'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: A punchy first responders party

Oh my, Jersey! This episode was so drama-filled Im going to get straight into it.

Teresa: While shopping for a costume for Bobby's first responders party, the twins and Melissa tell Teresa's how Amber's husband didn't want to go to guys' night because he didn't want to associate with Joe.

Later, Teresa gives ice cream to her daughters and Milania cant stop screaming. In her side interview, Teresa says how she use to be hot-tempered, but now she isnt.

While she says this, the clip of her infamously flipping the table at Danielle in Season 1 played. That clip never gets old.

Teresa says she doesnt want her daughters to get angry when someone pushes their buttons. I definitely think that Teresa is a lot more calm and level-headed this season.

After the ice cream, Teresa shows the girls and Joe the family portrait that had arrived. Teresa becomes emotional and emphasizes the importance of sisters.


Dina: Dina is my favorite housewife and is always funny, but this episode she is even more funny. Dina and her assistant clean out her closet, which is more like a hallway. I'm pretty sure the size of her closet is the length of my house.

Nicole goes over to Dinas house and tells her that she wants to set Dina up with a guy. Dina says shes not ready to date yet.

Besides, Dina couldnt go on a date that month because Venus was in retrograde or something. Im not sure what that means because I almost failed astronomy sophomore year.

At the first responders party, Nicole introduces Dina to the guy she wants to set her up with, Matt. Dina tells him shes not ready to go on a one-on-one date but would consider a group date.

Melissa: The episode started off with Melissa and Joe bringing her Bentley to the dealership because she busted the bumper and grill.


By the way, it costs $7,000 to fix a bumper on a Bentley. This is why I drive a Ford Escape.

While the car is getting inspected, Melissa and Joe talk about the guys' night that happened last episode and why Jim didn't want to go. Joe says he wants to give him a wedgie because apparently he is still in middle school. Melissa realizes that her renewed friendship with Amber is not what she thought it would be and isn't sure she wants the craziness in her life.

Amber: Amber and her family film the new commercial for Jim's mortgage company. In case you were wondering, it's not on YouTube, I just checked. I'll elaborate more on Amber in this episode when I recap the first responders party, but all I can say is that I'm not a fan of her and Jim. However, I adore their son Sebastian.

Nicole: Nicole is excited to host her first party with Bobby. The party is to bring awareness to the first responders in New Jersey, #strongerthanthestorm. Nicole can't wait to confront Amber at the party about the allegations that she broke up a family.

Teresa: Teresa is excited for her sister to host her first party with Bobby. Teresa can't wait for Nicole to confront Amber at the party about the allegations that Nicole broke up a family. They are identical twins, so they say the same things and have the same thoughts!

The first responders party: The two details to know: Last week's episode ended with Nicole deciding to confront Amber at the party and Jim didn't want to go to guys' night because he owns a mortgage company and doesn't feel comfortable being around Joe Guidice.

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So we all knew things were going to go down at the party when everyone would be together. Amber arrives at the party and says hi to Teresa the twin. Teresa tells Amber she and her sister are mad at her and gets Nicole.

Nicole confronts Amber and said Melissa said Amber called Nicole a homewrecker. Amber gestures to round up the people involved to go talk upstairs and Nicole said no, they will talk downstairs because she's not Amber's dog. Nicole then pulls Amber's hair, so Amber hits her.


Drinks and punches are thrown and the two girls (yes, they are girls and not mature women) have to be pulled apart. Amber tells Nicole this is why Bobby won't marry her. She goes upstairs and says the same thing to Bobby. Jim follows Amber upstairs and put the hair that was pulled from Amber's hair on the kitchen counter to show Bobby. That's sooo not sanitary. That was it for the Amber vs. Twins drama this episode.

Now onto the Real Househusbands of New Jersey. After Jim puts the hair on the table, Joe Gorga tells Jim not to let his wife talk about Melissa. Rino comes upstairs and calls Jim a jerkoff and a big-shot because hes an attorney and didnt want to hang out with them. Rino has the same sentiment I have towards Jim.

Jim admits the reason why he didnt hang out with them is because he works with the attorney general who is prosecuting Joe Guidice.

He then calls Joe Gorga a dumbf--k and as we all know, when you call a Gorga dumb, there is a likelihood you will get a table flipped in your face.

Jim leaves and Joe Gorga follows him out; there was a lot of cursing and that is when the episode ended. I think Jim is a snake and doesnt have a good heart, which is the tagline all the housewives say this season.

Next week well see the confrontation between Joe and Jim.

Like Dina, I like to be positive so I am ending my recap with the best quotes (mostly from Dina) from the night.

"I'm not donating to the drag queens of America, they have more shoes than me. " -Dina, when she is cleaning out her closet.

"The only thing that is organized in my life is my closet." -Dina

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I buy shoes. I’m not hurting any body but my wallet.” - Dina

"Screw it I'm wearing scrubs. What's sexier than someone trying to save your life?" - Dina, when trying to figure out what to wear to the party.

“Melissa needs to do her research, I don’t think a sailor is a first responser. What is it, a responder?” -Teresa G

Teresa G: Whats a squat team?  Melissa: SWAT team