Real Housewives of Potomac recap: A rabbi, an olive branch and a new housewife

Sunday on Bravo is now called #ShadySunday and in Episode 2 of "The Real Housewives of Potomac," the shade was thrown over 100 mph. It starts where we left off last week: at Charrisse's crab boil, where Karen and Charrisse are insulted by Gizelle's lack of etiquette.

Crab boil: At the crab boil, Gizelle pulls Charrisse aside to talk about the drama. Charrisse says Kal, the hairstylist who Gizelle brought over, insulted her because he said he wanted to fix Charrise's hair. If a professional hairstylist said he wanted to fix my hair, I would have been grateful, but again, this is "The Real Housewives of Potomac" and not North Bethesda. Gizelle decides to leave the party and brings Kal with her. While exiting, Kal and Karen exchange words. Karen says, "Aren't you the help? Don't tell a guest to shut up." I don't understand Karen. She's insulted because someone sat in her seat but isn't fazed by degrading or demeaning people? Karen says that Gizelle "left her etiquette in Baltimore." Not only was there a snowstorm in Baltimore this weekend — there was a shade-storm brought by Karen. If Karen and Charrisse think Kal is insulting, they clearly didn't watch Jim Marchese on "Real Housewives of New Jersey."


Aunt Dot visits: Karen's husband's aunt Dot is visiting. Karen wants Aunt Dot to teach Gizelle about etiquette. One of Aunt Dot's etiquette rules is that when tea is served, it should be "piping hot when sent to the table or else it will be returned." I wasn't aware it's appropriate to burn your guests' tongues. Aunt Dot reiterates to Karen's daughter how education is very important. Amen. Karen wants her daughter to major in something specific so she gets paid well. So she shouldn't major in journalism.

The baby-naming ceremony: Attention everyone: Katie is Jewish, and not a "bagel and cream cheese Jew," as she says. A rabbi comes over to Katie's house to plan her daughters' baby-naming ceremony. For those who aren't familiar with this custom, it's when Jewish kids are given their Hebrew name. (Mine is Ruth in case you were wondering.) Katie talks about being biracial and how there aren't many people who are black and Jewish. She says the only ones she knows of are Sammy Davis Jr. and Lenny Kravitz. Um, what about Drake? Clearly Katie hasn't seen Drake's opening monologue from when he hosted "Saturday Night Live." Fast-forward to the baby-naming ceremony. There is a beautiful deli platter spread. I wonder if it's from Potomac Village Deli, which has catered many of the Evans' social gatherings, including my graduation party. Gizelle shows up late. She didn't know that Jewish events start on time and thought they were "running like back people and had a courtesy of being 45 minutes late." One of the daughters' Hebrew names is Nava, which was the name of my Jewish youth group chapter. After the ceremony, Katie, Robyn, Gizelle and Katie's friends have a discussion about being women of color and Katie and Robyn discusses what it is like being biracial. Katie talks about what it's like to be half black and Jewish. When the housewives aren't discussing the etiquette rulebook, I like the deep conversations they have. Racial identification is an important topic and I appreciate an honest conversation about it.


Sip with Socialites: Katie, Gizelle and Robyn go to a charity event called "Sip with Socialites." The money from the bar tab goes to charity. At this event we are introduced to new housewife Ashley Darby. Gizelle calls Ashley's behavior "THOTish" which stands for "that [expletive] over there," when Ashley talks about her husband's penis.

Meet Ashley: Her tagline is "throw this spring chicken into the cougar's den and let the games begin." Ashley Darby is 26 years old. She makes Meghan King Edmonds from "The Real Housewives of Orange County" seem old. She lives in Arlington, Va., but is originally from from Sandy Spring. She attended the University of Maryland, so I'm starting to think Bravo should start a new franchise titled "The Real Housewives of College Park." She was Miss District of Columbia and her husband is 55 years old. Reminds me of Erika from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Ashley and her husband are working on opening a restaurant. She's also planning for a baby and wants him or her to be born as a Gemini or a Libra.

The lunch: Gizelle wants to apologize to Charrisse and Karen and talk about what happened at the crab boil. Before the lunch, she sits with her daughters and writes letters to invite the ladies to the lunch, to teach her daughters a lesson about how to handle friendships. Gizelle sends a car for Charrisse and Karen to bring them to lunch and brings them flowers. Yet Gizelle's kind gesture is not enough for Charrisse and Karen. They are still insulted by Gizelle's behavior. In case you forgot, they are insulted that Gizelle sat in Karen's seat, that her hairdresser said he would do Charrisse's hair, and that he and Gizelle walked upstairs. Charrisse says Gizelle and Kal were acting as if they were in a "Tyler Perry play." In her side interview, Gizelle says that if this were a Tyler Perry movie Charrisse would be Madea. Karen says she did a background check on Kal because he pointed to his muscles and she felt uncomfortable. Charrisse leaves and says she is repulsed by Gizelle's face. Karen thinks it's immature that Gizelle wrote the letters with her daughters and calls her a "lost cause." Gazelle says they threw the olive branch she extended into the Potomac River. I think this whole ordeal is petty; Charrisse and Karen need to get over themselves. I'm on Team Gizelle.

Will that olive branch be fished out of the Potomac River? Guess we'll find out next week.