'Pretty Little Liars' recap, Gamma Zeta Die!

It all started with a bad dream, and a scream.

Things are shaking up as Hanna puts her best investigative foot forward to prove that her mother may (or may not) be linked to the murder of Detective Wilden. After dreaming of her mother bald and wearing a prison jumper, Hanna feels that the secrets are enough, and should look for her own clues.

“Mom, I am not a sofa.” Mrs. Hastings isn’t too keen on the idea that Spencer won’t be going to UPenn, and is using the current moment to reposition Spencer’s college life. In true Hasting’s family fashion her parents hire an admissions counselor (or Ivy League pimp) to make sure that Spencer ends up in one of America’s top schools. When Emily’s dreams seem to fall apart for Stanford, it is time for her to devise a plan for college as a “mediocre student.” 

Speaking of college, Tippy the birds whistle seemed to be a contact located at Cicero University. Who did Ali know there? Good thing this weekend is college visits…right?

What’s wrong Ella Montgomery? After Aria finds out the Vienna trip between her mother and Zack “hot younger pastry chef” is off, she can’t seem to put two and two together…until we realize that Mike is back. (Way to go the mean younger brother is back)! Mike isn’t the only one trying to put a damper in Ella’s trip to Vienna, “A” and a swarm of bees have a plan of their own.

I know I’ve been asking this for the past couple of weeks but…Where the hell is Mona?

Hello to Brendan admissions counselor! While waiting on Spencer to show up for her meeting at the coffee shop, Emily takes the opportunity to share her college struggles with Brendan. He agrees to help her find scholarships, and brand herself in ways outside of swimming. Spencer decides that a trip to Cicero would be in her and Emily’s best interest. Smart thinking Spencer, going to college to see exactly who Ali could have known.

Ashley, is Spencer’s mom your lawyer or friend? With no intentions on going on a weekend college visit (we love that you have the Fashion Institute in mind) Hanna takes the weekend to spend time getting closer to her mother by listening to her phone conversation, and of course going through her closet. Wrong move Hanna, did you just recover your father’s missing gun and Dec. Wilden’s murder weapon?

Don’t panic … Just hide it and take that impromptu college visit up to Cicero anyway.

After convincing a local college nerd that she doesn’t have the “crazy eyes” and that The Lanister’s are of course the better family in Game of Thrones (love it when our favorite TV shows collide) Spencer learns that the number came from a house on Sorority Row. Emily and Spencer attend a local campus party, but for different reasons. Emily is looking for a “sorority scholarship” and using her interest for school to charm her way into meetings with Brendan. In the process she also finds time to check Spencer on her attitude. Yikes!

No one at the party knows Ali, but a familiar face and a giant pink bag make a cameo appearance. First Hanna runs into Spencer who tells her to sit tight with the gun as she lurks the sorority house. Crawling past drunken college kids, Spencer ends up in a strange room inside of the house (what’s new?) with a pink phone that seems to have all of the answers. After calling Aria mid family night, it is revealed that number is the one that Tippy the bird was whistling, but who could have been on the other end?

FYI: Byron convinced Ella to take the chance and go to Europe.

Back on sorority row, Spencer has managed to lose both of her friends, while Emily realizes that Hanna and her pink bag have made it to campus.  All three girls head into the woods to look for each other, but end up taking different paths. Hanna decides that hiding the gun a few miles from home is the ideal idea; however the police don’t seem to think so.

Hands up! Phones out! Hanna is being put into the back of a police car, and “A” shares that maybe Hanna and her mom can share a lawyer.

Did the house mother know Ali? What is really with the panic room in the sorority house? Who really called the police on Hanna?

Maybe it was all just another crazy dream.

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