'Real Housewives of New York City' recap, episode 9, 'Dirty Ol' Dad

The Housewives, doing what they do best.
The Housewives, doing what they do best.(Bravo)

To say that this episode was uncomfortable is an understatement. Scene after scene we were left cringing as the housewives were groped, hit on, confronted, and bossed around.

Perhaps the most awkward scenarios during the episode involved Aviva's father, George.  Aviva warned everyone that he is a bit of a sex addict but no one really expected that he would be so forward and sexual with the ladies.

Throughout the entire episode he is trying to convince Sonja to sleep with him. He tells her that being in bed with him would be the kinkiest night she ever experienced. Gross. 

He grabs her butt many times through out the episode and at one point he even goes up against her with an erection. Too far, George, too far.

But Sonja isn't the only one George hits on -- he tells Carole that he could give her a fantastic night in bed and gropes Ramona right in front of Mario.

Meanwhile Aviva is witnessing all of this and is not as outwardly embarrassed as one would think. She says that although what he does is humiliating, she is amused by it. Is it just me or is that a little messed up? 

The tension continues as Aviva notices a new side to Ramona. It's about time!

Ramona gets a bit bossy and over-steps her boundaries with Aviva. 

Carole's friend Ranjana invites the girls over to hang out by the pool and drink cocktails. When Aviva gets ready to go into the water, Ramona pleads her to not get her prosthetic leg wet.

Aviva, who admits that she doesn't like calling attention to her leg, ignores Ramona for the majority of the time. But at one point Ramona gets out of the pool and brings Aviva a towel, which is a clear sign that what Ramona says, goes. 

That night Aviva explains to Carole that she is uncomfortable when Ramona constantly draws attention to her leg. She asks Carole to say something to Ramona next time she acts the way she did that morning. 

Unfortunately, Carole wasn't there the next day when Ramona once again asks her not to go into the hot tub at her father's pool with her prosthetic leg. 

Also, at Aviva's dinner party, Ramona takes charge and picks what they can and cannot talk about. She even goes into the kitchen to check on the food. Aviva is finally realizing what has turned the other girls against her in the past.

But, surprisingly, she doesn't completely turn her back on Ramona. Instead, she pulls Sonja aside and asks her how she deals with her. Sonja says that "she is an acquired taste" and that when she is being too much, she just calls her out on it.

Sonja also says that Ramona probably doesn't realize that what she is doing is upsetting her. And that she only does those things because she loves her and wants to protect her.

I guess that's a valid point, Sonja. But Ramona is not the best at receiving criticism-- so tread lightly, Aviva.

There is still some awkwardness back in NYC when Carole and LuAnn meet up downtown for some shopping. Although she is uncomfortable bringing it up, Carole mentions that LuAnn asked Ranjana's husband, a designer who has made clothes for Michelle Obama, to borrow some of his pieces.

Carole explains to LuAnn that Ranjana and her husband are like family to her and it made her uncomfortable that LuAnn would ask to borrow one of his dresses.

LuAnn seems genuine when she explains that it was never her intention to take advantage of them or make Carole look bad. Rather, she thought it would be nice to showcase one of his dresses in a future photo shoot. 

Carole doesn't seem convinced since she still believes that LuAnn has a diva quality. But she is glad that she cleared her conscience and told LuAnn how she felt. 

Aside from the uncomfortable sexual references and mom-like bossiness, the ladies actually pulled out an entertaining, episode. Good job, Bravo. Now let's keep this momentum going for the rest of the season.