'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Unbridled'

L-R: Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale on "Pretty Little Liars."
L-R: Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale on "Pretty Little Liars."(Ron Tom / ABC FAMILY)

In a wedding dress, Spencer is chasing A in the woods. Did we miss something?

We did, as "Unbridled" takes the time to piece everything together 48 hours prior to Spencer's runaway bride moment, and sets us up for an A-mazing season finale.


At the brew the girls try to figure out why Emily's girlfriend would reveal the truth about Ali's death to the police, or why (and how) Mrs. Dilaurentis could be A. Emily grows tired of the conversation and storms out of the brew, and because Spencer is her ride she had to go too. When Spencer and Emily leave the coffee shop, they notice a familiar face. Jason Dilaurentis is back in town and not so welcoming to the girls.

No need to ignore a friendly hello from your half-sister and her friend Jason.

This means Jason is back from rehab, and staying in the house with his creepy mother. As Spencer and Emily attempt to follow him seeing where he could possibly lead them, their place comes to an abrupt stop when Spencer notices a roll of pictures of a girl with blonde hair and a blacked-out face, with a note attached to it that reads "You know me Spencer, you killed me."- A.

Who could the mysterious blonde girl be?

Between Aria's surprise visit from her mother (Welcome back, Ella Montgomery) Emily's confrontation with Paige, Spencer's run in with Dean that caused her to miss another opportunity to speak to Jason and Hanna's run-in with Travis that leaves her puzzled about his feelings for him. The girls' morning is off to a great start.

The police are still trying to figure out who and why someone would write the letter revealing that Ali is alive, and it is Detective Holbrook's job to figure it out. After he tries and fails to speak with the girls, he makes his way to casa Dilaurentis to speak with Ali's mother. Mrs. D can't (or won't) find the time to let him come into her house while she and her intern (Hanna's mom) are setting up for her bridal fundraiser.

From outside Detective Holbrook reveals that there is reason to believe Ali is alive, and the only way to find out for sure is to exhume her body from her grave. After yelling that no one is allowing her daughter to rest in peace, Mrs. D makes her way into the house, were she finds Ashley in Ali's room, looking at teenage girl clothes that were purchased the day before.

What is Mrs. D hiding, really?


The only person who could possibly know the answer is Jason. After finally running into him without Spencer around, Jason warms Emily that Spencer should stay away from his mother. Aware that he never had a great relationship with her before, Jason tells Emily that his mother has helped him through his second stay in rehab, and knows how much trouble Spencer really is.

The flashback is of Ali and Mrs. D having a screaming match about mysterious notes Ali has been receiving and how Spencer can't be trusted because she envy's Ali. As Jason overhears the entire conversation he remembers the crucial moment when his mother suggested that Ali smoke Spencer out. Not sure what that means but it doesn't sound good.

Speaking of mothers, Ella tries to have a moment with Aria who still won't share the true cause of her breakup with Ezra. After getting numerous calls from Zack all the way from Europe, Ella takes the call and when she comes back, Aria isn't up for talking to her mother about her new bliss. (Aria check that attitude.)

After finding out that Spencer is sleeping on the couch Dean makes it a point to try and make her feel safe in her own house. When his bedtime story turns into the two of them dozing off on the same couch Mrs. Hasting's finds it very inappropriate and fires him.

When the news breaks that Ashley found the clothes in the Dilaurentis house, Hanna signs herself and the girls up to model wedding dresses for the fundraiser. With all of them being newly single and scared of Mrs. D, they don't see why it's a good idea ... until they realize that leaves plenty of time for them to find clues leading them to Ali.

Here come the brides, or not.


While the girls should be focusing on modeling dresses, everyone finds out a missing piece to the Ali puzzle that could lead them closer to her. Before walking on stage Spencer finds Jason and finally has a chance to talk to him. When Dean accidently interrupts, Jason walks away, and Dean tells Spencer that there is no way Jason was in rehab…because the facility he was "staying in" has been closed for two years.

On top of becoming upset with Ashley for asking the girls to wear the dresses for her fundraiser, Mrs. D has something else to hide. When Spencer notices her in backyard handing a package to someone, she has no choice but to find out whom it is, sending her into the woods and us back to the beginning of the episode.

Although Aria is wearing the wedding dress, it's her mom who shares that she is getting married.

Meanwhile Hanna puts Travis on Mrs. D watch as she and Emily make their way to Ali's room. After finding a way to hack into the mysterious email that has contact with Ali (without Caleb's help) Emily sends a message telling Ali to call her, and she does. Ali tells Hanna and Emily that her mother doesn't know about her being alive, and if they want to know more, they need to come to her.

Spencer frantically comes back in the house when the girls help her take off her corset there and human fingers lined on the inside with a note from A that tells her to hurry up and find the rest of the body.

Before heading to Philly, the girls pick Emily up after her conversation with Paige, who shares how sorry she is, and how she doesn't care what happens to Ali. Not wanting to hear it, Emily leaves.

The girls end up at an abandoned store looking for Ali. As they start to call out for her someone appears behind them, the girls look and Spencer ask the unseen person what they are doing there.

Leaving many questions and much anticipation until next Tuesdays finale, which will answer all of the lingering questions everyone's had this season.