'Revenge' recap, what's going on with The Initiative?

Though they managed to avoid Hurricane Sandy, it has certainly been a busy two weeks in the fictional Hamptons.

While the real Hamptons were taking a beating from the outside forces of nature (as did this blog, which had to take a hiatus as a result), "Revenge" Hamptons is becoming unraveled from the inside, as the characters continue to scheme against each other, and one may have finally connected the dots.


Amazingly, Amanda and baby Carl survived the fall, with barely a scratch, and seem to be out of the hospital in record time. Even more amazingly, Amanda looks better than ever, and is even dressing cuter than in her pre-pregnancy days. She is busier helping Emily scheme than ever before. Could she be having reverse baby brain and actually be getting smarter? Pregnancy and child birth have definitely worked in her favor.

In an effort to be closer to her daughter, Kara decides to stick around the Hamptons. And where better to stay than with the Graysons, and the woman who had an affair with your husband? Because both Kara and Victoria are so self-involved that they can't imagine anyone else could have ulterior motives, this doesn't strike either of them as odd.


I can't quite figure out Kara's end game, and more importantly, her IQ. I can't tell if she is doing a great job at playing the dumb girl, or she might just really not be that smart. She IS Emily's mother, so of course she has something up her sleeve, but whether she has Emily's conniving spirit to gather her revenge (especially with the belief that Conrad killed Gordon) has yet to be seen.

She casually mentions to Emily on the beach that the Graysons will "get what's coming to them. People like that always do," not realizing that she is talking to someone who is working hard to ensure they get what is coming to them.

Aiden is another character whose end game I can't read — especially after Emily shoots him down. If I ever want to burn someone, I hope I can remember her line, "I needed someone, you walked through the door. Don't let it go to your head." Later in the episode Aiden replies with an equal zing, "You'll soon find out I make a far better partner than enemy," which I don't doubt for a second. Also, who would want that accent in enemy territory? Aiden is now working with Daniel to take over Grayson Global, which Emily doesn't realize she is assisting in as she takes down Conrad.

The Stowaway reopened, so now we can all cross our fingers that Mr. Ryan quickly tricks the Porter boys into giving him the bar, which shouldn't be so hard as their common sense levels seem to be dropping as quickly as Amanda's rises. Speaking of Amanda, Jack has finally proposed. I officially give up on the Porter boys.

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Shortly after making their engagement agreement, the Graysons are getting married. Charlotte stands on her soap box and announces she can't be there to support a fake love — and how could she, when she has fallen back in love with Declan?

Charlotte has been a little melodramatic lately, but then we remember she is a teenager, and isn't that what teenagers are supposed to do? I was finally starting to like her, so I'm hoping she either brings up Declan's storyline, or drops him like he's hot before she gets sucked down in his bad decisions.

Of course the wedding can't go off without an appearance by the Hamptons Police — and what do you know, Conrad has been framed for Gordon Murphy's murder! Ever the romantic, Victoria visits Conrad in jail without even changing out of her Vera Wang dress — though I want to hate this, it is actually quite believable that Victoria would only wear couture, no matter what the occasion.

Ashley references knowing that Aiden and Emily go back a while – what else does this girl know? Is she actually a smart girl disguising herself as a gold digger pretending to be hard working? My head is spinning at the thought that the writers are adding ANOTHER TWIST. Seriously, we have too many storylines this season!


Last week's episode also brought the return of Mason Treadwell, because if this show needs something, it's certainly another loose storyline. How he manages to just appear places — particularly inside the Graysons' house — continues to baffle me, because, don't they have security? Even though everyone on the show seems to despise him, he manages to make himself a fixture in everyone's life, and now we will surely be seeing him everywhere, kind of like Paris Hilton in her hey-day.

Unlike Paris Hilton, however, Mason Treadwell is paying close attention to everyone — and seems to have finally put the dots together.

One dot I can't fit into the puzzle: The Initiative. I have so many questions about this group, and that mysterious lady. Of all the mysteries and questionable motives in this show (and there are a lot at this point), this has got to be the biggest, especially since we now know they have something big planned.