz.

Hollis Doyle is still unsure that Fitz has what it takes to win the election and asks Olivia, Mellie, Cyrus and Verna to agree to rig the election. Everyone is in with Mellie gaining the title of first lady, Cyrus would become chief of staff and Verna would gain the spot of Supreme Court justice. But what would Olivia gain? Other than become the mistress of the President of the United States.


Fitz is resistant to bring his father down to the next set of debates in Florida. He calls out his father's infidelity with hookers. It looks like the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree after all.

A drunk and enraged Fitz then gets in the elevator with Olivia where he tries to force himself on her. Olivia tries to push him away and when the elevator doors open, Mellie sees Fitz trying to kiss Olivia.

Startled Mellie apologizes to Olivia for his behavior as Fitz rushes off the elevator. It looks like all Mellie really cares about his the role of first lady. Anything to win, right Mellie?

Olivia then brings on Abby, Harrison and a disheveled, ungroomed and hairy Huck onto the campaign trail to dig up dirt on Fitz's opponent. When they find nothing, Hollis knows it's time to rig this election.

In the present, Fitz prepares for his press conference while flashback Fitz prepares for the last leg of the presidential debates.

Prepping for the debates, Olivia tells Fitz that she needs to show the American people who is is because they have no idea. Don't tell them what they want to hear, but be truth.

During the present conference one of the journalist asked Fitz if he will have PTSD or any injuries that will impact his brain function.

Fitz pauses and takes a sip of water. He replies that he is fine and during both his debate speech and current press conference assures the American people that being human just like they are is his biggest strength. "Weakness is our strength. It's what makes us human... our humility."

That evening Edison shows up at Olivia's apartment. He apologizes for everything and asks her to marry him. Great, Edison, you call her a liar and a whore then ask for her hand in marriage. You clearly have great taste.

Cut to Mellie and Fitz. Mellie is beyond excited that Fitz has been reinstated and asks him what he wants next.

"A divorce," he replies.

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