'Real Housewives of Miami' recap, Uncomfortably Public Relations

'Real Housewives of Miami' recap, Uncomfortably Public Relations
Oh no you didn't. Did you? Oh. My. God. -- Joanna's inner monologue. (Bravo)

This weeks episode is kind of great because the women are finally starting to get along with each other, but not with anyone else.

So even though Marysol and Lea don't like each other, Lea is hanging out with Elsa, Marysol's mom. Lea explains that her gay friend James (who Elsa and Marysol have gotten in numerous altercations with) also dresses up as a woman named Elaine.  Elsa makes a face like she is overwhelmed, and then says "that disturbs me mentally," in her typical dramatic voice.  Elsa is straight out of a Telenovella. I love it.

Lisa Pliner, a shoe designer, invites all of the women over for a fashion show and luncheon. I guess Lisa Pliner hasn't seen the show, because if she knew how these women behave at parties they would have never made the guest list.

At the party Marysol and transvestite friend, Lauren, talk about how ridiculous James/Elaine's wardrobe and behavior have been.

Naturally, James/Elaine will be confronting Marysol during the fashion show. Lea advises her not to create a bunch of drama, but James/Elaine doesn't take her advice. Elaine walks around telling all the women that Marysol has been telling people not to hire her.

So Elaine goes over to Marysol and starts yelling at her.  I'm pretty sure that Elaine has practiced his attack in the mirror or something, because Marysol walks away and Elaine comes right back over to finish his monologue.

Karent and Joanna are thriving off of Marysol's drama. Joanna seems almost giddy that Marysol is being accused of telling people not to hire her, which is weird because Joanna has nothing to do with the situation.

Anyways, the whole situation kind of ends out of nowhere, so it's kind of a bust for drama fanatics. But as with everything on this show, it's probably not the end of it. I don't know why they have to drag everything out. Foreshadowing and suspense is one thing, but come on! It's going to be a let down when we find out what really happened between Lea, Marysol and James/Elaine because they've built it up so much.

Hey, remember on the first episode when Adriana told us she would be living on a boat? Well, apparently that wasn't just a phase.  And the boat is not looking too good. But apparently her boyfriend with the French accent is going to fix it up.  I kind of hope he doesn't because that would be a great spinoff! It could be kind of like "The Simple Life" with Paris Hilton, but with Adriana and on the water.

Karent has decided to host a dinner party and invite all the women because they need to get to know "the real Karent." She's hosting the party with Thomas Cramer, who is somehow like Elsa's son and Marysol's crazy brother in law. But Elsa and Thomas have a weird relationship, and they talk about Elsa being horny and hungry at the same time. It's more repulsive than funny.

Ana says that Karent's attraction to Thomas stems from how well known he is in Miami. And Elsa tells Lea that "Karent and Thomas have become lovers."

Joanna and Adriana arrive at the same time...awkward. Then when Roman tries to say hello, Adriana makes a joke and says "I can't say hi to you because they will think I'm flirting with you." To which Karent immediately runs to Joanna and whispers what was said into her ear. So the "real Karent" is exactly the Karent we all thought she was.

At the dinner Joanna invites the women on the obligatory Real Housewives trip. She even invites James/Elaine. Can't wait for that drama.

Thomas makes fun of Roman's job, saying it's the easiest job in the world. Joanna is clearly offended and when it's finally Karent's turn to stand up for Joanna she doesn't' do it. Marysol and Lea get into it about Elaine again. Marysol says he's a notorious liar, Lea calls Marysol a liar. In an attempt tp defend Marysol, Ana somehow ends up in a shouting match with Thomas. Marysol doesn't stand up for Ana either. I can't tell if Marysol and Karent are bad friends or if their just passive.

Ana and Joanna want to leave because of Thomas, but Joanna somehow ends up back inside where Thomas makes some rude comments to Joanna. Then Elsa and Lea try to mediate the situation, which is followed by Thomas shouting at Elsa and basically telling her to shut up or get out. But Elsa handles it like a champ and says, "Big deal, I leave the house with a table full of french fries that I didn't even want." I kind of don't know what that means but it made me laugh so it was the right thing to say.

So while Ana is outside crying, inside Lisa is pole dancing on the dinner table. All in all a typical Miami housewives dinner party.

Next week all the housewives' moms will be in attendance. If the other moms are anything like Elsa it's going to be an epic episode.