'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap, 'Wedding Dress Stress'

The episode kicks off with a romantic dinner from Eddie at CUT Fitness. He reveals to Tamra that the construction on the gym is still delayed even though it was supposed to be open weeks ago. Tamra is over it and just wants it to open so she can start running her business.

Tamra communicates her frustrations with Gretchen and her childish behaviors and decisions regarding attending Tamra's wedding-dress shopping day.


Primary concern for the ladies is the champagne in the car. Vicki, Lydia and Lauri join Tamra in the limo to pick up Gretchen who decided last minute to tag along for Tamra's important big day. Gretchen gets in the limo and Lydia instantly notices she is wearing a ring. Gretchen explains that is her ring from Jeff that she still wears every once in a while. No one has ever seen her wear that ring in several years which raises questions as to why she chose Tamra's dress day to wear the diamond.

Tamra has to go big for her third wedding and is excited to start trying on dresses. Heather and Alexis have a new friendship and are glad that they can be cordial and get along. Gretchen, on the other hand, is standoffish because the last time Alexis attended an event with the group there was chaotic drama and she doesn't want to have to deal with it.


Tamra tries several gorgeous dresses on while the women wait around drinking champagne. Before she leaves, Alexis thanks Tamra for inviting her to this special day and for standing up for her in front of Gretchen.

While waiting for the next dress, Vicki announces that her and Brooks are officially broken up and that the two of them will not get back together. Lauri brings up that Brooks has been "seeing" one of her daughter's friends who is a young brunette girl who has supposedly been in a porn video. Lauri, there is a time and place for sharing personal information like that ... and that wasn't it.

Tamra finally comes out with the PERFECT wedding dress on and immediately begins crying with tears of joy (or she's crying because the dress is $10,000). The group toasts to a happy successful marriage and Vicki runs off crying and upset because of the recent news regarding Brooks. Lauri apologizes and says she didn't mean to hurt Vicki but that she thought it was important for her to tell her.

Heather and Tamra were both out of the room when Lauri spilled the beans about Brooks' new fling and feel out of the loop when Vicki looks sad in the limo to the restaurant and have no idea what happened between Vicki and Lauri. When the women arrive to dinner Vicki takes a phone call and steps away from the group which allows time for Heather and Tamra to become filled in with the latest Brooks and Vicki drama. Heather doesn't understand or agree with why Lauri told Vicki this information in the first place and believes that Lauri must be out to hurt Vicki.

After dinner, Heather announces that she was at a table read earlier that morning for a new television show called "Malibu Country." She shares the exciting news that this may become another guest appearing role for her on the show. Heather discloses that she spoke with the produces after the read and mentioned Gretchen's involvement with the show and the producers said she was never offered a part on the show.

The show does not tape on Fridays which happens to be the day of Tamra's wedding dress shopping. Most of the women, including Tamra are annoyed that Gretchen had to lie to them about how she has some role on a sitcom and she was going to take it if Tamra invited Alexis, just to avoid an uncomfortable situation.