The first responders' party storm in Jersey has passed and things are calmer. Last episode, Jim threatened Joe Gorga, insulted the ladies' intelligence because he had to explain three times why he didn't want to hang around Joe Giudice, Dina and Lexi got matching tattoos, while Amber apologized to Dina and Teresa G. and talked with Melissa. Oh, and Joe Giudice bought chickens.

This episode, titled "The Family Business," was filled again with confrontation and apologies.


After the first responders' party fight where Jim threatened Joe Gorga and insulted Teresa's intelligence, Teresa wants to move on from the drama. In this episode, Teresa and Joe celebrate Gia's 13th birthday. Instead of throwing a huge party, Teresa passes down a ring that was her mom's and then her's. Joe interrogates Gia about kissing boys, because the Giudices are normal parents, too.

Teresa goes over to Dina's to make vision collage boards. The point is to collage what you want your future to look like. Teresa puts words such as safe, family, love, new beginnings,  etc. She says that she is thinking of downsizing her home. Again, Teresa is so much more humble this season.

Not much happens with Dina in this episode. Last week, she went on a date with Matt the firefighter from the first responders' party. He doesn't make a third appearance in this episode.

Melissa expresses how she really wants to be involved with the new paper shredding business. She wants to jazz up the truck by adding wings to the sides. She also takes a tour with Joe of the facilities where the documents are destroyed. Melissa even meets a real scientist! Dreams do come true!

Melissa still isn't on good terms with Amber after they talked about the rumor. Melissa, Nicole and Teresa squared all go to Rino's restaurant with their husbands. All the ladies agree that Amber needs to apologize.

Amber feels isolated from the other housewives during the aftermath of the first responders' party. She throws a viewing premiere party for the Mortgage Now commercial; it definitely isn't one of the top commercials of the year. Amber later meets up with Nicole to maturely discuss their problems.

Nicole is still mad at Amber for enabling the false rumor that she wrecked a family. While at work as a jet broker — yes, we actually see a housewife at work which is like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs —she calls Amber to schedule a time to get together to talk. Nicole also goes to a shooting range with Bobby to let off some steam.

Teresa is determined to make a future for her son, Giovanni. Grandpa Sal, Rino and Teresa look at a piece of land to build and open another restaurant for Giovanni. Wow, I wish my parents would start a new newspaper so that I could have a guaranteed future.

The confrontation: Nicole and Amber meet to discuss the rumor and the smackdown at the first responders' party. Amber is happy that Nicole wants to express how she feels with words, and not fists. Ouch. Amber points out how she and Nicole were friends, which is such a nasty dig. She stresses to Nicole that what she said to Melissa was not meant to be malicious, but Nicole argues back that regardless of how it was said, Amber shouldn't have enabled the rumor.

However, something incredible happens: Amber apologizes for telling Melissa about it in the first place. Hallelujah, it's a miracle: A housewife apologized! They also discuss the comment Amber made at the party about how Bobby isn't going to marry Nicole. Nicole felt very upset by that comment and Amber said she said it out of anger.

In her side interview, Amber calls Bobby a gigolo. Ugh. Amber shouldn't have told Melissa the rumor and should have gone to Nicole when she first heard the rumor to confirm if it was true. That is what real friends would do. (Ooh, maybe I'll submit that as a question to Andy Cohen for the reunion.) Nicole accepts Amber's apology. I am interested in seeing whether or not they can become friends again.

Also in this episode, we meet Rosie's girlfriend and get to see how happy Rosie is. When she's happy, America is happy.