'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap, 'Crossroads'

Home sweet home! After two drama-filled episodes in Canada, the women finally return back to sunny California.

Gretchen calls Slade and shares her frustration with Tamra and Heather while on the ski trip. Slade tells her to stop trying to repair relationships with people she can't trust.


Terry surprises Heather with a gorgeous plot of land he bought in Newport as the get ready to build a bigger house to make room for their four children ... as if their old mansion doesn't have enough room. They got an offer on the old house ($16.5 million to be exact) that they just couldn't pass up.

Tamra finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel when Eddie announces the opening of Cut Fitness is only weeks away. Despite the pressures of launching a new business venture, Tamra takes charge of the wedding situation and confronts Eddie about picking a date for their wedding.


"Planning a wedding isn't going to pay the bills," said Eddie, who wasn't fond of feeling forced into planning the wedding. Tamra whips out her phone and picks a date that works best for her and gets Eddie's approval: June 22.

Vicki heads to Napa for a first taste of her new vodka line, "Vicki's Vodka." Briana's biggest concern with Brooks and Vicki doing business together was the fear that Brooks would use her mother's name to make money for himself. Vicki plans on confronting Brooks and wants to know the truth about the rumors Lauri shared about him dating a young cocktail waitress.

Vicki finds it extremely difficult to work closely with Brooks, but because he is the consultant for Vicki's Vodka, she can't help but have him in her life. Together they create an original bacon flavored vodka aptly named the "Bloody Piggy" cleverly recognizing Slade's ignorant Miss Piggy jokes.

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A teary-eyed Alexis meets Gretchen for lunch to talk things through. Alexis expresses her apprehension about their unsteady friendship. Feeling backstabbed and hurt by Gretchen in the past, Alexis begins to think there is so much hurt and pain in their relationship that they aren't sure how to resolve it.

Even though Alexis wanted to hug and make up by the end of lunch, the two women agree to disagree and accept that their friendship will never be the same again.

After a long weekend of booze, fights and sex talk, Lydia and Doug prepare to host a Life Group meeting. Lydia finds it refreshing for her soul to surround herself with her faith and people with similar spiritual interests.

Alexis channels her acting roots and auditions for a doctor role on a television show. Her acting skills were not impressive, but were way better than Gretchen in the recording studio.

That's right, Gretchen plans to propose to Slade by capturing her true emotions in song lyrics specifically written for Slade. Her lyrics came from a place of love and from her heart and will be going to someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She struggles with the vocals and only hopes that when Slade hears it, he recognizes the voice is hers.


Over dinner, Vicki demands the truth from Brooks. He claims he has never done anything with anyone ... no kissing, no touching, no money. Vicki extends an invitation to Brooks to come over her house and hang out sometime but he flips out blames Briana and Ryan for the complications and strains on their relationship.

Vicki says he is confused and can't make a stand on the issue. Brooks won't be happy until they can get over the hurdles and just wants what's best for each other.