'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap, 'Hold on to Your Weaves'

This week's episode starts in the middle of last week's blowup between Kim and the rest of the girls.

Kim makes up an excuse to the other housewives that she cannot attend the couples trip to Anguilla because of her pregnancy. After NeNe and Kandi call Kim out on her serial excuses, she storms out of the restaurant and Kroy comes to her rescue.

Kim and Kroy are outside of the restaurant cussing and fussing at the camera men and the rest of the housewives realize that Kim's focus is now on her and her family and she no longer has any regard for her friends.

As the girls start to discuss adding other couples to the trip to replace Kim and Kroy, the rest of the housewives ask Kenya about her relationship with Walter since she invited herself on the trip. Once Kenya explained a little bit about Walter's background, Kandi realizes that she has met Walter before. Kenya seems like she is finally over the fact that Walter once asked Kandi out on a date.

On that note, Kandi and her mother meetup to discuss her relationship with Todd. Her mother expresses that she likes Todd and the fact that he gets along well with Kandi's daughter.

Cynthia and Peter head to dinner with Porsha and her husband, but Cordell could not make it. Peter was a little upset, being a huge football fan. The trio hit it off and decides they should meet up later to get to know each other. Peter then decides it would be a good idea to invite Porsha and Cordell onto the trip. Porsha is excited to go to Anguilla and says she will talk to Cordell about it.

Porsha and Cordell agree to go on the trip and the entire gang meets up at the airport. Porsha is excited to meet the rest of the ladies. Kandi's boyfriend Todd said she couldn't make the trip, but surprises her at the last minute and pops up at the airport.

While on the plane, Kenya tells the camera that she hopes Walter will propose on their trip. Kenya sure is looking for a ring.

The crew all gets on the boat together and the captain lets Kenya drive the boat for a while. The girls grab onto their weaves and hats because Kenya turns the boat up to full speed. She's definitely ready to get the party started. Cynthia even gets a little nip slip.

The entire ride to the hotel, Kenya questions Walter about diamonds and rings. She lets him know what she prefers one giant rock. Hint! Hint!

The gang arrives at the hotel and gets blessed with some great cocktails and beautiful rooms, except for Kenya. Her room is tub-less and a lot smaller than the rest of the ladies. Opps, sorry Kenya!

Phaedra and Apollo are excited to get enjoy the hot tubs and pools, but Phaedra is scared to catch something if he gets in the hottub.

Cynthia is loving the suite and is surprised that she is actually having a lot of fun with Kenya. Cynthia and Peter are excited to see NeNe and Gregg back together and trying to make their relationship work.

Peter is excited that he will finally spend some quality time Cynthia since it is their first vacation since getting married.

The gang gets together and is starting to have a good time. NeNe and Gregg are snuggled up together and NeNe asks Gregg if he loves her.

Apollo is walking around shirtless, muscles flaring and Kenya decides it would be funny to push him into the pool. Phaedra, being the southern belle she is, is not happy about the situation and thinks it was in poor taste for her to be flirting with Apollo. Apollo gets out and throws Kenya into the pool. Peter tries to tell Peter they are just playing and not to think too much into it.

The next day the crew meets up to prepare to for the activities. Phaedra comes downstairs in a netted dress, butt buns out in a thong and baring it all. I guess she is not playing about Kenya flirting with Apollo the night before.

That night, Phaedra has a little cultural excitement planned for entertainment. A local dance academy does a little winding and dancing for the group. The girls decide to get up and dance with her girls and NeNe leads the pack.

Kenya then starts to drop it like it's hot in front of Peter and Phaedra becomes extremely uncomfortable. She doesn't understand how she can keep flirting in front of Walter -- especially when she wants him to marry her.

A few other people join in in the crews festivities and Kenya starts flirting with another guy. Kenya then comes over and asks Phaedra "if you had to give Apollo a birthday present and it had to involve two of your friends. Who would you choose?" The rest of the crew start asking what she means as Phaedra's entire expression drops. Phaedra responses that Kenya better stop playing because she doesn't involve her friends in with her man.

It looks like Kenya is coming for Apollo. Phaedra you better watch out girl. We'll see how their relationship and the rest of the trip pans out in next week's episode.