'Project Runway' season premiere recap, New season means teamwork

Tim Gunn discusses designs with "Team Keeping It Real."
Tim Gunn discusses designs with "Team Keeping It Real." (Lifetime)

"Project Runway" Season 11 began last night, and first of all, I'd like to say the return of Heidi Klum is such a relief after an entire season of watching Angela Lindvall, who has all the charisma of hand sanitizer. I've grown to enjoy Joanna Coles, but she is no Tim Gunn.

So, welcome back to the normal "Project Runway."
The season begins with Heidi and Tim announcing that this season will be "Project Runway: Teams." I guess I spoke too soon when I said welcome back to normal "Project Runway," guess we needed a gimmick. Nobody likes the group challenges, including the audience members who like the craft more than the drama. So, as it stands, one team will be the winning team and one will be the losing team. The winning team will have the challenge winner and the losing team will have someone that goes home.
The contestants are divided into two teams and told that the first challenge takes its inspiration from New York City. One team will look at New York from afar (from a boat on the Hudson) and one from above (the roof top of the Atlas Hotel). While in their respective places, they name themselves. "Team Keep it Real" and "Dream Team."
Everyone of course makes grand showings of how they're not going to have any drama and how they're all going to get along. The most vocal of which, of course are Geek Chic and Skinny Dirty Blonde (it's too early for me to care about everyone's names), who in their confessionals and in private are the most vocal about being "lone wolves."
So, the designers all get their inspiration (OMG you guys we're in NYC! It's so beautiful! Look at the structures! Etc), and each team gets $1,200 to go to Mood. That equates to $150 per person, however teams are allowed to distribute the money however they want. After Mood, they all go back to Parson's and begin working.
It should be mentioned that this season, the contestants are a little older than we have seen in the past. Most people are late 30s and older including one 59-year-old funeral director, I call Six Feet Under.
Six Feet Under is making a pretty damn ugly dress that looks kind of like a bad quilt with a tablecloth belt. Her teammates counsel her to make it a long dress and nix the pants she was planning on putting under it. Either way, blah.
Water Lily (that's her Native American name, her real name is Patricia, but I like Water Lily better) is making a really neat textural leather white dress.
Young Brunette Emily is prattling on in her confessional about how she's looking around and she is clearly one of the top designers and how she will most assuredly at least be top three. I immediately hate her.
Throughout the working, Team Keep it Real really seems to mesh and they all collaborate and help each other, while Dream Team seems very solo; which is bad for Emily since she's on Dream Team. And it's here that we get our first taste of Project Runway Teams strategy. Geek Chic is on Dream Team with Emily. Geek Chic points out that Emily needs help. Now, if she helps, the team could be the winning team and she herself could win. If she doesn't help, Dream Team will be in the bottom and Emily will probably go home. She decides not to help.
Six Feet Under, however, having finished her ugly tablecloth, helps Emily, who asks her to do the whole skirt. Her entire look is a jacket, a top, and a skirt. The skirt is like 1/3 of the look. Lame, Emily. Lame.
So, it's time for the runway show!
• No Michael Kors! They have replaced him this season with designer Zac Posen. To me, his criticism wasn't as sharp as Michael's. But it's early. We'll see.
Team Keep It Real

• Water Lilly is an illusionist! That white dress with the flaps had little peeks of blue under them and it was subtle and awesome!
• Lyanna's model looked like an escort. A high priced escort, but still a hooker little black dress
• Mustache's structured pant-suit thing was incredibly well made. It looked well tailored, and expensive. The 3/4 length sleeve and capri length pant were very chic.
• Joseph's pleat dress looked like a school project
• Baldy McTankTop's jersey dress, I hated. That is a personal opinion. I really don't like asymmetry very much, and this jersey knit asymmetry just looked like a night gown that was falling off.
Dream Team
• Emily's garment came down and surprise surprise, it looks horribly messy and unfinished. The best part is the skirt which she didn't even do.
• Six Feet Under's garment looked just as bad as it did in the work room. The print of the dress just wasn't great for this application, and that red checked belt just screamed picnic to me.
• I actually really loved Geek Chic's look
• That short guy's garment was just a silk white tank top that wasn't awesome and a skirt that was color blocked black and pink. It was dull.
• There's a guy that was apparently named Tu Suthiwat Nakchat. I'm pretty sure on the runway was the first time they actually focused on him, but his black and white 2 piece jumper thing was really fashion forward with a very cool shape.
So, Team Keeping It Real wins! It wasn't that Dream Team was all bad; some of the garments were great, but the ones that were bad were really bad.
Mustache Man
Baldy McTankTop
Water Lily
Short Guy
Six Feet Under
Mustache Man was the winner. I liked Water Lily, but okay. Mustache earned his name and it is Daniel. Of course Emily went home.
What do you guys think? Did Daniel deserve to win? What do you think of Zac Posen as the new judge? What do you think of this whole teams idea?

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