'Real Housewives of Orange County,' recap, 'Making Up Is Hard to Do'

Alexis brings salads to Vicki and Briana for lunch and is the first housewife to visit Briana's son, Troy.

Alexis gives a gift to the baby and casually mentions Brooks. Briana and Alexis are confused about what exactly is going on with Vicki and her relationship with Brooks (as is she). At least Vicki can admit she is confused as well. Bri makes it extremely clear that as long as she is in the house and is paying rent that she doesn't want Brooks coming to the house.


Heather visits Terry at his office. After playing around with a pair of silicone breast implants, Heather mentions to Terry about their mansion possibly being showcased in a national luxury magazine based out of Orange County called Beverly Hills Lifestyle. Heather has a close friend with connections to the magazine so she feels obligated to help her friend by participating in the home feature.

Gretchen and Tamra go shopping for gift ideas for Troy but become easily distracted.


"I was made for this job," Gretchen says as she straps a baby doll around her chest and runs around the store practicing for motherhood. Reflecting on her financial and emotional stability with Slade, Gretchen seems to think that now is the time to be a mama.

Vicki is hard at work trying to complete the intricate task of stuffing business cards into folders when Briana and Troy come in for a visit. Briana reinforces her previous conversation with her mother about Brooks and says that she doesn't want him or any other strange men around her or her child.

Cue the new girl. Lydia McLaughlin, managing editor at Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, arrives at Heather's home. Being an anti-hugger, Heather is immediately turned off by Lydia who greets her with a big hug.

Heather sits her down and insists that the Dubrows are only interested in the magazine home feature if they are the cover story. Lydia reveals her close friendship with Alexis which sends a red signal to Heather who then shares Alexis' fake ring story ... drama waiting to happen.

Vicki drives (yes ... DRIVES) the long 200 foot trek across the vast parking lot from her office to Tamra's new fitness studio. Vicki gives her former bestie some business advice and wants CUT Fitness to be insured through her company. Surprise, surprise. Tamra reminds us again that she owns more of the business than Eddie.

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We get a closer look into Lydia's life, starting with the introduction of her gorgeous little boys Stirling and Maverick. The babysitter comes (who looks no younger than Lydia does) so Lydia and her charming husband Doug can enjoy their casual date night which included a ride on the yacht, champagne and an elaborate dinner on the water. We get it, your family is very well off. And you and your man are religious.

Lydia's cute little dances and bubbly personality make me think that she has an inner evil dark side that is ready to unleash at any moment. I can't wait to see when and where it will happen.

Tamra and Vicki enjoy wine and dinner while they try to make amends once again. Blame is placed on both ladies while they reminisce about previous disputes and recent arguments. By the end of the dinner, both ladies apologize, cheers and vow not to say mean things to one another ever again.


Heather gets all four kids (five if you include Terry -- the biggest child of them all) ready for Temple. Terry describes the two types of dads in the world: Dads who participate in the mommy jobs and dads who don't. After several opportunities to show off his parenting skills, Terry proves himself to be the latter of the two. Major let down!

Tamra begins planning a special dinner for the ladies at her gym and wants everything to be perfect. By the looks of it, she has a lot of work to do with the space before the girls come and see the studio.

Vicki spends quality alone time with a bottle of wine and calls Tamra to tell her she wants to bring Alexis to her dinner party. Tamra unwillingly agrees to this request under one condition: no drama.

It's annoying that Vicki temporarily fixed her problems with Tamra and now all of a sudden thinks that Alexis and Tamra should try to do the same. One resolution at a time, please. It won't be any fun to watch the show if they are all friendly with each other. Thankfully, by the looks of next week's preview, it seems that there will be plenty of drama for us all.