'Scandal' recap, 'Where the Sun Don't Shine'

Kerry Washington in a scene from Thursday's episode "Where the Sun Don't Shine."
Kerry Washington in a scene from Thursday's episode "Where the Sun Don't Shine." (Tony Rivetti / ABC)

Olivia Pope is over her parents. Like, totally done. After their plan to capture Rowan went south, Fitz, Liv and Jake search all of his hideouts.

In the process, they find Maya Pope/Marie Wallace in the B613 torture hole. (Side note: After months in the hole, how is her hair still straightened? Did they have a stylist come down there twice a month with a flat iron?)


They take Marie to an interrogation room and grill her with questions about Rowan's whereabouts. Of course, she knows nothing and besides, she's too busy trying to manipulate Liv. She tries to play on her sympathies by asking her if she saw the hole where Rowan held her.

When Fitz threatens her, Marie reminds him that her daughter is Olivia Pope and that they will sue them, quick as anything. Olivia says that she hasn't been charged, which gives Marie a flash of hope.


That hope quickly dies when Olivia tells them to charge her for murder, terrorism and treason and to find her father and kill him. See what I mean? Over it.

Huck is so distraught over the fact that Javi saw him murder a man (I mean, he took him to a stakeout … how did he expect things to go?) that he throws away all caution and traces the kid's cell to his home. Kim, Huck's ex-wife, is furious and creeped out when she realizes that Huck has been contacting their son without her knowledge.

She thought Huck abandoned them, he's acting very unstable and she doesn't want to confuse Javi or put him danger. She also doesn't believe anything Huck's told her about B613 or OPA. Huck genuinely loves both of them, which only underlines the fact that Rowan Pope is evil and he needs to pay for his crimes.

Just as Quinn brings Liv up to speed about Kubiack, Elizabeth North and Andrew Nichols, Elizabeth strolls into OPA, furious because she got a second opinion about her phone and discovered that it had been bugged by Cyrus. Shockingly, Liv basically tells Elizabeth everything she knows, bringing up her connections to prostitutes, murderers and the VPOTUS.


Liv rushes to Cyrus's office to clue him in, but Elizabeth has already put things into motion. Abby just got a call from the Times about "sexy-time photos" of Cyrus. Olivia briefs Fitz, Mellie, Abby and Cyrus's aide who's name I can remember about Elizabeth, Michael and Andrew Nichols.

Mellie's head shoots up when Olivia mentions Andrew's affair with Elizabeth. Poor Mellie. Even her side boo is unfaithful and awful. She deserves better.

After the bombing of the VP's car, Fitz feels that military action is necessary in order to deal with the terrorists in West Angola. Now that Cyrus's dirty laundry is national news, things are looking bad for the Grand administration.

David Rosen is going to have to look into it, which is a problem because Cyrus deleted all of his texts and emails once he found out what Michael was up to. It's not illegal, but it won't look good and will lead to months of subpoenas and congressional hearings.

Fitz agrees that they should fight it (honestly, the only thing decent about him is his loyalty and respect for Cyrus) and Liv comes up with a plan: marriage. Michael and Cyrus will sign a marriage contract and Michael will be guaranteed $1 million per year, unless he violates any of the rules stated in the contract, which would mean paying a penalty of $1 million.

Michael balks at the idea of Cyrus "owning" him and Cyrus snarks back, "As opposed to just renting?" I, personally, guffawed.

Marriage is the only way to stop this from being another D.C. sex scandal, and Michael agrees. Cyrus is suspicious of Michael and upset about the marriage. He spent 40 years in the closet, and in his life, only slept with two men.

One was James (WE MISS YOU!) and the other, Michael the lying prostitute/spy. He refuses to marry Michael out of respect for James's memory.

Jake is busy making literal back-alley deals to get footage from the restaurants cameras in order to track down Rowan. Just as he pays for the tape, a man pops up and shoots at him. Of course, Jake wins the shootout. He searches the body and finds a playing card with his photo and name where the "king" should be.

He goes to show Huck and Quinn because it's a B613 "kill card." It's the shutdown process for B613. Every operative, including Quinn and Huck, is now considered a loose end and is in danger.

Rowan's using that weird numbers station to call agents home and kill them. Jake has Huck run the plates of Rowan's town car and Quinn goes to warn Charlie about the shutdown.

Of course, Creepy Charlie takes that to mean that she likes him and they end up having sex in the car.

Huck's got an update on Andrew and Elizabeth. By tracking their cell phones, or something, he's discovered that they were both at Jeremy Winslow's law firm the night that Caitlin died.

Quinn suggests finding out whom the firm billed for the meeting, but Huck already hacked into the system and nothing. They need to get into the actual firm, which Quinn decides to do by cutting off one of Kubiack's fingers to use for the firm's fingerprint check. She's getting grosser by the day.

Jake drops off a gun for Liv and warns her about the kill cards. She's a loose end, just like the other agents. He offers to run away with her again, but she tells him that "the sun went down and its not coming back up."

Elizabeth and Andrew meet in his office. They don't know that Kubiack's dead and Fitz hasn't declared war. Folks are pushing for Cyrus's resignation, though. He tries to hand Fitz his resignation letter, but of course, Fitz doesn't want to accept it. Eventually, he does.

David has subpoenaed Abby and some other folks, accusing them of helping Cyrus to destroy evidence. He needs Abby’s alibi for the night of March 25th and of course, her alibi is Leo Bergen. David’s hurt, but what can you do?

After stupidly sleeping with Charlie another time, Quinn finds her own kill card in a bundle of his clothes. She confronts him and they get into a pretty great fistfight. Rethinking my anti-Quinn stance now.

Huck gets a tip on Rowan's whereabouts and Jake tries to track him down. Of course, it's a dead end. Rowan's at Liv's house when she gets home, creepily drinking her wine in the dark and reminiscing about the first time he played her Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life."

She tries to kick him out, but he pulls a gun on her to get her to sit. Naturally, he's upset that she called for him to be killed, but she knew he would never leave her alone because he doesn't have a life without her.

He starts in on one of his rants and she takes the opportunity to steal his gun. It's tense and it takes some time for her to pull the trigger. She finally does, but the gun isn't loaded. It was a test to see if she'd be willing to kill him.

Olivia's parents and their mind games. Sheesh. Thankfully, he leaves.

Charlie and Quinn are done fighting and have a heart-to-heart. His grandma died and she blames him for ruining Huck's life. Turns out, he's the one who stole the B613 from Jake's storage unit for Rowan. He kept a few files and he offers to give them to Quinn so that Huck can prove the truth to Kim.

Liv grills her mother for answers about her father, but Marie tells Olivia that she's truly her father's daughter. Olivia almost breaks, but she has way too much to deal with.


For one, she needs to go visit Cyrus. He's packing up to go to Europe in disgrace. Liv gives Cyrus one of the tough love-filled pep talks that he's been known for.  It's sweet, a little funny and it reminds you just how close he and Olivia's relationship really is.


At first, he gets upset, but it works. He decides to marry Michael, after all, giving a sappy TV interview about the engagement. He also takes back his resignation.

With help from Cyrus, Fitz has decided not to go to war and of course, Elizabeth is fuming. She goes to confront Mellie, but Mellie calls her out about Andrew and warns Elizabeth not to cross her.

Quinn and Huck find out that the firm's client was "Waco, Inc." Quinn figures out that it stands for "West Angolan Commercial Organization." Winslow's law firm manages their American assets. The bombing? Andrew was totally in on it. He confronts Fitz about refusing to go to war after his car was bombed, but Cyrus was right in advising him against it.

Jake tries to talk to Olivia about her father, but she makes him dance with her instead. It's incredibly cute and Jake ends up telling Olivia that he loves her. She admits that she wants Vermont with Fitz … but she also wants the sun with Jake. She's not choosing either of them.

She's choosing Olivia and she's choosing to dance. He kisses her and they decide to have sex on top of the piano. Jake leaves the room to go get a pillow and blanket and when he returns to the room, Liv is gone.

People hired by Andrew and the other conspirators had kidnapped her. They REALLY want Fitz to agree to wage that war in Angola and they knew that Olivia was the only person the POTUS truly cares about.

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