'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap, Reunion: Part 1

The dazzling and delightful housewives of Orange County join Andy Cohen to hash out the drama that happened in the eighth season of the series.

Andy immediately begins to dig right into the gossip and discovers that Vicki and Brooks have still not ended their marriage. The "it's complicated" couple seems to have no urgency to put an end to their relationship.


Tamra admits that she does not trust Gretchen as a friend right now and the feeling is mutual with Gretchen. After several flashbacks to the Mexico bachelorette party, Vicki admits she never had a "plan" to steal Tamra from Gretchen.

The majority of the hour-long reunion debacle consisted of accusations of Gretchen by Tamra and the group of women. Gretchen is drilled about a potential affair scandal years ago while she was with Jeff. Some of the women blame Gretchen for sitting on a man's lap and kissing him while Jeff was dying in the hospital. Tamra whips out photos for evidence and claims that she never lies and wants to put Gretchen in her place.


After the arguments between Gretchen and Tamra die down, we are reintroduced to the newest housewife, Lydia. The smart, young and quirky woman has brought entertainment, laughs and love to the season. But don't let her fool you, because this little spitfire has no problem standing up for what she believes in.

Lydia and Heather get into a quarrel over the home feature controversy in Lydia's magazine. Heather is upset and confused as to why Lydia and Doug made jokes over selecting the Dubrow home for the cover story.

Lauri sits down and joins the group of ladies to chitchat over the concluded season. Vicki states she was excited to have Lauri come back this season and doesn't know what happened for Lauri to lash out on her the way she did. Lauri has made spiteful comments about Vicki's personal life to the other women which causes the group to divide and bicker about who is  right in the situation.

After an hour of talking, yelling and finger-pointing, the group resolves none of the issues that are raised. Next week is part two of the reunion, which hopefully will answer the questions everyone is dying to find out.