'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Season premiere

Television's favorite Georgia peaches are back and there's one thing that remains true about "The Real Housewives of Atlanta": The drama is still alive and kicking, or should I say shouting in your face while pointing fingers and waving hands. The producers and editors know that's why we watch and they wasted no time getting to the good stuff.

We opened the season with NeNe validating that she's been making money while on their break from filming. Just off her stint on "Celebrity Apprentice," she uses a little Trump negotiating skill and buys a car for her oldest son, Bryson, who happens to be a bum. Not sure why on earth she's buying him a car but I am sure that PeachTree Motors paid for that adverting spot since the camera zoomed in really tight on the check she was writing.

Speaking of making money, Cynthia decides to start the Bailey Agency. I am really disappointed in this since, as a professional model, she should know that the modeling industry is totally against schools and training. You either have it or you don't. She brings in Miss Jay Alexander (from "ANTM") to her first casting call where 50 aspiring models get a few pointers on "how not to walk." Obviously Miss Jay is there to co-sign her efforts on this project.

Sheree stops by to see her boo, Lawrence, in the studio. I've come to realize she's not the friend I'd want to have. She kinda lies a lot: boosting Lawrence's ego, praising his new song and not telling him that all that lipgloss makes him look like a sloppy eater. You can tell that the next few scenes are setting us up for the season-opener fight. Sheree goes on to tell Lawrence how NeNe is stabbing her in the bak and trying to cheat her out of money. Sounded to me as though she was a little pressed for cash.

While Phaedra is planning funerals and Kandi is studying how to remake a dildo, NeNe and Sheree have a little pow wow and try to hash out their whose-money-is-this-anyway issues. Of course it generates a screaming match, and NeNe ends up walking out only after words about teeth and foreclosure come up. In case you missed it, NeNe's teeth are supposedly veneers and Sheree lost her home - tragic on both ends!

The episode ends with NeNe breaking down because she doesn't understand why Sheree would believe that she would ever undermine her. It's believable that they are all friends, right? Because if we're friends I would stab you in your chest not in your back. (insert very puzzled emoticon here!)

Can't wait until next week. I predict this Sheree vs NeNe battle is about to get real messy!