Adriana and Lisa take a dip to rejuvenate their bodies and souls.
Adriana and Lisa take a dip to rejuvenate their bodies and souls. (Bravo)

It's the finale! As in, "thank God it's finally over!"

The women are still in Bimini, and now they're trapped by bad weather.


Marysol suggests the women cleanse themselves of the bad things in their life. How does one do that? You take apart an expensive flower arrangement, get into the ocean, wipe a flower all over your body as you talk about your problems and then throw the flower in the water.

The women all say very serious and thoughtful things.  It's really unusual. Ana, who said the whole thing was ridiculous, was the one who ended up crying the most.

Back in Miami, Adriana plays the piano with a child we've never seen before. Who is this kid? I'm assuming it's her son, since Adriana and her boyfriend take the boy outside and tell him they're getting married. Okay, yeah, it is her son.

Joanna walks back into her apartment to see the room filled with beautiful flowers. Roman re-proposes to her with a gorgeous diamond necklace to match her already beautiful diamond ring. Joanna says she forgives him and they seal it with a kiss -- so it must be legit.

Ana admits she still has some open wounds when it comes to her divorce. She sits down with Robert and finally signs the divorce papers. That only took two years. They sit their daughters down and let them know that they finalized the divorce; the girls take the news pretty well, since, ya know, they've known their parents were getting a divorce for two years.

Marysol meets with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Phillip, to discuss their divorce. They both agree that a divorce is the right thing for both of them. They end the conversation with a cigarette and Parisian music on the balcony. Very dramatic.

Marysol and Elsa head out to lunch in matching outfits. Accidentally, of course. Marysol tells Elsa she is inviting Phillip to her company's 10-year anniversary.

Lisa is watching her maid, Daisy, getting plastic surgery. Apparently Daisy begged Lenny to let Lisa in the room because Lisa has a wonderful presence. While she watches the surgery she compares the smells and sights to food. It's really quite disgusting.

Lisa takes care of Daisy after her surgery. She considers this the same as taking care of a child. At first I was like, no, not at all. But after seeing Daisy's behavior, slurring her words and having to be helped into her bed for a nap, it kind of makes sense.

Joanna tells Lisa and Lea that she's going to be getting married next spring. Lea shares her business world with Lisa to help her discover her independence. They also talk about Karent and Rodolfo's relationship. Apparently the pictures of Rodolfo making out with a girl were just to get press. Even if that is true, who cares? He is still making out with another girl!

Karent is staying with her parents and helping take care of her father. Her mother tells her that Rodolfo has been calling her to tell her Karent that the pictures are just for publicity. Sounds sketchy.

Karent isn't talking to Rodolfo right now. Thank God! That would be ridiculous. Karent says that her father's sickness has helped put life into perspective, something Karent needed desperately.

But then, she Skypes Rodolfo and he tells her it was just for press. And SHE BELIEVES HIM! Are you crazy, Karent? She says what she always says, that the girls are obsessed with her relationship with Rodolfo. NO! They're all just shocked by how oblivious you are. Whatever, if she is going to continuously believe his lies, then she kind of deserves it.

All the housewives attend Marysol's company anniversary party. Lea says Marysol and her won't be good friends any time soon. Joanna and Adriana consider having a double wedding -- just kidding, but they do joke about it.


The grand finale of the episode is drag queen, Elaine, lip syncing and dancing at Marysol's party. I guess they're done hating each other.

In the epilogue (does that term still apply to stupid television reality shows, or is it just for books?), we find out that Lisa took Lea's advice and included several baby rooms in her new home. Lea is in the process of writing a tell-all book about Miami.

Marysol isn't dating anyone but, Elsa predicts that Marysol will be married again.  Adriana is planning a spring wedding and moving onto their boat. Ana is learning to cope with her divorce from Robert.

Karent broke up with Rodolfo! She's also considering freezing her eggs. Joanna and Roman are on a "break." So I guess the engagement is off? Who knows with those two.