'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap, 'No Excuses for Excuses'

As a very pregnant and very red Kim storms out of a brunch date with the other women, this episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," just may mark the end of Kim's relationship with the rest of the women.

She attempted to wiggle her way out of attending the yearly "girls" trip. Even NeNe finally calls Kim out on her lies, creating one whirlwind disaster, but we will get into that later on.


Phaedra and Apollo go out on a double date with Kenya and her boyfriend Walter so that they can all get to know one another and connect. Everything seems to be going friendly when Kenya starts making some overly flirtatious comments about Apollo and his "bulging muscles" in front of Phaedra and Walter. This definitely doesn't seem to sit well with Phaedra and the look of annoyance on her face was priceless. Kenya better back off because we know Phaedra doesn't play about her man.

Cynthia and Peter decide to invite NeNe and Gregg over to their home to hang out and drink a little wine. They are beyond excited to see NeNe and Gregg back together and trying to work out their relationship.


Peter mentions that he has a friend who does PR for the island of Anguilla and believes it would make the perfect destination for a trip for the girls. Not one to leave out the men, Cynthia adds that she would love to make it a couples trip and invite everyone including Kim and Kroy, which doesn't go over too well with NeNe. NeNe says she is not for Kim's negative energy and hopes the trip does not become a disaster.

When Cynthia leaves the room, Peter suggests to NeNe and Gregg that he wants to use the trip to Anguilla to also renew his vows to Cynthia after their wedding disaster. NeNe thinks the idea is sweet, but cautions Peter that Cynthia hates surprises.

Porsha and Cordell Stewart take a trip to the OB/GYN in hopes that Porsha will soon be able to have a baby. Six months before she had a miscarriage due to uterine fibroids and had to undergo an extensive myomectomy to correct the issue. Luckily, the doctor said in the next month or so Porsha should be in the clear and she and Cordell can start trying again for a baby.

But it looks like Porsha may be an over planner when it comes to making her family. Her quest to have twins to incorporate the big family she wants has her seeking out herbal remedies like African yams to get pregnant. We're a little leery on this yam idea. You might want to slow your roll on this one.

Kandi and Cynthia meet up to discuss the trip to Anguilla. Kandi has her reservations about turning the trip into a couples event because her boyfriend Todd is currently working on a show and thinks the crew is drama. We can't say we blame him for feeling that way.

Cynthia convinces Kandi to come to invite Kim and Kroy, which makes Kandi more nervous. Kandi has her own weird relationship with NeNe and doesn't know if adding Kim to the mix will be a good idea.

"I feel like everything NeNe does has a motive to it," Kandi said. This may be true.

Porsha invites Cynthia and NeNe to the Hosea Williams Foundation house to discuss their future involvement in different charity events.


"The Hosea Williams Foundation doesn't just provide food on the holidays like Thanksgiving, but 265 days a year," said Porsha. 265 days a year? What happened to the other 100 days? Maybe that's when she goes on vacation. Porsha is cute, but brains is not her strong point. First magical yams and now she just ripped 100 days out of the calendar.

The girls eventually get into a little gossip and Kenya's name comes up. Between the fiasco at the Jet Magazine event and her little rant at the Hosea Williams Foundation, the girls are not having anymore stuff from Kenya. NeNe even says that she hasn't been able to get a good vibe from Kenya.

Phaedra and Kandi do a little midday shopping and Kandi brings a little present she wants Phaedra to try out: kegel balls. Phaedra is all down for trying out the kegel balls, but first wants to know how they even work. Kandi reveals that she has had them in since she got dressed that morning.

"Kandi is so adventurous only she can run around with balls in all day," said Phaedra in her interview.

Phaedra said she'll try the kegel balls, but is way more interested in the penis ring ... buzz buzz. Kandi said she'll bring it for her on the Anguilla trip and then she and Apollo can get all the buzz they need.

Whenever there is a meeting of all of the housewives, like at the reunion specials we always get nervous. And rightfully so because there are way too many wild personalities on this show and you just know some foolishness is about to go down.


The whole group: Cynthia, Phaedra (and her over-the-top black and white fascinator), Kandi, Kenya, NeNe and Kim meet up to discuss the couples trip.

Before the rest of the women get there, Phaedra arrives and takes Cynthia a ginormous bouquet of flowers to apologize for making a comment about giving a "f---less" if Cynthia showed up to her son's birthday party. We're glad Phaedra women'd up and apologized because Cynthia was one cell phone button click away from exposing you.

As the rest of the women arrive, the crew is waiting around on Kim and begins to discuss how they are excited for the trip and that everyone is going. Cynthia even took Kim's pregnancy into consideration and planned the trip around her schedule so that she could make it.

Kim finally arrives late or as NeNe put it, "walks in with her belly. She probably added an extra pillow under there to bring the drama."

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When they start discussing the trip, Kim speaks up and says she may not be able to go because she is 28 weeks pregnant and can't travel. Then she mentions something about having a shortened cervix and that she's also currently breastfeeding. Then she tells the women that her and Kroy are taking a vacation of their own to a lake during the same weekend.

It's one excuse after another, after another until finally the ladies become fed up. Then all hell breaks loose. Each woman begins listing all of the things they rescheduled to accommodate Kim's pregnancy and the trip: Phaedra's trip, Kandi's award ceremony and some business ventures for NeNe.


NeNe, who had been quiet for most of Kim's tirade, finally speaks up and calls Kim a boldface liar who makes excuses all of the time. Not to mention that she shows up late and leaves early for everything.

Then Phaedra asks the age old question. Does she still value her friendships because since she got married is doesn't have time for the girls anymore?

We all expected Kim to say "of course I do." But no, Kim laid all of the cards on the table and said, "You know what. I really don't. I got married. I had a baby. My priorities have changed."

As the girls jump on Kim, she feels attacked and turns flushed. She grabs her things and storms out of the date with the girls in a quick panic.

And that's all we saw of Kim. Well, until the next episode.