'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap, 'Excess Breeds Success'

Between her over-the-top run-ins with Cynthia Bailey and mission to scurry down the aisle with boyfriend Walter, new housewife Kenya Moore is quickly stealing this season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

This week's episode was a celebration of successful women, as Cynthia plans a party in honor of all of NeNe Leakes' accomplishments such as her new sitcom "The New Normal."


Before the party, NeNe flies out to Los Angeles to do promo for her sitcom in the Pride parade. "I have arrived, I have achieved," shouted NeNe, basking in the glory of people showing her love and screaming her name at the parade.

Uncharacteristic of NeNe, she shows her softer side by getting teary eyed at all the love from the fan love at the parade. Her ex-husband/new boo thing Gregg even flies out to the parade in L.A. to show his support for NeNe. Maybe the loud, trash talking NeNe is turning over a new leaf?


NeNe is not the only person with a lot to be thankful for. Soon-to-be homeless Kim is celebrating another year not-so-wise with her birthday quickly approaching. In the midst of the upcoming celebration and a new baby on the way, Kim and assistant Sweetie are dragging their feet about finding a new residence for her family.

Kim debates moving back to her previous townhouse, but after living in a 70,000 sq. foot mansion, her old place would probably feel like a trailer. Kim decides that instead of making grown-up decisions for her family she prefers to remain in "la-la land" bliss and act like she isn't moving. That's fine Kim, but the first step to fixing something is admitting you have a problem ...

Kroy  takes Kim on a romantic dinner on a yacht for her birthday and presents her with a gorgeous diamond studded bracelet she borrowed for her wedding. Talk about love. But maybe they should have used that money for a down payment on renovations for this dream house Kim wants built.

Once NeNe gets back in town, her, Cynthia and Phaedra meet up to discuss the list of attendees for "successful women" party and NeNe agrees to including Kim and Kandi onto the guest list along with the new housewife Kendra. Talk about a new leaf.

Everyone  else is not so accepting of NeNe's newfound kindness, Kandi is a little skeptical about her invitation and even Phaedra said, "NeNe might have went to church and got saved."

In the spirit of continuing on a good foot with relationships, Kandi and boyfriend Todd are steady doing renovations to their new home. While Kandi is becoming secure in her new home and new relationship, Kenya is showing some apprehension.

Kenya meets up with her Aunt to discuss her boyfriend Walter. Her aunt questions why she has yet to meet Walter although Kenya has been dating him on and off for two years. Right on cue, Kenya turns on the water works.

Kenya explains that she wants everything to be perfect when her aunt finally meets Walter because she cares about her approval. This seems a little weird since Kenya constantly boasts about returning to Atlanta in hopes of getting a ring and a few babies from Walter.


Later, Kenya meets up with Walter for a date and to drop a few not-so subtle hints at her plans to walk down the aisle soon. We hope they hurry up since Kenya's doctor said her eggs are not getting any younger.

But the touching moment is intercepted when Walter reveals that he once asked Kandi out on a date and was turned down. The green eyed jealousy monster re-emerges this episode as Kenya remarked, "she got a big ass. I know you like that."

Kenya gets upset and immediately excuses herself from the table in a panic. Girl don't go asking questions you really don't want the answer to.

At the "successful women" party, Kim and Sweetie, Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra are all in attendance drinking "Successful" cocktails and schmoozing while NeNe is nowhere to be found. Kim and Sweetie finally get tired of waiting around for NeNe's arrival and decide to head out when NeNe confronts them at one of the entrances.

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An awkward showdown ensures as NeNe questions Kim why she can't stay for just five more minutes to await her arrival. Kim explains she has to get home because Kroy has an event to attend. If you didn't know Kim and NeNe's history, you might almost think NeNe's plea for Kim to stay is genuine. Kim promises NeNe she's going to the restroom and will be right back, but instead sneaks out the front entrance with Sweetie in tow.

Back at the party NeNe arrives and Cynthia grabs the mike to thank all of the women for attending. She tries to continue, but is over talked by Kenya.


Kenya then grabs the mic to give NeNe and the other women her own personal greeting. We could have sworn Cynthia was the hostess.

Kenya then questions NeNe hoping her incident with Cynthia won't impact them building a friendship. Cynthia overhears the conversation and jumps in stating that NeNe is her own woman and not the type to feed on petty gossip. That's a new one.

Cynthia takes no prisoners attempting to put Kenya back in her place and then asks her, "what year were you Miss USA again? Were you before or after Vanessa Williams?"

Kenya and Cynthia then throw jabs back and forth until NeNe finally steps in and says that she doesn't judge people on their run-ins with others and that she will remain open to Kenya ... Awww.

Upcoming: In the next episode we finally get to meet Porsha Stewart, another new housewife, and it looks like her and Kenya Moore will be getting into it pretty heavy, pretty soon.