'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Whirly Girl'

'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Whirly Girl'
Sasha Pieterse (Adam Taylor / ABC FAMILY)

Not only did the girls finally make it back home, but they were able to change their clothes (after wearing the same outfits from the final episode of Season 4) and were reunited with their families.

Here are five big moments from last night's "Whirly Girl":


Allison's Alibi: The girls finally make it back to Rosewood. Each agrees that the first stop will be the police station, where they will tell Detective Holbrook EVERYTHING! Starting from the night Ali disappeared.

Ali begins to share her story with Detective Holbrook, but to the girls' surprise, it's completely different than the story they all agreed on. Ali shares with Detective Holbrook that she was kidnapped, and if she hadn't jumped out of his car and made contact with her friends, she wouldn't be alive.

In shock, the girls go along with Ali's story. But when they get home, everyone's families can't believe each of them knew Ali was alive, and have known for the last month -- especially Ali's father, who is the only one of her parents to welcome her home.

Welcome back to planet Allison, girls.

Jason's return/New York Minute: Since her mother is out of town, Emily is spending the night at The Hastings' residence, conveniently located right across from Ali's house. When Emily and Spencer get the chance to step outside (away from Mrs. Hastings and her infinite questions), Spencer becomes upset and warns Emily that they again are on the "whirly girlie" ride, with Ali as the operator.

Just as Spencer ends her rant, the girls notice Jason (yes, he's back again) cleaning out his car and throwing stuff in the trash can … but what? Before he can notice them, Ali gets Spencer and Emily's attention from her window. She throws them her phone, with a text that reads, "The truth will bury you in a New York Minute."

Of course it's from an unknown sender.

Aria's mysterious violin/Ali's homecoming: As everyone gets adjusted to all of the attention following the return of Ali, Aria is trying to get the previous night in New York out of her head. (You know, the one where she killed Shana?)  When she goes to sleep at night, reads in the morning or does anything else to occupy her time, all she hears is the sounds of a violin playing, similar to the one that Shana played.

Meanwhile, on her couch, Mona and Mike are getting cozy again. Mona takes the initiative to pass out whistles to secure the safety of all the girls in Rosewood, preventing another incident like Ali's.

Everyone seems happy to see the return of Ali…everyone except for Jason, or his mother. Mr. D can't believe that Jason hasn't shed a tear since his sister has returned, or that Mrs. D hasn't been around to welcome their daughter home.

Mr. D decides that he will reach out to Ashley, who was working with Mrs. D before she "went away." He asks if she could check her emails, to see where Mrs. D could possibly be. Hanna looks in her emais and finds one to an unknown sender from Mrs. D that reads "I can't protect you anymore."

Spencer finds comfort in the return of Toby, who shares that while he was in London, he went to pay Melissa a visit; to his surprise, Wren was there and Melissa wasn't. Ali finds comfort not in her brother, but in the form of Pepe, a rescue dog who was conveniently dropped off for her mom, who is still nowhere to be found.

Spencer and Ali's scary older brother:  Mr. D confronts Jason about his mysterious behavior and his attitude. Jason warns his father that he is making a trip to Philly to "drop something off to a friend in Philly." Jason can't figure out why his father believes he is the only one who knows where his mother is.

After Jason storms out, Hanna and Emily return to the house, to give Mr. D the list of emails from Ashley. When he invites the girls to dinner, they must decline, of course, because Hanna knows something Emily doesn't.


When they get back to Hanna's car, Hanna tells Emily about the email she saw. At that moment, Jason confronts the girls about minding their own business before speeding off in his car. Emily encourages Hanna to follow him. She does and he leads them to this unmarked apartment in an unfamiliar (un-safe) neighborhood.

The girls watch him buzz himself into the apartment and come out before they approach the building. When the girls get to the building and try to find out which buzzer Jason rang, they are scared off by one of the buildings tenant's.

That old man is one of the scariest characters to date.

Mona's Pep Talk/Buried Lies: As Ali pays a visit to the girl buried in the tombstone with her name marked on it, she notices that Mona has found her. Ali tells Mona that the girl she once knew, who tormented everyone in high school and kept secrets, is gone.

Before Ali can share anything else, Mona warns her that she is indeed done, and it is because of her. Mona tells Ali that she was the one who sent the text, and that Ali is going to wish she stayed dead.

We aren't too sure what Mona has in store.

Meanwhile the girls are back at Spencer's house. Aria wants to go straight to the police and tell them about the night in New York, because she can't figure out who the fiddler on her roof is, and who the new A is. Emily and Hanna assure her that there is no one on her roof, that A is dead and that Jason was the one in New York the night Ali came back to Rosewood.

While Aria, Emily and Hanna regroup, Spencer goes next door to get Ali, but runs into Jason instead. Spencer confronts him about his suspicious behavior. Just when it seems like things are going well, everyone is disturbed by Pepe's barking. When they all rush outside, they see Mrs. D buried in the front yard.

Yes, Mrs. D is officially the latest casualty. She didn't even have a chance to see her daughter return.