Porsha + Kenya=drama.
Porsha + Kenya = drama. (Bravo)

This week on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," we finally get introduced to the second new housewife, Porsha Stewart, wife of former NFL athlete Kordell Stewart and granddaughter of late Civil Rights activist and chief field lieutenant for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Hosea Williams.

Porsha is continuing her grandfather's legacy by hosting an all-women fundraising event for his foundation and meets up with Kenya Moore to ask her to attend the event. Kenya happily agrees to go because she is confident her stardom will illicit donations.

Porsha and Kenya's convo quickly turns from business to Porsha getting a little too intrusive into Kenya's personal life. Are you married? Are you engaged? Do you want kids? You know you can time the sex of your kids with the Chinese calendar, right?

Kenya starts feeling a little uncomfortable around Porsha and wonders if she invited her out to discuss business or become her newest bff.

Meanwhile, NeNe Leakes and ex-husand Gregg Leakes are having a pedicure spa day before NeNe heads to New York for press week for "The New Normal." Everything is going great between them until Gregg brings up that he wants a key to NeNe's house again.

NeNe tells Gregg he needs to show her he has changed before she allows him to have a key. Professing his love to NeNe in front of the shop, Gregg reaches into his pocket and pulls out the keys to his house and gives them to NeNe.

He then hops out of his pedicure chair, grabs some lotion and begins to give NeNe a cute little foot massage in the middle of the salon, kisses on the feet and all. We think it might just be time for NeNe to stop playing hard to get and go get it on.

Business mogul Phaedra Parks is getting everything together for her Donkey Booty workout tape, which will give women a firm derriere with minimal sweating because we all know black women can't afford to sweat out their hair. Her husband Apollo recently got his certification as a personal trainer and certified nutritionist so he will be helping in the process.

Phaedra meets Kenya for drinks and the pair discusses Phaedra's workout tapes. Kenya inquires about letting her production company produce the tapes. Phaedra, who loves doing business with other women, thinks it's a great idea. Looks like these women struck a business deal over gelato.

Speaking of eccentric women, Kim still has not vacated her leased mansion although she has been given formal notice to get out by the landlord. Kim claims she has not found a place in Atlanta she loves and is moving her family back to her former home, a 5,000 sq. foot townhome. That's kind of a big downgrade don't you think, Kim?

Cynthia Bailey, who is also in New York for business, meets up with NeNe for some girl time only to find out NeNe has never caught the subway in the Big Apple. Full of bright ideas, Cynthia decided to take NeNe on her first subway ride.

Equipped with a metro card and a pair of spiked Christian Louboutin heels, NeNe makes her first grand entrance onto New York's subway.

"Were you on 'Glee,'" asked a young girl on the train while her friends wait in anticipation for NeNe's answer. After NeNe revealed she played Coach Roz, the group of teeny boppers revealed that they are aspiring actors. NeNe gives them a few encouraging words letting them know they can make it in the business.

Back in Atlanta, Porsha has everything set up for the charity event for the Hosea Williams Foundation including 30 of Atlanta's most successful women. Kenya shows up with her best friend in tow only to find out that the list of other "celebrity" guest at the event is a little slim.

Kenya decides to overlook it and try to have a good time, when Porsha commits the cardinal sin, well in Kenya's eyes that is: calling her Miss America. Kenya quickly corrects her but feels entirely disrespected that Porsha invited her to the event, but didn't even research her to find out her correct title.

Kenya claims she is cold an excuse to try to ditch the event. As she and her best friend are waiting out on the curb for Miss Lawrence to meet them, Porscha comes out to tell Kenya the waiter brought her food out.

Then all hell breaks loose. Kenya starts to tell Miss Lawrence what happened and how disrespected her felt at the event, which she compared to Porsha "calling Michelle Obama the first lady of Zimbabwe." Hmmm ... we were Team Kenya right up to that comparison.

Porsha decides to kick Kenya out of the event for leaving and not being gracious aside from the mistake. Kenya said she was leaving anyway and Porsha storms back to the event. These ladies haven't even known each other long enough to be having a falling out.

Is this the end of the Kenya vs. Porsha battle? We think not.