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'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Turn of the Shoe'

“When has being dishonest ever helped me, or you, or anyone?” – Spencer Hastings

Where is the RV? Can Mona still be trusted? The liars are not sure of the answer to either question, but they are sure of one thing. The masked A assailant is still kill crazy. *cut to the scene of Mona being choked in the car, and Emily jumping in front of said car to save her and Aria*

What a way to start the second episode of the season.

It was the return of Ashley! Back from her extended business trip to New York City, which allowed her to miss the funeral of her once fling Defective Wilden, Hanna’s mom is chalk full of secrets and a dusty pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. Slowly making her way up the “extremely shady” list, Hanna senses lies after questioning her mother about the mysterious resurfacing of her cell phone recovered from the dead detective’s casket. After Hanna expresses how she may go to hell for wishing Wilden would disappear, in true motherly fashion Ashley reassures her that hell isn’t a place she wants to be, because she may see Wilden there.

About the nostalgic feeling we got when Ezra was teaching English class, and Aria gazed his way. (Very season one). However the moment was quickly interrupted when we noticed class was over, and Aria was over Ezra. After feeling her small stature is making her an easy target for A, Aria decides it’s time to learn how to defend herself in the face of A.

Hello Jake, sexy karate instructor, and new face of the season. After returning to the gym to train with Jake, Aria lets out steam from her breakup, school, and stress in her life with a kiss.

If things weren’t looking down for the liars enough, Spencer is reeling from her rejection to U Penn. (Which we firmly believe A played a major part in) and the distance between her and Toby. While working with Mr. Fitz to tighten up her personal statement, we learn just how much four seasons of A has really affected her life, and according to Mr. Fitz, how little college admissions offices care about situations like that.

In an attempt to skip school and clear her mind, Spencer finally notices the way Toby is dodging calls, something she is too familiar with. In true Spencer Hastings fashion she soon gets to the bottom of it, but learns a terrible secret about Toby. SPOILER ALERT. Toby shares with Spencer that while in Radley his mother committed suicide. Toby however is not buying into the story and wants to use A to get to the bottom of it.

Bonus: Spencer also learns Toby is the one who moved the missing RV.

So did Emily get that nasty bruise on her arm all for nothing?

Even though there are no secrets between them, Emily hides the truth about her terrible shoulder injury from Paige. Before her big race against new liars nemesis Shana Emily loads up on pain pills to hide the extent of her injury. Compelled to land the last spot on Stanford’s swim team, Emily plans on swimming the match of her life … until she hits her head and his taken out of the pool.

Why are her friends never around in these situations?

Everything begins to fall into place after Hanna meets with Mrs. DiLaurentis Hanna learns that during a brief lunch date with her daughter, Mrs. D was convinced that Alison spent her time away from home with the girls, and not the mysterious group of older friends who were really accompanying her. We also learned why Hanna is really creeped out by Jason DiLaurentis: “He stares at her chest.” Thank you Alison, your witty quotes from the grave never fail to amaze us. Mrs. D also gives Hanna a gift, or a pivotal clue to Alison’s death … Tippy the talking bird.

Mrs. D promises, he has never spoke about Hanna in her chubby days.

Tippy, offers the girls a major clue into the possible murder of their friend Ali, a whistle that (thanks to Spencer Hastings) sounds just like a telephone number? But which number. After dialing the number with no prevail the girls try another method for decoding the birds cryptic message, but in true “Pretty Little Liars” fashion, Tippy disappears, and was last seen in the end credits being fed a larger bird, and still squeaking the mysterious tone.

I’m sure that is not how nature is supposed to work, and that the hooded A will grow tired of the talking bird, and return him to his rightful liars, hopefully all in one piece.

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