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'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Surfing the Aftershock'

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Here are the five biggest moments from last night’s episode, "Surfing the Aftershock”:

Ali’s poor choice in funeral attire: Ali is having a hard time dealing with her mother’s death. While Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily try their hardest to make things easier for her, her father and brother just want everyone to leave their family alone.

On the day of Mrs. D’s funeral, the girls come up with theories on who could have killed Alison’s mother. All fingers point to Jason ... all except Spencer's, who wants to give her half-brother the benefit of the doubt.

When Ali comes downstairs to attend the funeral, everyone notices the familiar black dress she is wearing. Mr. D decides it would be best if Ali changed. Upset, Ali tells everyone she wanted to wear a piece of her mother’s clothing just to feel close to her during this tragic occasion.

As nice as she looks in the dress, Spencer informs her that dress was the one Mrs. D wore to Ali’s funeral.

Welcome back to Rosewood High: Trying to remain as normal as possible, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily return to school. After being lectured on blending in and staying safe by Principal Hackett, the girls realize it is time to figure out what will happen if anyone catches any holes in Ali’s newest lie.

Mona is the first one to greet Aria with a “Get Well Soon” card for Mr. Fitz. Aria doesn’t think it’s the best idea for her to sign the card, but Mona insists, informing her that it would be the best thing to do, since he is back in Rosewood healing.

Who is the random girl staring at Emily? Not only is Paige one of the first people to welcome Emily back to school, but a new girl keeps staring at her. When Emily confronts the new student, she learns that she is on the swim team and admires Emily’s talents in the pool.

Blood is thicker than water/Hanna’s Flashbacks: When Melissa sees Spencer looking out of the window into Ali’s house, she warns her that she wouldn’t want to get caught by any of them trying to figure out what is going on.

While Melissa blames Jason for the death of his mother, Spencer still thinks it is someone else. Melissa informs Spencer that she should stop trying to figure everything out and mind her own business. Spencer disagrees, informing her sister that they are partially related to Jason and Ali, and that maybe she's the one who can’t be trusted.

When Hanna goes to the funeral home with Ali to pick up the guestbook from Mrs. D’s funeral, she is mistaken for Ali by the funeral director. After Ali makes a comment about how hard it used to be to tell the two apart (yes, she slipped a joke in there about Hanna’s past image issues), Hanna begins to have flashbacks to her and Mona’s transformation from Hefty Hanna and Loser Mona to the girls they are today.

We all thought it was Hanna who made Mona cool. Surprise: It was all part of Mona’s plan.

Hello Mr. Fitz/Jason’s safe house: After hearing he is back in town, Aria decides to pay Ezra a visit to make sure he doesn’t plan on sharing anything he knows with anyone.

When she arrives at his house, he seems to be in good shape (minus his slight pain and cane) and willing to talk to Aria. He informs her that he only knows what is shown on the news, and doesn’t plan on sharing anything with anyone. When Aria gets the answer she wants, she leaves.

Hanna and Emily decide the best idea is to go back to the apartment complex they followed Jason to. When they arrive, they are greeted by the strange man who chased them away the first time. When they confront him about his daily trips to a local diner, he gives them the answers they want. The girls learn that apartment is where Jason went to get sober and away from his family.

Ali pays Ezra a visit. She tells him that he should work on things with Aria. After she leaves, Aria returns to Ezra’s place again, this time sharing that she is responsible for Shana’s death, and that he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Ezra informs Aria that since he is back in town, she doesn’t have to worry about anything; he will still try to protect her.

*swoons* Ezra is still the sweetest guy!

Hastings family secrets: Spencer decides to pay Jason a visit. When she gets to his house, she realizes that he is packing up to move away. Jason tells her there is no reason for him to stay in Rosewood, and that it is time for him to leave.

Spencer shows him the email that was sent the night of his mother’s death, and he assures her he had nothing to do with it. Jason tells her that their father cannot be trusted, that she should drop everything and just be happy.

When Spencer gets home, she is greeted by her father, who wants to hide the pretzels he got for the two of them from her mom. The pretzels aren’t the only thing he is hiding. Spencer confronts him with the email, and again her father tells her to mind her own business.

As their conversation heats up, Melissa walks in the kitchen and tries to get her father to share with Spencer what the two of them have been hiding. Mr. Hastings says no, and tells both girls to leave it alone.

What is the secret? Why can’t Spencer know? Why is Hanna changing her hair color? Maybe we will find out next week.

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