'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap, Vicki's Winter Wonderland

Lydia and Alexis drop in to visit Vicki and her newly renovated house since her breakup with Brooks.

To show off her home, Vicki plans on inviting the girls over for a huge Winter Wonderland themed party in her backyard with snow, penguins in the pool and ice sculptures. Vicki decides the Whistler-inspired soirée will not include Lauri or Brooks.


The trio gather around the laptop and listen to a radio segment from Slade's radio show where he references Vicki as "Tupperware" face. Lydia and Vicki are annoyed with Slade's rude and belittling comments to the women and plan to confront him on the matter. Being the bigger person, Vicki decides still to invite Slade to her party.

Heather and Terry sit the kids down for a family meeting to discuss the big move. The children are not thrilled at the news at first but warm up to the idea when they give input for ideas for the new house including a larger pool and a bigger movie theater. Still baffles me that they can't find room to fit five children comfortably in that massive mansion.


We finally get some emotion other than douche from Slade when he hears Gretchen's song. When he realizes that his girlfriend is the voice behind the auto-tune, he breaks down into tears and becomes slightly confused. He is immediately sent off in a limo for a wild goose chase to track down his girlfriend. Can you say over the top proposal? Slade arrives at an airport and gets lifted off by helicopter to his next destination.

A flawless-looking Gretchen gets her mother's blessing to marry Slade and runs up to the roof to meet her man. Gretchen proposes to Slade after a very moving and sentimental speech touching on the highs and lows of their imperfect relationship. Slade drops to one knee and says "yes" before heading back inside to be greeted by family and friends who are anxiously awaiting the answer to the question.

Tamra and Eddie open up the Cut Fitness studio for membership presales and to start getting clients excited for the grand opening of the gym. Alexis visits and gives a congratulations gift to Tamra which is the last person Tamra would expect to see there but is glad that the two women are friends again.

Vicki is hours away from her Winter Wonderland party and discovers that Ryan has a weekend to spend back at home.  Lucky Ryan… it just so happens to be the same weekend as Vicki's party. The party planners create a magical winter paradise in Vicki's backyard. The ladies cheers to bright futures but wonder where Gretchen is.

Vicki is back together with Brooks; Gretchen and Slade are keeping their engagement on the hush-hush; Tamra and Gretchen are still on thin ice; Lydia and Vicki plan to confront Slade on his harsh comments; Heather and Gretchen continue to feud over the acting gig…all the drama is building up for next week's season finale with many unresolved problems.